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Kota Lukut

“Firstly, there are dual vivid mistakes in a essay on Kuala Lukut.

1) Raja Busu and his family were apparently NOT killed in 1934 – it was in Sep 1834. And it was not a strife with internal Chinese tip multitude members. His home was pounded and burnt by about 300-400 typical Chinese miners who were indignant that he had lifted a tin levy to 10 per cent.

2) Raja Jumaat did NOT build this installation a small after his attainment in Lukut. Raja Jumaat indeed arrived in Lukut in 1836, though it was usually in 1846 when he was strictly allocated as a Sultan’s deputy there, and a installation was built shortly after that.

Finally, we competence like to note that there is a Museum Complex nearby a installation with many exhibits and displays about a area. Of all a museums we have visited in Malaysia, a staff here were positively a many friendly, a many useful and a many associating museum staff we have met. Well finished to them!”  
by Sabri Zain

“”Walaupun ia kini tinggal hanyalah sebuah kawasan lapang bersama kesan-kesan kegemilangan silamnya sahaja, pada pendapat saya, itu tidak mengapa. Kita hanya mahu menunjuk dan mempamirkan tempat2 dan kazanah2 serta bahan2 serta tempat2 bersejarah, kapada generasi2 baru, supaya mereka tahu “The History Of Malaya.””  
by makcikjamilah

“ok la”  
by nazli

“Walaupun dulu ia merupakan kawasan perlombongan yang utama di negara ini, namun apa yang tinggal kini hanyalah sebuah kawasan lapang bersama kesan-kesan kegemilangan silamnya. “  
by Boys r me

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