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23 February 2012 | last updated at 12:34am

Raptor Watch takes flight for 13th straight year

MALACCA: Raptor Watch, one of the region’s biggest bird-watching events, promises yet another exciting spectacle this year.
Organised by the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) in partnership with the Malacca government, the event will take place for the 13th straight year at PNB Ilham Resort, near Tanjung Tuan, on March 10 and 11.

Every year, spectators get to see thousands of raptors, also known as birds of prey, migrate north to their breeding grounds in Siberia, China, the Korean peninsula and Japan from their winter refuge in the south.

Tanjung Tuan, which is gazetted as a forest reserve, is the nearest landfall across the Straits of Malacca from Indonesia and is an important site for the birds to rest or catch thermals before continuing on their journey.

Due to its importance to migratory birds, the 60ha site is designated as an important bird area by Birdlife International.

MNS conserves the forest reserve by promoting Raptor Watch, through which it raises awareness of raptors and the need to conserve their habitat.

Visitors come from Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines and Thailand. Last year, about 2,000 turned up.

This year, MNS hopes to get even more spectators to take part in activities, which include guided walks, eco-talks, games, arts and crafts, an obstacle course and a treasure hunt.

MNS head of communications Andrew Sebastian said last year’s raptor count went up to 57,000 birds over more than 40 days.

“This year, we have spotted 141 raptors, which may seem like a small number, but this is a good sign, as it means the birds will come in big numbers in March.”

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Sunday June 26, 2011

Malacca probes sunken treasure thefts

MALACCA: The state Museum Authority has been ordered to get more evidence on reports that hundreds of underwater artefacts from dozens of shipwrecks off the Tanjung Tuan coast here have been stolen by relic hunters.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the evidence was crucial for the state government to file a police report on the alleged theft of these submerged treasures.

“I will ask the relevant authorities to conduct a probe in a bid to get more proof for the police and also to execute legal action against the culprits.

“There were reports that irresponsible individuals had gone underwater to take away the national treasures that are worth billions.

“But information on such thefts remains vague due to lack of eye-witnesses,” he said after flagging off participants of the Perodua Eco-Challenge 2011 at the Melaka International Motorsport Circuit in Ayer Keroh here yesterday.

A special night vision camera will be mounted at the top of the lighthouse in Tanjung Tuan to prevent more of these relics from being stolen, said Mohd Ali.

There were claims by maritime industry players that hundreds of these undersea artefacts had been looted since the late 1990s.

One mariner, who only wanted to be identified as Toh, said treasures such as Chinese blue and white porcelain, brassware and coins were stolen from the shipwrecks.

Last month, the state government announced a billion-ringgit offer to salvage companies to retrieve treasures from sunken ships along the Malacca coastline.

There were no takers and Toh believed the lukewarm response was due to the fact that not many priceless artefacts were left.

At least 13 merchant and war vessels are known to have sunk in the Malacca sea on the Spice Route more than 500 years ago.

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Raptors circling above Tanjung Tuan forest reserve, view from PNB Ilham Resort. — Pictures by Low Mei MayTHOUSANDS of birds are expected to make their way back to their breeding grounds in Russia, China, Korea and Japan after spending their winter months away in Indonesia.

The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) is organising its 12th annual Raptor Watch at Tanjung Tuan, in Negri Sembilan. The spot is the shortest route across the sea between the peninsula and Indonesia.

The birds, mostly raptors, make a beeline for it, crossing the sea by catching the thermal — a column of rising warm air in the lower altitudes.

As large birds, raptors cannot continuously flap their wings all the way back to the northern hemisphere. They need to glide on thermals to help them travel the distance.

Once they are above Tanjung Tuan, the raptors will keep circling to catch thermals to fly higher – giving bird watchers from the ground a spectacular view of these magnificent avians.

Apart from helping nature enthusiasts enjoy the spectacular aerial display, the MNS is also organising a host of activities this weekend with yearly venue sponsor – PNB Ilham Resort, Port Dickson.

Among them are the forest walk, marine/seashore walk, and bird watching. Booths for face painting and henna tattoo and games will also be set up.

Other programmes include T-kite making and paper recycling activities, talks and hourly video screening on bird watching.

On Sunday, check-out the Raptor Watch amazing race, fashion show competition for schoolchildren, and photography tips by the MNS photo group. Come armed with your cameras. Oh, don’t forget your binoculars.

Performances, lucky draws and exhibitions on nature and bird-related programmes will be held.

For the forest walk and marine/seashore walk, come with appropriate shoes – so, ladies, keep the high heels at home.

Wear comfortable long sleeved blouses or shirts. Don’t forget your cap or hat, suntan lotion and bottled water.

Raptor Watch ambassador, Maya Karin, will be there to give her support.

Call the Malaysian Nature Society at 03-2287 9422 or email to: or visit for details.

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What is the Smallest National Park?

What is the Smallest National Park?

October 10, 2010
Malaysia, eco-tourism, education

Pic from cuti Malaysia…

Malaysia have few national park that are listed as among the oldest in the world. Not just thousand years old but something like 100 million plus years old. The renowned one are like Taman Negara Pahang, Rompin and Belum. The Belum Forest Reserve are consider untouched and very rich in diversity.

However did you ever notice that Penang had a National Park too? Yup for a small state Penang Have a gazette National Park . Penang National Park,2,562 hectares and home of 417 flora and 143 fauna species. One thing special about the park is the only one in Malaysia that contains six different types of habitat. You can read the info here.

How about Melaka? Yes Melaka had one gazette forest too but It’s not a national park but forest reserves. Gazetted as a wildlife sanctuary under the Birds and Wild Life Protection. It’s Tanjung Tuan, place that designated by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area. Tanjung Tuan is famous for Raptor Watch every year..

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