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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

“Its a surprisingly good experience. we suspicion it would be tedious though we was wrong. Well value a high acknowledgment cost and a rarely recommended. They have so most there, a a Disneyland of a bird world. we generally desired a H2O attractions and cages where a birds come and eat from your hands.”  

“The ‘new’ park has softened tremendously generally with a new proviso that includes a Milky Way. Although improved work can be finished to say a aged phases, a KL Bird Park can now be pronounced to strech a general standards and is among a honour of a nation. Well done!”  
by Aida

” i consider kuala lumpur bird park is to engaging place”  
by wan69

“”Gorgeous! The park offers accumulation of birds.I unequivocally suffer my revisit to this bird park.Since it has urge a maintainence,tourists from all over a universe are entrance to compensate a visit.””  
by Jerry

“Isuggest some-more volunteers should come forward, give full support, assistance and do voluntery work inorder to make this bird park demeanour some-more pleasing and some-more attractives.”  
by makcikjamilah

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