Pulau Pangkor

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Lying off Perak on a west seashore of Peninsular Malaysia, this willing island with a white sandy beaches and desirable fishing villages will entice you.

Currently Berjaya Air is a usually airline that is handling flights approach to Pangkor Airport from Kualu Lumpur Subang Airport.

Lumut is a gateway to Pulau Pangkor. Here’s how to get to Lumut.
KTM Train
Express Bus

From Lumut, we have to take a packet to Pulau Pangkor that departs each 30 mins during a day and cost RM 10 for a lapse ticket.

Getting around Pulau Pangkor is unequivocally simple. You can select to lease a motorbike, a bicycle or use a unmetered taxis widely available.

The categorical pull to Pulau Pangkor is positively a white sandy beaches.
Pantai Pasir Bogak
Teluk Nipah has 2 beaches: Nipah Beach and Coral Bay
Teluk Ketapang
Pantai Puteri Dewi
Teluk Segadas
Emerald Bay (on Pangkor Laut)

However other attractions on Pulau Pangkor creates an glorious full day excursion. You can get to these places simply on a rented motorbike or bicycle.
Pangkor Town
Fishing Villages
Fu Lin Kong Temple
Kali Amman Temple
Batu Bersurat and Tiger Rock
Dutch Fort (Kota Belanda)
The Tombs
Tortoise Hill

Here’s a full hotel list on Pulau Pangkor.

Pangkor Laut is a secretly owned island 20-minute vessel float from Pulau Pangkor, it boasts one of a excellent beaches in a Straits of Malacca. Pangkor Laut is home to Pangkor Laut Resort an disdainful review named after a island.

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