Penang Bridge

August 28, 2011 0 By melakatour
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“During a consrtruction, many of people thinks this overpass could not be done. Well there are wrong. Even now, a overpass is always undiluted with cars, traveller and people. What a view.”  
by Alif

“Penang tempat2nye memang menarik…macam- macam ada…”  
by INA

“I like to scold my information before this.Actually Penang Bridge is a LONGEST in ASIA and 5th in THE WORLD.Thankz…”  
by Mohamed Taufiq Bin Kuthubutheen

“Ahhh…good to be home…!”  
by Mat Penang

“I consider a Penang Bridge is an glorious attainment of engineering. Penangites should be unapproachable of carrying sucha pleasing structure staying within their dear land. “  

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