International Steinway Festival 2011

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It is really common to hear relatives promulgation their children off for piano lessons these days, compared to progressing times when an normal family’s disposable income was lower. While some might go given of their parents’ wishes, there are also those who possess genuine talent and suffer personification a piano. Relying usually on talent, but a correct training and education, is not adequate to propel them to celebrity and stardom. Many achieved pianists do determine that rehearse and tough work are dual of a many critical elements in their regulation for success. The eventuality to benefit knowledge and correct bearing is critical if one is to turn a famous pianist in a song industry.

Steinway Sons’ pianos have been around for centuries and have supposing unconstrained party and delight

The International Steinway Festival 2012 is an critical festival for determined pianists from all over a world. This biennial eventuality is sponsored by Steinway Sons in Hamburg, Germany and strives to identify, inspire and foster immature pianists who are in their infirm stages of their careers. For a initial time given a coronation in 1987, a festival has non-stop a doors to acquire one member from a South East Asia. A informal try-out hosted by Steinway Gallery Singapore will see 8 finalists from 8 nations competing for a eventuality to be a 1st esteem winner. This leader will seem in a unison along with a other member from several European nations.

The Steinway unison grand piano indication D-274 is a piano of choice for many unison halls internationally, including a iconic Carnegie Hall

Bentley Music, a solitary distributor of Steinway Sons Malaysia, will horde a foe to find a one gifted pianist to paint Malaysia in a Steinway Regional Finals. The finals will be hold in Apr 2012 in Singapore. The Steinway Malaysia Youth Piano Competition is also sponsored by BMW Group Malaysia. Malaysian youths aged between 10 and 17 years aged as of Sep 2012 are severely speedy to contention an try-out video (not longer than 10 minutes) to a organisers. Completed focus forms together with a duplicate of a DVD recording contingency be submitted to Bentley Music Sdn Bhd no after than 15th Jan 2012.

A really gifted immature lady interesting a throng with her splendidly played piece

From there, 10 semi-finalists will be short-listed and sensitive by 23rd Feb 2012 and these 10 semi-finalists will perform during a Bentley Auditorium on 22nd Mar 2012. Only 5 out of a 10 will be comparison as finalists, who will afterwards contest opposite any other on 23rd Mar 2012. The leader will paint Malaysia and contest in Singapore from 27th compartment 29th Jul 2012. Contestants will have to select from a 4 categories that are accessible in a repertoire listed here. Participants are compulsory to select a smallest of one square to perform in their video submission. The semi-finalists and finalists are approaching to perform during slightest dual or some-more of a listed pieces for a generation of no some-more than 15 minutes.

Who will be a subsequent star pianist from Malaysia?

Each entrant is entitled to ready one acquiescence only. Early bird submissions perceived before 31st Dec 2012 will attract a acquiescence price of RM150. Submissions perceived between 1st compartment 15th Jan 2012 will attract a price of RM200. To download a focus form and for some-more information, greatfully record on to a website here.

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