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If you are flying into or out of Terminal klia2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2), you’d be forgiven for thinking that you have landed in a shopping mall rather than an airport. That’s because Terminal klia2, currently the world’s largest terminal serving low-cost carriers, has an airport-within-a-mall concept. Everything about it caters to savvy travellers who are looking for that single-stop facility to get all their needs met upon departure or arrival.

To get your bearings right, note that Terminal klia2 is located about 50 minutes by car from downtown Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. If traveling via the KLIA Ekspress, it is just 33 minutes.  It is situated about 2 km away (or between 4 and 10 minutes away depending on mode of transport) from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Terminal klia2 consists of [email protected] Mall, the shopping mall; the Main Terminal building on the landside where the arrival and departure halls are located, along with the check-in counters and security and immigrations; and the airside of the terminal where the departure and arrival gates are located.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be…read on to see our favourite picks of outlets and services within Terminal klia2 that will make your trip here smooth and breezy.



Maybe you are in transit in Malaysia, or your flight back home got delayed. For whatever reasons that you need a place to rest, there are more than a couple of options in the vicinity.

Within [email protected] Mall, Aerotel ( offers 78 cozy wood-panelled guest rooms with ensuite bathrooms for the solo traveller, the couple or the family, with flexible check-in times. Rooms are between 20 and 34 square metres and start from RM280. Don’t rush it, the airport check-in counters are just 5 minutes’ walk away!

Aerotel: Level 2M, [email protected] Mall, Terminal klia2

Capsule Transit (, also within [email protected] Mall, is similar to a backpacker’s hostel where you get to make friends with neighbouring guests. Minimalist in nature, it offers a bed, a shower and luggage storage, too, with “pod” rentals in chunks of 3-, 6- or 12-hour stays, starting at RM89. For solo female travellers, there is a females-only zone for extra privacy.

Capsule Transit: Level 1, Lot 1-5, [email protected] Mall, Terminal klia2

On a layover between flights? Then, Sama-sama Express ( at Terminal klia2’s Satellite Building is the perfect solution. Hotel guests do not need to clear Malaysian Customs and Immigrations if they are on a layover between flights. Comfortable rooms — some with spectacular views of the airport runway – between 17 and 48 sq metres are available for a minimum of 6-hour stays. As a plus, this hotel has been acknowledged as a Green Building for its environmentally-friendly practices!

Sama Sama Express klia2: Level 3, Satellite Building, Terminal klia2

Just want a place to relax and refresh while waiting for your flight home? Escape the buzz of the airport by checking into Wellness Spa ( to pamper your body, from head to toe. Their menu of spa services includes massages (for neck, shoulder, back or foot), manicures and pedicures, and hair treatments, along with light refreshments and power showers. The lounge offers private resting areas where you can also catch up on the latest news on TV or some light reading. Weary travelers will find this quiet place a haven to relax while you freshen up and recharge your body.

Wellness Spa: Level 3, International Departure, Terminal klia2


If you have just arrived into Malaysia and are looking to explore the country with uninterrupted Internet connection, then WIYO ( and Samurai Wifi ( are a blessing to you with their pocket wifi rental service. So, if you think international data roaming is expensive, local prepaid cards are troublesome and public wifi is insecure, try out this service by making a booking online at their websites a few days before your arrival into Malaysia then pick-up the device upon arrival at their outlets in Terminal klia2. Promotion rates are available, so check out their websites frequently.

WIYO: Level 2, L2-13, [email protected] Mall, Terminal klia2

Samurai Wifi: Level 2, Lot S2-2-211, [email protected] Mall, Terminal klia2


When traveling, the last thing you want is to have tummy troubles. Why not go for healthy options to avoid any possible problems?

Eat smart, eat fresh and eat healthy at The Green Market over at the Departure Level, a modern dining setting with Japanese, Korean and Malaysian offerings. Expect ramens, udons, Malaysian noodles, kimchi soups, bibimbap, donburi bowls and bento boxes to savour within an open-plan kitchen where you can see the chefs in action. Complete your meal with fresh, slow-pressed juices to set you up for the rest of the day. Oh, and you will love the charging stations, flight information boards and free wifi provided, too!

