Taming Sari Guest House @ Kampung Morten

Rate this post Part 1 Introduction. An authentic traditional Malay house in an urban heritage village The front view of No. 134, Kampung Morten, Jalan Tun Ali, Melaka. The side view of the house with the immaculate grounds. Urban villages located in town centres can be found in most cities. However, picture perfect villages with […]

Tips on Travelling With Kids

Rate this post Travelling With Kids Kids are a blessing, but travelling with them can be a big challenge if you aren’t prepared. It won’t be long before your kids start the ‘are we there yet’ and ‘I’m bored’ mantras. Kids tend to be distracted and restless easily. They constantly need something new to do […]

Happy New Year!

Rate this post Happy New Year! Hello everyone! It is such a lovely experience, entrance into 2011! New transport destinations, or undiscovered formerly have always been on tip of transport destinations via a world. Maybe this year, we’ll learn some-more of Malaysia’s singular practice and transport hideaways. Who knows? If we have any transport suggestions, […]

Breakfast Globally

Rate this post Breakfast Globally November 8, 2010 Life, education, travel living What is the most Important meal of the day? Most people globally will said it’s breakfast. Nutritionist said that people who skip breakfast will likely to have problem like concentration and metabolism. If you travel around the world, usually if you check in […]

Melaka Accommodation Guide 2010

Rate this post Melaka Accommodation Guide 2010 October 14, 2010 travel guide The Melaka Accommodation Guide 2010 was been release early this year and until today, it’s still not an updated guide because of the Melaka Very fast Hotel Development. Like for example Philea is not on the guide. As the printed guide is for […]