Pan Kobo Cafe ???????? – Freshly Baked Japanese Style Bread during Horizon Hills

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Pan Kobo Cafe (N1.45767 E103.64412) is located along Jalan Hijauan 3 of Horizon Hills of Johor Bahru. It’s a a First Japanese Bakery run by a Japanese in Johor Bahru. It was my pleasure to met a freindly Mr Tomohisa Haraguchi who is a owners of a bakery.

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The creatively bread that baked locally all are handmade with opposite doughs (local bread are mostly ‘one’ mix for all breads) follow a recipe of a Japanese Bread Master by a Chief Baker – Mr Nakayama Iku during a bakery. The healthy breads sell in this bakery are all but any additives, softener and refuge chemical. They like to inspire everybody to eat their Daily bread for breakfast, not only an occasional bread. Words from Tomo San.

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The new bakery was only non-stop on May 2013 and it’s a good event for a Johor Bahru peoples to ambience a Freshly, Healthy Japanese Style Bread. As for me, this was my initial time…

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The cafeteria is supposing good dining area with tables and chairs (indoor and outdoor) for business who like to have their bread offer right from a oven, coffee and tea are offer from a cafeteria too. They offer some common daily breads and also Pan Kobo signature’s bread. Let me uncover we some of a bread photos below…
Apologies since we forgot some of a name of a breads.

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There are many form of breads in a bakery, we have to ambience it yourself!
We tasted some of a breads here and they were soft, proposal and Delicious! With a healthy yeast. The curry bread was crispy on a skin and dainty inside, among all we like a Walnut Cream Cheese really most since of a walnut…:)

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We chose to suffer a healthy breads during a cafeteria and chatting with a accessible trainer – Mr Tomohisa Haraguchi. This was also a initial time met adult with so accessible bakery owners in Johor Bahru. Great!

The cost for a breads are from RM2.50 – RM8.50. It’s reasonable cost for a good healthy bread but addictive and we will feel and ambience opposite review with a breads of internal bakery. Do dump by a Pan Kobo Cafe to try a Japanese Breads if we occur during Taman Bukit Indah or Nusa Bestaru area, it’s only nearby…

And don’t forget to check out their Facebook page ( for a latest special offer!

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