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A Toast to a ‘Pink Jazz Affair’

November 15, 2011 during 12:00 pm

One of a many common forms of cancer that afflicts many Malaysian women is breast cancer. According to a National Cancer Registry, 1 in each 20 women is expected to get breast cancer in her lifetime. However, many trust that this figure might be improper due to a problem in receiving total and under-reporting of cases. Breast cancer is now also a heading means of cancer deaths among a women in Malaysia.

Breast Cancer Welfare Assocation (BCWA) is a intentional organization founded in 1986. BCWA believes that a breast cancer survivor can use her knowledge to assistance others confronting a disease. They are also there to yield emotional, amicable and element support for those who are pang from breast cancer and to strengthen a ability of people with breast cancer to self-manage during and after treatment. Survivors and patients would determine that BCWA’s many critical design is to foster open preparation on ubiquitous health and breast health issues including early showing of breast cancer.

Ms Ranjit Kaur, CEO of Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) giving a brief though ominous debate during a function

Mr Amir Firdaus Abdullah, Regional CEO of Gleneagles Hospitals and CEO of Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur, presenting his opinion on a theme matter during a function

Though most recognition has been lifted to teach a open on breast cancer, there are still many women who find it tough to come brazen for screening and annual breast examinations. Those who do find assistance in a finish mostly find that their breast cancer has modernized to after stages, where a illness has already widespread to other collection of a body, that in spin might means pre-mature deaths. Women pang from breast cancer who live in a farming areas might confront problems in receiving suitable medical care, call them to spin to other choice medical solutions like visiting a internal magician alloy or ‘bomoh’.

Realising a intensity problems faced by those in a farming areas, BCWA shaped a mobile section called Mobile Unit Reaching Nationwide with Information (MURNI) that is means to yield a compulsory assistance, collection and materials. MURNI offers a three-pronged approach, namely a MURNI Early Detection Programme, MURNI Supportive Care Programme and MURNI Capacity Building Programme.

Ms Ranjit Kaur, Mr Amir Firdaus Abdullah and mythological crooner Donne Ray Radford toasting to a event

The guest of honour responding questions from a floor

Even with a participation of a energetic organization such as BCWA, zero can still assuage a feeling of being diagnosed with breast cancer any better. Once a chairman is diagnosed with breast cancer, their once normal lives will spin upside down in all ways – physically, mentally and socially. Not usually do they have to make extreme changes in their lives, there is a cost means that these patients have to take into comment for whatever treatments that they might need soon. However, early showing and medical diagnosis during a early stages of breast cancer has many advantages including being means to save a breast, reduction extreme diagnosis and diagnosis costs that indirectly reduces physical, financial and romantic suffering. Most importantly, early showing can assistance forestall pre-mature deaths.

Playing an critical partial in assisting breast cancer patients in any approach probable is Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur (GKL). Being a world-class medical provider, GKL offers a best medical comforts to assistance detect any signs of breast cancer prolonged before a modernized stage. As partial of a efforts to a grant to a society, Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur together with Hilton Kuala Lumpur is set to horde a gift cooking uncover on 20th Nov 2011. Aptly named ‘A Pink Jazz Affair’, this glitzy cooking is Gleneagle’s initial ever ‘pink themed dinner’ and is all set to be a grand culmination for a month prolonged breast cancer recognition program. This cooking was conceptualised to commemorate a jubilee of health and life and will see performances by Dato’ Sheila Majid and Donne Ray Radford, a eminent thespian from a famous band, The Platters.

Come and support a good means during Hilton Kuala Lumpur this 20th Nov 2011

Guests will not usually be entertained by this dual mythological artistes via a dinner, though also get to take partial in a wordless auction that facilities superb trinket pieces from Danish jeweler, Pandora; and a disdainful art pieces of a rarely worshiped internal artist, Jake Goh. All deduction from a wordless auction goes to a Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA). Tickets for a cooking uncover are accessible during RM 250 (for cooking and show) and RM 450 (for cooking and uncover and an disdainful Meet Greet event with Dato’ Sheila Majid). For some-more information, greatfully hit 03 4141 3162 / 3165.

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