The Green Market: Departure Level (Level 3), Public Concourse, Main Terminal Building, Terminal klia2

If you think vegetarian food is boring, you probably haven’t tried the selection at BMS Organics. They’ve established themselves as a café serving healthy, organic vegetarian food since 2007, and currently have more than 20 organic cafes around Malaysia and in China. Their KLIA2 café has about 40 healthy meal options including rice meals, soup noodles, and smoothie bowls. Favourites are the Curry Laksa made with soy milk broth; light and refreshing quinoa salad; and brown rice nasi lemak. The café is located at a quieter part of the terminal where you can eat in peace.

BMS Organics Grab ‘n Go: Level 3, L3-22A, [email protected] Mall, Terminal klia2


Flying home and can’t get enough of Malaysian food and drinks? There’s plenty of local bites to feast on at Terminal klia2, but check out these local flavours which are popular favourites.

Nyonya Colours offers bite-sized local kuih or sweet treats made from tapioca, yam, sweet potato, mung beans, rice flour, sticky rice, coconut milk, brown sugar, desiccated coconut, and local ingredients that result in rich, sticky treats worth remembering.

Nyonya Colours: Level 3, Lot 34 37, [email protected] Mall, Terminal klia2

At Kluang Station Cafe, you can cherish the nostalgia of olden day train stations while savouring the fusion of Chinese culture and tradition in its Hainanese takes on laksa noodle soup, fried Mee Siam noodles, and nasi lemak, all washed down with a strong cup of Kluang coffee.

Kluang Station Cafe: Level 2, L2-23, [email protected] Mall, Terminal klia2

Crazy about coffee and want something with a local twist? Kofi Kraze2 uses their own Maxtract process, a gradient-diffused method to optimize the smoothness, aroma and intensity of their premium Cold Brew coffee with unique tropical flavours. Try out coffee in durian, yam, chili, jackfruit or pandan flavours – all typically reminiscent of Malaysia!

Kofi Kraze2 Premium Cold Brew Coffee: Level 3, L3-23, [email protected] Mall, Terminal klia2



The next time you are stuck at the airport, head over to World Game Museum to pit your skills against friend or foe in a gaming play-off. There’s a good range of more than 100 games available here from classic games using the Atari console, or lose yourself in modern Virtual Reality dimensions. Family favourite card games for kids of all ages such as Old Maid and Snap, and famous board games like Ticket to Ride, offer an awesome collection for everyone. Overall, a great place to hang out if you’re not into shopping!

World Game Museum: Level 3A, Departure Hall, Main Terminal Building Terminal klia2


Looking for quality Malaysian souvenirs to bring home? There’s plenty to choose from at Terminal klia2, from chocholates to biscuits, from traditional batik to unique arts and crafts, but let’s give you some cool ideas here…

You will never go wrong with chocolates and over at Fidani Factory (, there are some amazing Malaysian-made chocolates under the brands of Fidani, Danson and Farell’s. Look out for popular local flavours such as Musang King durian chocolates, which is guaranteed to be a huge hit!

Fidani Factory: Level 3, L3-17, [email protected] Mall

Royal Selangor ( pewter products also make great take-home gifts due to their quality and legacy in Malaysian history. The Malaysian Landmarks collection will remind visitors of their holiday in Malaysia and include the Petronas Twin Towers pocket lighter, Sarawak-motif coasters, key chains, photo frames and tankards.

Royal Selangor: S2-3-L18, Departure Hall, Main Terminal Building, Terminal klia2

How about doing a good deed while you shop and support a special group of artists with disabilities? These super talented artists have put their skills to use by producing handpainted shoes and bags. Their handiwork can be seen at Amaze Creative in quirky and colourful designs for sneakers, flats, children’s shoes, ladies’ shoes and handbags. Totally unique and one-of-a-kind gifts!

