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The Regatta Lepa Colourful and Excitement

The Regatta Lepa Colourful and Excitement

Every year in Apr there is a H2O festival hold in Semporna, a tiny city in a eastern seashore of Sabah, called The Regatta Lepa, one of a vital critical events in a National Tourism Calendar.

This year, a 20th Regatta Lepa will be hold from 26th – 28th of Apr 2013 and a eventuality captivated thousands any year. “Lepa” means “boat” is believed to be originated from a Pa’alau Bajau people who live in Bum Bum Island and used by fishermen along a seashore of Semporna.

The unique lifestyle and festival is distinguished by a Bajau Laut racial community, a vital dwellers in Semporna. The Bajau Laut people are seafarers during heart and good famous for their Lepa, that is a normal single-mast sailing vessel used in their daily lives.


colourful Lepa

Nowadays, a use of this normal lifestyle is solemnly dispersing with modernity. Few complicated Bajaus use a Lepa currently as many of them migrated to a mainland. Nonetheless, Lepa stays a pitch of tradition and a changed bequest for a Semporna Bajau community.

With a change of time, a Lepa competence not be used in a same approach as it used to be though a Lepas will never be forgotten for nonetheless another year as a pitch of honour of a Bajau people and a informative heritage.

The Bajau seafarers’ unapproachable nautical birthright came alive in this annual festival of Regatta Lepa, featuring their boats, a Lepa with participants dancing during a helm of their boats, flashy with splendid colour sails famous as sambulayang and tapis (small triangular flags).

The exhausted Semporna city comes to life as a charming sails take to a sea to contest for a esteem of a many pleasing Lepa! The prominence of a eventuality is a sail-past of a Lepa, any vessel embellished with smiling dancers and sharp-witted musicians, anticipating to be crowned `Most Beautiful Lepa’ – a grand esteem of this much-anticipated H2O festival.

Every Lepa family has their possess or daughter pleasing lady welcoming visitors with seemly igal-igal dance, a normal dance of a Bajau.

beautiful lady welcoming visitors with a normal igal-igal dance

The Regatta Lepa is not only a H2O festival, in fact a whole city of Semporna has a fair atmosphere, what with a several concerts staged, and so many stalls set adult to foster or sell products and services to a population, visitors and tourists that have positively swelled manifold.


Further Information

Organiser : Semporna District Office
Venue : Semporna, Sabah
Contact Person : A.M Ibnu Haji A.K baba
Telephone : 6089-781518, 6089-781663
Fax : 6089-781472
Email Contact : [email protected]
Event Website :








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