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The Brazzo Restaurant and Lounge during Taman Ponderosa, Johor Bahru.

The Brazzo Restaurant and Lounge (N1.51800 E103.78205) is located during Jalan Poderosa 2/1, subsequent to UOB Bank of Taman Poderosa. The atmosphere of a grill is accessible and relax, good ambience!

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The comfortable lightings unequivocally done us felt relax and a air-conditinal was cold…it’s a good place to suffer your meals!

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The air-condition was also cold adequate to cold us down in a prohibited balmy day…
After watchful for about 10 minutes, a initial plate served on a list was their Sesame Garden Salads.

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It served in a organic delicious shaggy unfeeling with mayonnaise-based Creamy dressings. The light salads to kindle a ardour as a initial march of a plate and we like a Special sesame taste of a dressings, and not forget a good cherry tomatoes.

The second dishes was a Ahi Tuna (Yellow Fin Tuna) – One of a Signature plate of Brazzo.

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The parched Ahi Tuna (30% cooked) served with a special sauce, vegetables and a luscious crushed potatoes.

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We tasted a ‘Charcoal Grilled’ Ahi Tuna for a initial time within Johor Bahru area, we like a sesame seeds really much! The uninformed tuna melted in a mouth with good aroma, it done a Must try plate to me! And greatfully don’t forget to finish a good crushed potatoes and a luscious cherry tomatoes.

Before we can finish a Ahi Tuna, a third plate served…The Kurobuta Prime Rack on-the-bone (300g)(another Signature plate of a restaurant)

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Kurobuta Pork is a many rarely cherished pig in Japan and comes from a ancient multiply of pig famous as Black Berkshire. The beef from a pristine oriental strains of Black Berkshire, found in Japan, is regarded as a tip peculiarity pig in a world.

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Some knowledges from crony : Conventional farm-raised pigs
tend to miss a impossibly luscious fat that birthright breeds have
maintained, and that keeps their beef juicy, proposal and, yes,
expensive. But if you’re a loyal fan of pork, birthright is value every
succulent bite.

It was my initial time perplexing a tip peculiarity pig in Johor Bahru, it served with a special salsa and it was simply grilled on a outward and stays proposal inside. This square of pig gave a opposite ambience from a typical pig that accessible locally. Kind of like a taste…It was a good knowledge for us yet it can be some-more ideal by yield some-more wet of a meat.

The onward plate was Milk Fed Veal Rack (300g)Signature plate of The Brazzo

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Veal is a beef of immature cattle (calves), as against to beef from comparison cattle, Milk Fed Veal was took from calves that are lifted on a divert regulation supplement. The beef colour is ivory or tawny pink, with a firm, fine, and fluffy appearance. They are customarily slaughtered when they strech 18–20 weeks of age (450-500 lb). “Milk-fed” veal calves devour a diet consisting of divert replacer, formulated with mostly milk-based proteins and combined vitamins and minerals. Source from here.

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Our Milk Fed Veal Rack was served with a medium rare doneness. As we can see a reddish on a meat, it simply melted in a mouth and a ‘charcoal grilled’ aroma filled adult each dilemma in a mouth! The veal was proposal and succulent, this 300g veal took us during slightest an hour to suffer it! With a tiny small cut of Blue Cheese, done this delicious Perfect!
It’s a Must try plate for beef lover, Delicious!

 print IMG_9020_zpseb417b52.jpg

The fifth plate was – French Rack Of Lamb (Signature plate of The Brazzo)

 print IMG_9023_zps25efc226.jpg

A shelve of lamb or carré d’agneau (though this might also impute to other cuts) is a cut of lamb cut perpendicularly to a spine, and including 16 ribs or chops.

Rack of lamb is mostly “frenched”, that is, a rib skeleton are unprotected by slicing off a fat and beef covering them. Typically, 3 inches of bone over a categorical flesh (the rib eye or Longissimus dorsi) are left on a rack, with a tip dual inches exposed.
Well, we were not so sold as other food partner to magnitude a 2″ 3″ of it. Haha!

 print IMG_9024_zpsbf208f2c.jpg

The Rack of Lamb was good grilled on a outward and it had a middle doneness inside, that gave a reddish pink, browned, and crusty. The seasoning complemented a lamb yet not browbeat it. We can’t stop ourselves after a initial bite! No review between us during that impulse unitl a racks finished…

 print IMG_9025_zpseeaabc2c.jpg

2 sticks of  asparagus wrapped by bacon served together with a Rack of Lamb, and no matter how full we are…you contingency finish this Nice bacon! Tasty!

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All a above meats were imported, and a prices of a 6 forms of Singatures plate are between RM50-80. Exclude a Kobe beef.

We were satisfied with all a Signatures plate that served on a table!
The Western Cuisines offer in Brazzo are opposite from a common western food grill in Johor Bahru, we will have some-more chances to try a opposite form of western cuisine in this grill and their Specialty is “Charcoal Grilled”. It was a wealthy dishes with a reasonable price! Thanks to Mr Sean Lauw – The accessible owners of The Brazzo.

