Seremban Lake Garden

October 9, 2011 0 By melakatour

“This pleasing and impressively landscaped garden only a stone’s chuck from a city centre provides acquire shade from a heat.”

Joggers will simply adore a Seremban Lake Garden. With jogging marks all around, this lake garden is not only your unchanging park. It has also been remarkable as one of a many lifelike gardens in Malaysia.

Scenic and always a welcoming steer in a heart of bustling Seremban, a park’s landscaping is beautifully finished and is suitable for families with children as a kids can have good fun during a stadium there. For those looking for a relaxing and still time, a Seremban Lake Garden is also a smashing place to loll around with a good book!

This impressively landscaped garden is only a stone’s chuck from a city centre. A accumulation of inland and outlandish trees yield acquire shade via a day.

There are plenty petrify benches unaware a lake where visitors can lay behind and suffer a dusk breeze. There are also jogging marks for a some-more energetic, while children can merriment in a playground. Nearby, there are lonesome food stalls portion internal fare.

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