Silent Cry Photo Exhibition

September 18, 2011 0 By melakatour

September 18, 2011 during 12:00 pm

A design says a thousand difference as a observant goes. And substantially that is because photography is an art form that many find really intriguing and easy to understand. Each sketch represents a impulse in time prisoner and recorded for eternity. This September, klpac brings to a open a photography muster by Amir Naser Dabaghian, a photographer, editor and executive formed in Kuala Lumpur.

Silent Cry Photo Exhibition

One of a photographs by Amir Dasaghian now being exhibited during a Silent Cry Photo Exhibition.

The exhibition, entitled Silent Cry, will underline photographs from Amir’s collection, and represents his approach of recording a things that go on in a lives and times. He mostly focuses on people, as a inlet of humans is one of a things that stir his curiosity. The muster will start on 19th Sep 2011 and run compartment 2nd Oct 2011 during Pentas 2 Foyer, klpac, Sentul. Admission is giveaway and all are acquire to take a demeanour during a universe by Amir Dabaghian’s eyes.

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