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Magic Mirror a Musical 2011

November 20, 2011 during 2:00 pm

The name Guanyin is not unknown among Buddhists, as it refers to a bodhisattva who is compared to compassion. Also famous as a Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin is also worshiped by a Taoists as an immortal. Guanyin is also a Chinese name for Avalokite?vara Bodhisattva, who was creatively decorated as a masculine bodhisattva, yet these days it is customarily decorated as a woman. According to a Lotus Sutra, it is believed that Avalokite?vara as a bodhisattva can perceptible itself in any form, be it a masculine or a female, a child or an adult and even a tellurian or a non-human being.

One of a singer portraying ‘Guan Yin’ in Magic Mirror a Musical 2011

Come 25th Nov compartment 4th Dec 2011, Yayasan Guan Yin will benefaction a low-pitched famous as ‘Magic Mirror’, that will premiere during Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur. The low-pitched tells a story of Guanyin, whose heart is still worried by a many predicament and gratification of beings on earth. A terrible fight is going on on earth, led by a vicious ubiquitous who is underneath a change of demons. Under his reign, all who brave to go opposite him are mercilessly slaughtered. As homes are broken and families cracked by a distracted war, Guanyin appears as a correct aged man, who fearlessly guides a soldiers and defeats a vicious ubiquitous and his men.

In a village, a people are now faced with robberies, abuse and crime and live in consistent fear. The outcast ubiquitous and his vicious henchmen have resorted to apropos bandits and thieves, holding whatever they can get from these elementary encampment people. Guanyin decides to assuage a conditions by training a villagers and bandits about love, compassion, patience, toleration and concern. She appears to a people as a lady in white, who tries to sell a copper counterpart during a really high price. Curious to see what is so special about that tiny trinket, many throng around her, perplexing to get a glance during a mirror. She offers one of a henchmen a demeanour in a counterpart in sell for a tiny fee. After a glance into a mirror, a companion turns divided with a frightened demeanour and urges a rest to demeanour into a mirror. What accurately did he see in a mirror? Who is this lady in white? Come and watch a low-pitched to find out more.

The low-pitched is scheduled to perform from 25th Nov compartment 4th Dec 2011 and tickets are labelled during RM 103/ RM 153/ RM 223 and RM 303. Tickets can be purchased online during Redtix.AirAsia’s website. For a finish opening report and serve information, greatfully record on here or call AirAsia Redtix Ticketing Hotline during 03 8775 4666 (enquiries only).

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