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The Story of Adam and Eve: It’s All About You

September 12, 2011 during 4:00 pm

Almost everybody is informed with a story of Adam and Eve, who are regarded as a initial humans to ever travel a earth. Their story is one about a beauty of a elementary basic life. All by a ages, people have wondered and illusory what life was like for these two, and what a universe looked like by their eyes. According to a Bible and a Quran, Adam and Eve lived in paradise, a state of nearby soundness that we all invariably essay for. And a one doubt people mostly ask themselves per this story is what would we do if we had been possibly Adam and Eve?

The Story of Adam and Eve: It's All About You

The Story of Adam and Eve: It’s All About You

Come 12th September, a story of Adam and Eve will be explored by a low-pitched square by Romanna Entertainment. Entitled The Story of Adam and Eve: It’s All About You, this low-pitched square is a alloy of complicated and normal musi, accompanied by dance performances by a Romanna Dance Group, a organisation of over forty gifted dancers founded in 1998 and destined by Romanna. One engaging underline about this square is a Middle Eastern influence, by a use of instruments such as Daf, Taar, Tunbak as good as a Spanish guitar.

The musical, that presents a good famous story of adore and loss, is firm to mesmerize a assembly by a intepretation of these emotions and issues by dance movements and music. Tickets are labelled during RM 35 for all seats. Performance is scheduled to start during 8:15 pm during Pentas 2, klpac. The low-pitched is a one day opening function usually on 12th Sep 2011. For serve information or squeeze of tickets, call 03-4047 9000 or travel in to klpac during Sentul Park.

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