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What’s Great About Beer?

August 25, 2011 during 12:00 pm

Asians have a churned opinion about beer, overdue to a distilled effects. Although a segment is famous for being religious, there are substantially as many Asians who suffer drink as there are those who equivocate it due to eremite tenets. International drink brands like Carlsberg, Tiger, and Heineken are good famous and is widely accessible in Malaysia.

Arguably a oldest alcoholic libation in a story of humankind – beer

While some of us might share a same inclination to drink as Westerners, many of us have a low courtesy for drink as a beverage, noticing it as, well, zero some-more than beer. It does not secrete a hold of category like a bottle of wine, nor does it compare adult to a bottle of tough liquor. For some, drink is for ‘lightweights’ and beginners, while tough wine are for a ‘big boys’. After all, drink is drink is beer. Or is it?

The shots of drink for a tasting

We recently had a pleasure of training some-more about beers when we were hosted during Craft Brews. Located during Mutiara Damansara, usually nearby a Curve, this brewhouse grill gave us a hide preview of some of a newest beers that are set to be launched this 13th of September. Craft Brews is set to move in 8 beers from a eminent Rogue Brewery, a microbrewery in Oregon, United States. Craft Brews’ Benjamin Chong was kind adequate to learn us a finer points in appreciating a world’s many widely consumed alcoholic libation as we sat down to dual of Rogue Brewery’s excellent ales. The drink tasting (yes, there is such a thing as drink tasting) went well, and we gained a improved bargain and a new found honour for beers, generally those painstakingly constructed by microbreweries worldwide.

A bottle of drink from a Rogue Brewery of Oregon

Most ‘mainstream’ beers are mostly done with reduce peculiarity ingredients, and manufacturers use additives and certain promotion gimmicks to facade a beverage’s fundamental limitations. One such gimmick is a importance on celebration mainstream beers ice cold as a low peculiarity becomes apparent during warmer temperatures, inspiring a ambience of a beer. Some of a beers charity during Craft Brews, including one of a dual that we sampled, ambience improved warm.

Craft Brews’ shortly to be launched drink line from Rogue Brewery

As mentioned, Craft Brews will be charity 8 new beers comparison from Rogue Brewery, starting from 14th September. These beers can usually be exclusively found during Craft Brews, never carrying been accessible in Malaysia previously, and are an ideal introduction to a many accumulation of beers, such as dark ales, stouts and porters. We during will be bringing we a minute demeanour during all a 8 beers during a central launch during Craft Brews come this 13th September.

So don’t forget. Craft Brews. 8 Great Beers. Sep 14 onwards. Every day. Every night.

Take a chair and tell with a drink in palm during Craft Brews

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