Amaze Creative: Level 2, L2-77, [email protected], Terminal klia2


From Terminal klia2, the rest of Malaysia is easily accessible in a variety of transport modes. The Level 1 of [email protected] Mall is dedicated as the Transportation Hub for Terminal klia2, providing access to public transportation services like taxi, bus, rail and car rental. The Express Rail Link (ERL) Train Services is a high-speed train that connects airline passengers to Kuala Lumpur in 33 minutes.

The ticketing counters for buses and taxis are available at this level. The buses transport passengers to KL Sentral, Bandar Tasik Selatan, One Utama shopping mall, Nilai and Seremban, and to other states like Johor, Melaka and Perak.

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Tourism Malaysia

Su Lai Xiang Vegetarian House @ Desa Sri Hartamas

October 23, 2012 during 1:12 pm

Vegetarian food, once a boundary of American radio jokes, is quick apropos hip and respectable. Vegetarian food is now mainstream and excusable in a West, and God forbid, rarely sought after, with a far-reaching operation of products catering to several segments of a vegetarian market. While this growth competence be new to a West, vegetarian food has been an determined partial of a East for centuries. The Chinese, in particular, have towering vegetarian food to an art form, portion adult dishes and delicacies that reason their possess opposite their juicy counterparts.

The rather artless masquerade of Su Lai Xiang belies a culinary delights a grill has within

Recently we was invited to a normal Chinese party cooking that showcased vegetarian dishes during Su Lai Xiang, pleasantness of Moola, a initial ever homegrown Cash-Back Lifestyle programme by ICT Utopia. Joining me during this healthy and juicy party cooking was Miss Pamela Yeoh of Malaysian Foodie, and yes, she did suffer herself immensely during a dinner. You can review all about how many she favourite it during her blog here!

The cosy interior of Su Lai Xiang

Traditional Chinese vegetarian food is truly an art form, where chefs essay to ready dishes that impersonate normal or rather beef dishes. It is a plea that tests a invention skills, as chefs demeanour for ways to reconstruct a accurate taste, look, feel and texture, regulating usually vegetarian ingredients. Through a centuries, many techniques have been grown and with a appearance of complicated technology, what was deliberate a food of saints and immortals are now accessible for small mortals like us.

Some of a pleasing Chinese themed decorations that accoutre Xu Lai Siang

So how did Su Lai Xiang fare? Not usually did a grill arise adult to a challenge, it excelled and shone. Customers are in for a double treat, as not usually will we suffer tip nick vegetarian fare, though a dishes are as authentic as they come for Chinese dishes, that we competence supplement is already an fulfilment in itself. The fact that these are vegetarian versions merely highlights a aberration of what Su Lai Xiang has to offer.

The 10 vegetarian plate Chinese party cooking that was served

Fried Oyster Mushrooms with Butter Cream

We were served a party of 10 dishes, trimming from appetizing light dishes like a Fried Oyster Mushrooms and Stir Fried Bean Curd Skin, both prepared with Butter Cream, to vegetables like a Stir Fried Bitter Gourd with Salted Fish, Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables, and Fried Vegetable Stems with Seeds. The dishes are simply amazing, and a pointed sundry tastes in a vegetables, mushrooms and bean spread mount out though being captivated by other flavors.

Fried Bean Curd Skin with Butter Cream

Stir Fried Bitter Gourd with Salted Fish

Stir Fried Mix Vegetables

The genuine exam for any Chinese vegetarian restaurant, would be a ridicule beef dishes. This is where Su Lai Xiang unequivocally shines. We had 4 good beef dishes, Char Siew – sliced roasted pig sirloin, Mui Choy Kau Yuk – a normal Chinese favorite, Asam Prawns – juicy shrimp served in sharp tamarind sauce, and a square de resistance, a Ginger Fish.

Fried Vegetable Stems with Seeds

The Char Siew – fry pig sirloin – 100 percent pristine vegetarian

Each beef plate was prepared to perfection, a opposite textures achieved by folding techniques and also opposite ingredients. The ridicule Char Siew’s coherence and hardness was so tighten to pig that it mimicked even a slight covering of fat that many Chinese insist is an constituent partial of a fry pork. The prawns were ‘shelled’, withdrawal a meat, that was firm, a certain pointer of mutation for seafood. The Mui Choy Kau Yuk was an generally tough act to replicate, as this plate is steamed, permitting a juices from a beef to meal with a vegetables. The meatless chronicle was simply superb, a ambience mark on!

