Heritage, Rediscovered

Rate this post Visiting Malaysia is like stepping behind in time. Everywhere we look, there will be something that possibly reminds a inhabitants of a past. It could be an aged building, a emporium that has been open for generations, a mark where normal performances were hold and so on. Aside from locations, there are […]

Citrawarna 2015

Rate this post Keeping adult with a thesis of culture, inlet and future, a Citrawarna 2015 festival brings Dataran Merdeka to life with a best of Malaysian tourism and informative elements. It is though destroy that this festival, hosted by a Ministry of Tourism and Culture, draws a locals and tourists closer to applaud Malaysia […]

You Think You’re in Paradise, Then…

Rate this post There we are, in a center of paradise, and it’s all you’ve illusory it to be. It’s beautiful, enchanting and something you’ve usually dreamt of before. And then, it hits you. You can’t be in paradise, can you? You remember removing on a plane, breezing by customs, reaching your hotel. So where […]

For All Ages

Rate this post Malaysia is a nation for all. Founded formed on diversity, it’s a nation that understands a need to have something for everyone. Whoever we are, you’re some-more expected than not to feel welcome. This is generally loyal for families. If countries have ratings, Malaysia would be rated G: Generally awesome, suitable for […]

Sun, silt and sea: Your beam to Malaysia’s beaches & islands

Rate this post Enjoy some fun in a object in Malaysia and penetrate your feet into soft, sandy beaches. Go on a regretful getaway, and chill out to a sounds of a lapping waves. Or take a furious adventure, and try a wonders of a low blue sea. Get to know some of Malaysia’s pleasing […]