The Brazzo do offer appealing lunch set in a noon time, they have sum of 9 different sets all offer with coffee or flower tea for Only RM12.90 nett.
Beside this, they offer beers and other alcohols in a lounge, this naturally spin into a good cold place to shun during a prohibited balmy day! 🙂

With a environment, accessible services, peculiarity dishes and affordable prices….it’s a Excellent dining Restaurant! Do dump by if we around a Ponderosa or Taman Molek area, we trust we will warn with a food of The Brazzo Restuarant Lounge.

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Tourism Malaysia

Beware a pickpockets

At many traveller spots in Paris like theLourve, tourists are during risk of beingpickpocketed.At many traveller spots in Paris like the
Lourve, tourists are during risk of being

The City of Love now has a indeterminate repute of ‘loving hands’ that slice off tourists.              

TOURISTS in Paris are reminded to be on ensure opposite increasingly contemptuous and assertive pickpockets after staff during a Louvre walked out in Apr to criticism opposite aroused operative conditions.

Saying they’re fed adult with traffic with gangs of thugs and being squabble at, insulted, threatened and even struck, 200 workers during one of a many famous museums in a universe – a Louvre receives about 10 million visits a year – staged a walkout, unsatisfactory a prolonged line of tourists.

The museum reopened a subsequent day with increasing military presence, though tourists visiting swarming places should sojourn vigilant. In a centre of Paris, thieves mostly work in groups of adult to 30, and customarily embody children from eastern Europe.

It’s a latest eventuality to taint a city’s repute in a eyes of a world. In March, a organisation of Chinese tourists were targeted by a squad of pickpockets, an conflict that done headlines around a world.

Meanwhile, a US Embassy in France offers visitors a horde of tips and suggestions on how to equivocate being a plant of a rapacious pickpockets – tips that can also be practical to transport around a world.

Here are a few highlights:

Keep usually what is essential in your wallet. For example, one credit card, one square of ID, and no some-more than ?50 (RM260). Make copies of your passport, and other ID cards.

Women are suggested to lift bags with a zipper enclosure, and to lift it firmly underneath their arm, somewhat in front of them. Swing your trek around so that it’s somewhat in front of you. Men can strengthen themselves by fixation a rubber rope around their wallet and putting it in their front pocket, something that will make it formidable for thieves to remove a wallet smoothly.

Be additional observant around vital traveller sites like a Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, a Champs-Élysées. Metros are also vital aim areas. If we are pickpocketed, start yelling for military immediately. The embassy advises opposite chasing down a perpetrators, as a wallet has many expected already been handed off to someone else within a group.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral is another sitewhere tourists are suggested to be on a warning for pickpockets and other pettycriminals.The Notre-Dame Cathedral is another site
where tourists are suggested to be on a warning for pickpockets and other petty

If there are no confidence guards or military around, we should go to a internal military hire (commissariat) and record a complaint.

Know what you’re adult against:

The many renouned tactic on a metro is a crush-and-grab; You will be swarmed by several people, and in a chaos, as you’re being pushed, we will be pickpocketed.

Another tip: try to equivocate sitting or station right by a doors. Because another pretence they use is to squeeze a purse or smartphone, usually as a sight doors open and lurch away. Wherever we finish adult in a train, try to minimise entrance to your pockets and purses.

The age-old daze process involves a stratagem of seeking for directions, or attempts to sell we trinkets. During a distraction, someone will try to collect your pockets.

Another rather upsetting technique: Someone will chuck or brief something on we like H2O or ice cream. You will be approached by people who adopt to assistance you, and in a chaos, we will be pickpocketed.

ATM scams: If a appurtenance cooking your card, go into a bank immediately as it’s expected a machine’s been tampered with. Use usually ATMs from vital banks. Refrain from articulate to anyone during a transaction, as it’s expected partial of an try to fraud you.

As always, cover a keypad as we enter your pin code. – AFP RelaxNews

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All Malaysia Info

Thaipusam: a jubilee of faith and gratitude

While many of us associate Thaipusam with crowds during temples and a grand steer of kavadi bearers, how many of us indeed know a stress of a occasion?

A advocate temperament a kavadi – a pitch of piety and devotion

Thaipusam comes from an amalgam of a difference “Thai” – referring to a Tamil month of Thai (January – February) – and Pusam – a brightest star during this period. Falling between 15 Jan and 15 Feb each year, Thaipusam is a jubilee of Lord Murugan’s feat over Soorapadman’s tyranny.

Soorapadman believed himself godlike given he can't be killed by anything other than a being that was a phenomenon of Lord Shiva, one of a many critical Hindu deities. Unluckily for him, Lord Murugan was one such being and he used his stalk or vel, that was given to him by Lord Shiva’s consort, Parvati, to better Soorapadman.

So it is that during Thaipusam, a people appreciate Lord Murugan for extenuation their wishes and defeating a “daily demons” that disease their lives, be it illnesses, career blocks or infertility. Believers not entirely appreciate him, they also ask redemption for trangressions made, as good as urge for blessings.

The rituals of Thaipusam entirely start most progressing before a large day itself. Some devotees quick for some-more than a month before a arise while others trim their heads as an act of gratitude, defence or as a touching defence to have prayers answered.

