Gourmet Classroom Cafe. Taman Setia Tropika, Johor Bahru.

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Gourmet Classroom Cafe (N1.54502 E103.71303) is located along Jalan Setia Tropika 1/25, Taman Setia Ttropika of Johor Bahru.
This cafeteria has a Total New Concept and a First in Johor Bahru! The singular approach is, we select what we wish in a Cafe, and a Friendly Chef – Ms Candy will prepare it for you. Another choice is…she will learn we all a recipe that we be means to prepare it yourself during home.

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Ms Candy said, they yield a alien ‘Good Quality’ of beef, lamb, salmon, scallop and many more. Beefs are alien from Australia and we can have a possibility to ambience a Best Aussie Wagyu and Angus here, even a Aussie Prime Angus! Beside a good peculiarity meat, a mixture they use are also imported. That’s meant we can have a possibility to ambience a Best of it! This is also a First Cafe in Johor Bahru that offer this form of peculiarity western cuisine!

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Another good indicate we like to emphasize is, all a cuisines that offer on list are prepare without preservative, though seasoning, organic vegetables and ‘Original’. You have to prepare it this approach generally for a Good beef. Another First in Johor Bahru.

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The cafeteria has a elementary environment and it was comfort.
The owners do sell and supply a alien tender (uncook) beef, lamb, salmon scallop to their business and hotels, that’s a reason we can see a freezers and chillers beside a dining area.

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And not usually meat, they have alien milk, ingredients, yogurt and tea (photo below) too…

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Before we place a order, a Chef (lady boss) patiently explain to us about a cooking approach and accepted that she offer Healthy food to her business on a priority though someday she also follow their business ambience blossom to fit everyone. Great!

We attempted out their Aussie Rib-eyes with a strange ambience for a initial dish…

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Medium doneness was served for a rib-eyes, and it tasted Excellent! The rib-eyes was baked ideally with pepper, salt and rosemary…without cooking and seasoning. It supposing a strange ambience of a Good Aussie Rib-eyes! My First time carrying a Rib-eye beef with a strange taste! Marvellous!
The cuisine served with US alien (Lamb Weston) french fries though salt also had a strange ambience of “French Fries”, distinct a one we always have it during McDonald. The salads was from all organic uninformed vegetables!

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The second plate was a Hokkaido Scallop, served with Premium Grade Green Coral and On Vine Tomato.
The distance was most some-more bigger and thinker review with a internal scallop. This 3 pieces of scallops will be adequate for a unchanging eater.

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The scallops were grilled on a aspect that gave a good aroma on a initial punch (if I’m not mistaken, it grilled with some butter), and it was luscious inside. Delicious!

The third plate was a good peculiarity Spaghetti Aglio e Olio. Simple and Nice! Served with olive oil and excellent chopped parsley though a dusty red chili flakes, we cite though a chili flakes cos we can smell a olive oil nicely…it was strange again! It’s formidable to have this form of good spaghetti around Johor Bahru area beside Gourmet Classroom.  
Another ride adult plate in a restaurant!

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After a meal, Ms Candy let us attempted a alien French Macaron as dessert….oh! Very good! Soft and moist! Unliike a internal Macaron that is abit tough and dry…Fantastic!

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The alien Yoplait Yogurt was a final we had that evening…this is also one of their product that sell directly to customer. If we are a Yoplait Yogurt lover, we can simply get it from a grill right now!

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We had prolonged discuss with Mr Timothy and Ms Candy after a meals. Ms Candy, who worked and gained knowledge on western cuisine in Italy many years ago, we dignified her cooking ability really much!

Please try out a Western Cuisine from Gourmet Classroom Cafe generally those Beef lover, they have all kind of Good quality beef start from Sirloin to Prime Angus. we trust we will surprise with a dishes and feel a opposite review with other Western Cuisine Restaurant around Johor Bahru, different experience!

For me, we will really behind for thier Wagyu and Angus Beef!

*  Note : a cafeteria is traffic CASH Only for a moment.

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