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Sushi Q @ Publika

August 29, 2012 at 5:50 pm

A good meal is always something that most people would willingly skip or sacrifice if they are pressed for time. I should know this, because I am also guilty of the same crime. Therefore, it is a relief to know that there is now a tastier and healthier alternative if I ever find myself in a rush and need to grab something fast as a meal – Sushi Q.

Sushi Q at Publika is a great place to grab some fresh and tasty sushi to go!

The cozy interior of Sushi Q. The company started out with a kiosk concept but later added in a dining area for its newer outlets.

Sushi Q has been in operation for over 2 years now and has grown from just owning one kiosk at 1 Utama Shopping Centre to four outlets and kiosks combined today. Sushi Q’s latest addition is its outlet in Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya. When the business first started, the management wanted to maintain the kiosk-style concept. Later on, as the business’ clientele started to grow, the management decided to add on more items to the menu including hot and grilled food. Much attention is given to all the items on the menu, especially the quality of every ingredient used for their dishes. And unlike some other restaurants which remove certain food items from their menu, Sushi Q believes in maintaining and adding in new and exciting dishes to satisfy even their fussiest customers!

An assortment of sushi awaits you at Sushi Q

The beautifully crafted Japanese dishes – lobster mayo yaki flanked by the mango lobster maki and unatama maki

At the heart of every Japanese dish lies the concept of simplicity. Most of the basic ingredients used in making any kind of sushi requires minimal or no cooking at all. Though it may sound very simple, it is this very same point that makes it a challenge to combine and make everyday ingredients taste wonderful in one bite. Sushi Q not only manages to make every single mouthful of its sushi taste delicious, they have also taken a brave step in coming up with new and funky sushi dishes that sees a marriage of food items not normally used in Japanese cuisine.

A close up of the unatama maki, with green avocado and tasty eel

The lobster mayo maki, one of Sushi Q’s interesting creations

I was lucky enough to be part of the Dining with Moola experience, which brought us to the Sushi Q outlet at Publika @ Solaris Dutamas recently. When the manager brought out some of the dishes for us to sample, I was intrigued by their choices of ingredients used. One dish that really caught my eye was the Mango Lobster, a maki roll with mango slices and succulent lobster meat right in the center. I must say that this is the first time that I have seen such a combination. How does it taste? Well, as you take a bite, you not only taste the tanginess and the slight crunch of the layer of mango flesh wrapped around the rice. When you start tasting the lobster at the center, the sweetness of the lobster’s flesh combined with the sauce tastes absolutely wonderful.

The intriguing mango lobster maki. The mix of flavors are simply delightful

Another specialty that Sushi Q has is their Duck Ramen. It is just a bowl of ramen noodles with miso soup, but instead of using chicken or pork meat, it is slices of duck meat that you find in the bowl. The slices of duck meat taste tender and juicy with a thin layer of fat, which somehow adds to the taste of the meat. So what’s the great deal about this dish? The simplicity of it of course! And the fact that most Malaysians love duck meat with their noodles doesn’t hurt either.

Sushi Q’s Duck Ramen, a tribute to local tastes

For those who are looking after their diet but want something fancy, my vote goes to the Seafood Salad. Thinly sliced slivers of crabstick meat mixed with slices of salmon sashimi, carrots, slices of cucumber and a wedge of lemon makes this simple looking meal a really tasty one. Don’t be fooled by the simple presentation, the mixture of tastes and textures blend together for a delightful and thoroughly satisfying gastronomic experience.

The Seafood Salad – a tasty yet light offering

The finely sliced crabstick acts as a lovely substitute for glass noodles

The sheer variety of sushi, maki and temaki on offer at Sushi Q can be quite surprising, especially when you consider that they began primarily as a kiosk concept. Sometimes it is best to let the food do the talking, so I’ll leave you with a few photos of the delights that Sushi Q has to offer.

Lobster Mayo Maki – for those who simply adore the taste of seafood

Tazuna maki – a lovely combination of rice wrapped with avocado and sushi, with a delightful center

Soft shell crab maki – fresh deep fried soft shell crab rolled in rice

A selection of Sushi Q’s hand rolls. The hand rolls are freshly made with the best ingredients

Chicken Katsudon – for those who just need a bowl of rice for their daily meal

Guess what? I wasn’t alone during my visit to Sushi Q that day, as Kelly Chin from Miss Sunshine was also invited to discover the Moola Experience. You can read all about what she had to say at her blog, Miss Sunshine!

This Dining With Moola experience is courtesy of Moola, currently the best-kept secret in town. Be elevated to a totally new and exciting lifestyle when you discover Moola!

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