Top 10 Perth city experiences

Rate this post Tweet Tweet So you’re in Perth, Australia and you’ve only figured out that this vibrant, enterprising city has copiousness to offer. But you’re wondering where to start. Well, consternation no longer; here is a list of a tip 10 city experiences: 1) Discover desirable dark laneway-bars, and eat, splash and explore! There’s […]

Goddess of Mercy Temple, Georgetown Penang

Rate this post It is a tradition here in Malaysia that on a eve of Chinese New Year, a Chinese will revisit a church for blessing and offerings. The oldest and many mythological church in Penang is a Goddess of Mercy Temple that is situated in Georgetown, Penang. Each year, believers of a Taoism and […]

Virtual Travel Fair 5: Travel during your fingertips

Rate this post Tweet Tweet The Virtual Travel Fair 2013 by The Star Online’s is on! It offers perceptive travellers a conveninent and afforable approach to travel, with loads of finished options. With over 4,000 transport packages in a camber of dual weeks, a Virtual Travel Fair 2013 is back, earnest travellers even improved […]

Introducing Malindo Air: Not Just Low Cost

Rate this post This month new LCC Malindo Air will embark their flights to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. The new airline is owned by a Malaysian supervision and with Indonesian LCC LionAir as minority share holder. Flights will skip from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA and not from LCCT) with 4 daily flights. Promotional prices […]

Yashiki Yakitori Bar @ Viva Home Shopping Mall

Rate this post March 8, 2013 during 2:00 pm After a surprisingly ‘refreshing’ Yee Sang with a gang, we started on a second image for a day – a Soft Shell Crab Salad. Served with a Japanese salsa done from mayonnaise and sesame seed, it is this seasoning that brings out a best of a […]