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Kathina during Wat Bukit Perak

October 13, 2011 during 1:00 pm

What is a Wat? And what is Kathina? These are dual terms that competence be unknown with some, generally Westerners. Wat is a tenure used mostly in a South East Asian segment for a Buddhist church or monastery. Buddhism heavily shabby a region, including a many kingdoms located in what is now Malaysia. Even today, there is a substantial commission of Buddhists and countless Buddhist wats in Malaysia. Some, like Penang’s Wat Chayamangkalaram – with a recumbent Buddha – are famous, while others, like Wat Bukit Perak in Kampung Gajah Puteh, Kedah, offer as village centres and places of rite for internal Buddhist communities.

The pagoda and a statue of Kuan Yin on a drift of a wat

Many Buddhist observations, celebrations and festivals are conducted during these wats. Out of these, a Kathina is deliberate one of a many important. Kathina is a rite where robes and other requisites are presented by lay devotees to monks. Kathina outlines a finish of a Vassa period, a 3 month stormy season, during that monks sojourn inside monasteries and church grounds. This year, Wat Bukit Perak will be holding a Kathina on Sunday, 30th Oct 2011 during a church drift in Kampung Gajah Puteh, Kedah.

There will be a elementary module on 29th Oct 2011, a eve of Kathina, with a enlightenment of a church and candle lighting around a pagoda during 7 pm, followed by chanting by a monks during 8 pm. On Sunday, a Kathina starts during 10:30 am with Puja use and a mystic charity of rice in donation bowls.

This is followed by a Sanghadana during 11:30 am, when a monks accept a offerings of donation and have lunch. Lunch for devotees will follow during 12:30 pm. The circumambulating of a pagoda with Kathina robes will start during 1:30pm and a rite will finish with a display of Kathina robes and chanting by devotees and monks.

Those who are meddlesome in attending are acquire to a Kathina. Any donations for Wat Bukit Perak’s Kathina are acquire as well. For some-more information, greatfully revisit a temple’s Facebook page

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