On a eve of Thaipusam, a picture of Lord Murugan is ecstatic from one church to another, accompanied and waited on by devotees temperament offerings to a deity. Milk, a pitch of virginity and virtue, as good as flowers and fruits are common Thaipusam offerings. Kavadis, literally “sacrifice during each step”, can be seen trustworthy to devotees around hooks and skinny spears that pierce their backs, cheeks and mouths.

This can be utterly a steer for onlookers who no doubt consternation how these kavadi bearers withstand a pain, though devotees will tell we that their romantic faith in their Lord Murugan’s insurance spares them from pain and prevents them from shedding blood. Bearing a kavadi is an act of friendship and humility.

Additionally, coconuts are crushed to weigh a violation of a ego and a presentation of a purer self.

In Batu Caves – one of a focal points of Thaipusam jubilee in Malaysia – a approach concomitant a china chariot temperament Lord Murugan’s idol, starts from Sri Mahamariamman, in a centre of Kuala Lumpur, to a temples of Batu Caves. The approach entirely starts before midnight on a eve of Thaipusam and is a 15 kilometre tour that can simply take 8 hours.

Devotees wait for hours usually to locate a glance of Lord Murugan on his chariot and extend their offerings while hundreds of thousands some-more join a approach to a temples. The series of people during Batu Caves during Thaipusam can operation from 700,000 right adult to 1.5 million. At Batu Caves, devotees steadily lift their offerings and kavadi bearers staunchly shoulder their burdens adult 272 stairs to a temple.

Celebrations also take place in other tools of a country. Other principal places of jubilee embody a Waterfall Temple in Penang and Kallumalai Temple in Ipoh, Perak.

A approach concomitant a chariot temperament a Hindu deity as it creates a approach to a church during Thaipusam

Thaipusam, to any who are propitious to declare a festivities, is both a clear jubilee of colours and a fascinating arrangement of faith. Yet, this is not a entirely Hindu festival that is value temperament declare to. Other holy days, critical to Hindu faith and culture, are usually as engaging and engrossing.

Deepavali, literally definition “rows of lamps”, for example, is a jubilee of light triumphing over dark. On this day in a Tamil month of Aippasi (October – November), one fable has it that a Lord Krishna degraded a demon aristocrat Naraka. Hindus applaud a arise by anointing themselves in oil and partaking in a protocol bath early in a morning on Deepavali day. Then new garments are ragged and prayers are performed. Deepavali is utterly presumably a best famous Hindu festival in Malaysia. Other festivals besides Thaipusam and Deepavali are:


Celebrated for 4 days, commencement from a initial day of a Tamil month of Thai, Ponggal means a “boiling over” of rice and is a invocation to a elements that have contributed to a good collect – especially a object and a cattle. On this day, a cattle gets a well-deserved day of rest, a good rinse and their sheds likewise get a consummate cleaning. They are also flashy with garlands and fed with ponggal – sweet rice. The Sun God is thanked as good with both prayers and honeyed rice. But a thankfulness isn’t entirely singular to a Sun God and a cattle; on a third day of celebration, visits are done to family and friends, employers entirely benefaction gifts to their employees and singular women benefaction offerings to their home deities, praying for a estimable husband.


Taking place on a 13th night of a Tamil month of Masi (February – March), this is a festival of fasting and prayers. It is also famous as Shiva’s Night.

Panguni Utthiram

This festival falls on a same day as that of Lord Shiva’s kinship with Parvathi and a birth of Lord Murugan from sparks emanating from Lord Shiva’s eyes. Falling on a day of a full moon in a Tamil month of Panguni (March – April), a festival is distinguished most like Thaipusam in Murugan temples.

Tamil New Year

Here new year refers to a initial day of a Tamil month of Chittirai (April – May). It is on this day that a object enters a initial pointer of a Hindu zodiac – Aries. During a Tamil New Year (also famous as a Hindu New Year), a residence is entirely spotless and decorated. This includes a request room that will be ornate with bullion jewellery, rice, silk cloths and other enlightened objects. Those who take partial in a celebrations wear new clothes, eat a vegetarian dish and go to a church to perform prayers.


Literally definition “Nine Nights”, this festival is distinguished in a Tamil month of Puraddasi (September – October). The celebrations are in honour of a enchantress Shakti, who is a “Great Divine Mother” in Hindu belief. On this day, a kolu – a dais with 9 stairs – is filled with a images of Hindu deities and saints while a “Great Divine Mother” is invited to take her place on a kumpam – a beautifully decorated, water-filled pot that is lonesome with husked coconut as good as mango leaves and placed on banana root that also has rice on it. Offerings in a form of 9 forms of grains are placed during a kumpan as well.


Map: Batu Caves

Mini Thaipusam

Mini Thaipusam in vital colour

Miss World Malaysia 2009 Thanuja Ananthan

Colours of Deepavali [PIC]

Oil Lamp or Vilakku

Deepavali – The Festival of Lights

Malaysian Children

Festivals and celebrations in Malaysia

Arulmugu Sri Ruthra Veeramuthu Maha Mariamman Temple

A church stands proud

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