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Seafood cooking along a Senggigi beach during Lombok island

Traveling roughly about 1 hour 30 mins (approx. 60km) from Sade Village, upheld by Mataram City (Capitol of Lombok)…we finally reached a Senggigi beach of Lombok. All of us determine to have a seafood cooking during Warung Menega (S8.52497 E116.06554) before check in to a resort.

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The initial stage that held a courtesy was a hazed roof of a kitchen…

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Everyone was extraordinary about what function in a kitchen…then, we detected a barbecuing process is regulating colourless and coir that resulted a hazed environment…

Let’s have a debate in a kitchen before a dining area…

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The ‘warung’ (common word as a restaurant) had a elementary setting, where we have a options of indoor dining area or a outside area on a beach. For us, we really select a beach area…

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As usual, everybody was bustling photographing a surrounding of a grill before a dishes offer on table…

Next to a restaurant, there were many fishing boats parking around…felt vehement since we will going to knowledge a vessel float tomorrow for island hoping, looking brazen about it…

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The seafood served on list flattering fast, many of us had a same package that were a fish, prawns, clams and squids. Some of us chose usually fish and some don’t take prawns… stretchable package.
But all of us had one image of kang-kong (water spinach) with a internal recipe sambal chili, and sum rice…

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I like a internal sambal really much! It was savoury and hot!
Believe all a seafood grilled with a same salsa and recipe, a prawns, fish and squids were finger-linking good! And a clams ambience a best among all…
All a seafood were ideally succulent, honeyed and spicy. Impressed by a internal recipes. But a enchanting partial was a tantalizing sauces…dark honeyed soy sauce, garlic, internal sambal and chili with onions. Every salsa supposing opposite ambience with a seafood, we adore a chili onions and a sambal really much!

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It was a sum opposite knowledge carrying a cooking here, while enjoying a seafood in a hands and examination a pleasing sunset…

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The outside dining area was full after a night fall…

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Beside a seafood delights and a sunset, we like to combine on those fishing boats behind to a shores…

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We were satisfied with a seafood cooking in Warung Menega. As we demeanour into a menu, prices are reasonable too…I theory I’ll be behind again on my subsequent revisit to Lombok.

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