Tourism Malaysia

Kuala Krai Mini Zoo

“best sangat….
lagipon ia satu satunya zoo kat kelantan…”
by atirah

“If you are going to Kota Bahru, then this is a must stop place for you. You will enjoy the enviroment here with your family besides seeing a lots of animals.”  

“The place is an excellent place for recreation but it needs more publicity in the papers and on websites. In fact, all places in the East Coast, particularly Kelantan needs more coverage. The state’s tourism agencies shd positively act on it!!! Put political aspects on the backseat for once! Can’t juz expect hand-outs all the time…be proactive. Gotta fight to be noticed!”  

“better keep it more clean…
so that can avoid insect…~~”
by carrie7758990

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