Mui Choy Kau Yuk – a favorite normal Chinese dish

The prominence of a dusk was a Ginger Fish, a whole fish, that is routinely steamed – a technique that a Chinese trust brings out a healthy essence of a uninformed fish. Su Lai Xiang’s Ginger Fish was truly exquisite, a dainty tofu portion as a flaky fish beef and wrapped in a bean spread skin, surfaced with ginger sauce.

The Ginger Fish. The flaky hardness of fish beef is replicated flawlessly

While Su Lai Xiang showed us that perplexing techniques and formidable combinations of mixture constructed noble dishes, one of a many noted dishes was arguably a simplest – Fried Tofu With Salt Pepper. Tofu cubes boiled and seasoned with usually salt and pepper, bedecked with chilli.

Simplicity during a best! The ethereal pointed season of a tofu is really something everybody should try.

What can we say? Dining during Su Lai Xiang offers not usually an authentic Chinese cooking knowledge though also a pleasant find of healthy and juicy beef alternatives!

This Dining With Moola knowledge is pleasantness of Moola, a first-ever Cash-Back Lifestyle Programme specifically designed for shoppers to suffer giveaway shopping, good assets and best deals in town. Moola leverages on cutting-edge record of mobile focus that utilises QR formula record for all interactions; from member registration, Moola accumulation and redemption, to a tangible shopping.

Moola Frenz who sup during Su Lai Xiang are entitled to 10% money behind everytime! What’s more, we can also grab FreeMakan vouchers for even MORE assets here!

Moola is totally hassle-free; no executive effort; no fasten fee; no cards; and comes with even larger coherence for shoppers to suffer a accumulation of rewards for redemption. Visit for some-more information!

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Tourism Malaysia

Tips for Vegetarian Travellers

How To Travel as a Vegetarian

Being vegetarian has its own benefits. Talk to your vegetarian/vegan friends and they will give you an endless list of reasons why you should be vegetarian. When it comes to travelling, however, vegetarians definitely suffer in comparison. Unless you are a foodie, travelling to a new place might mean you could hate the food and have to go hungry – one of the reasons why some people find travelling stressful.

Most vegetarians end up surviving on soups, fries from Mc Donald’s, ice creams and other beverages especially when they travel to countries which are big meat eaters like a lot of the East Asian countries, USA and Australia. End result – your trip isn’t half as fun as it could have been. If you have chosen to be vegetarian, it most definitely does not mean you need to starve wherever you go; all it needs is some planning and some work on your part.

First, obtain the food habit details of the place you are travelling to. The internet is the answer to most of your problems. You are likely to come across local vegetarian cuisine. As more people turn vegan, many restaurants and hotels are equipping themselves to cater to new needs. Choose a hotel where food to your demands is served. Learn the translation to “vegetarian” and “vegetables” if the place you are heading to does not speak English. Being able to say “No meat” in the vernacular language will help immensely.

If you find that obtaining vegetarian food is going to be difficult, it is always advisable to pack your own food. Some extra particular travellers even carry a small electric cooker, obtain rice or vegetables from the local markets, and cook up their own food wherever they are. Check what local vegetables are available; you might end up cooking something absolutely delicious.

Of course, cereal, toast, fries, fruits, salads, juices, tea, coffee etc are universally available vegetarian foods. If you are happy surviving on these, nothing like it.

Take care to see that you don’t react or make a face if you are served with meat. Do not cringe or tell off someone, or launch into your prepared speech on how bad meat is. When in Rome, live like the Romans, is what they say. Politely refuse the food brought to you and patiently explain your requirement. Not everybody understands vegetarianism, and some cultures consider it extremely rude to refuse food.

You need to help yourself when you are out and about. Plan in advance and make sure you do your research so you enjoy your trip like you should.

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