Kuala Krai Mini Zoo

October 15, 2011 0 By melakatour

“best sangat….
lagipon ia satu satunya zoo kat kelantan…”
by atirah

“If we are going to Kota Bahru, afterwards this is a contingency stop place for you. You will suffer a enviroment here with your family besides saying a lots of animals.”  

“The place is an glorious place for distraction though it needs some-more broadside in a papers and on websites. In fact, all places in a East Coast, quite Kelantan needs some-more coverage. The state’s tourism agencies shd definitely act on it!!! Put domestic aspects on a backseat for once! Can’t juz design hand-outs all a time…be proactive. Gotta quarrel to be noticed!”  

“better keep it some-more clean…
so that can equivocate insect…~~”
by carrie7758990

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