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Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Penang for Veggie Lovers

Penang is one of those tourist destinations that offers an unforgettable experience to food lovers, visiting this island from different parts of the world. The amazing food on this island is recalled every time, whenever there is a discussion on Penang. As a matter of fact, the food served at a number of restaurants and cafe in Penang has meat or fish as the main ingredient. What will the vegetarians do then? Many vegetarians prefer to dine in at a place where no meat or fish is prepared in the kitchen, so they don’t even green salads there. Well, there is no need to worry at all, as Penang has everything for everyone.

Famous Vegetarian Restaurant in Penang to Eat out

Apart from the Penang street food, you can now enjoy vegetarian cuisines at the decent vegetarian restaurant in Penang. We have shortlisted some of the best ones that are not only, offering great food, but also a great eating out experience and are known for their rich food culture:

Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen

For all veggie lovers, Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen is the best place to dine in and have their favorite cuisines, as it serves a wide range of vegetarian food. You can enjoy the best flavors of Nyonya, Oriental, Fusion as well as Western dishes to satisfy your hunger. Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen features 2 floors in which the ground floor is for routine ala-carte offering self-service dining and the first floor is for private events, steamboat and buffets. All the dishes are fairly priced and hence, you can have a hearty meal at affordable prices. This vegetarian restaurant in Penang, is serving scrumptious vegetarian cuisines since 2006.

You can easily reach this place at the address:
98 Noble House, Madras Lane, 10400 Georgetown,
Penang, Malaysia or call for more details on: +06 4-226 3810

Ee Beng Vegetarian Food

EE Beng is a renowned name that hosts a vegetarian restaurant as well as vegetarian buffet. If you want to satisfy your hunger with loads of veggie cuisines then you can opt for the EE Beng Vegetarian buffet. Eat out delicious 20-30 hot dishes with either brown or white rice or have them with Chinese buns. Also, there is a cook-to-order section, which has a distinct menu. At the time of breakfast, you shall see the great crowd outside, who take food for their breakfast at work. This vegetarian buffet, however, is densely crowded all day. Each and every dish is purely vegetarian.

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Furthermore, you can choose from its wide range of hot and cold drinks that includes iced Chinese tea and hot Chinese tea both. Whatever you want to eat, just fill it in your plate and take it to the cash counter, he will calculate and generate a bill. Usually, per plate is not more than RM10. You can visit this place between 07:00am-20:30pm from Monday to Saturday only.

Next door you shall find a vegetarian restaurant, which is of the same owner, serving ala-carte vegetarian dishes. This place is a bit expensive comparatively. The best thing is you shall find here a cheesy food section too. Moreover, their specialty is pure tea, which is not sold everywhere and hence, is a real treat for many. You can visit this place from Monday to Wednesday between 11:00am to 14:30pm and 17:00-22:00pm. On Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 11:00am to 22:00pm.

You can visit this place at the address:
18 20 Lebuh Dickens, George Town, Penang.
For more details you can call on +60 4-262 9161.

Hui Sin Vegetarian

Hui Sin Vegetarian is a vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Penang, serving delicious food in a buffet. The per head charges depends on your plate, simply fill it up and take it to the counter, the concerned person will tell your complete bill. Though the variety of vegetarian food is limited, but the quality of the food is simply great. This place is considered ideal for lunch.

You can reach here at the address:
11, Lebuh China, 10200 George Town, Georgetown, Malaysia,
if you have any queries, just give a call on:+60 4-262 1443

The Leaf Healthy House

The Leaf Healthy House is a famous vegetarian restaurant in Penang, which is equally favorite of vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The restaurant serves a great blend of Western food in Penang and local dishes, serving hearty signature dishes every day, which is posted outside the House. The interior of the restaurant is quite beautiful and peaceful, but obviously at the peak time, its peace is lost somewhere. If you want to enjoy in a calm ambiance, then it is recommended that you dine in here during odd hours.

The Leaf Healthy House aims to serve fresh and healthy food and hence, their mandatory ingredients include olive oil, coconut oil, brown rice, rock salt, brown sugar and high fiber. They have cultivated a small garden of their own from where most of the ingredients are used. Herbs like basil are also growing in their very own garden. Hence, the food served is healthy, as it is prepared with green and fresh ingredients, which further adds to the taste. This place is equally ideal for vegetarians and diet-conscious people. Their specialties include Coral Grass (Sweet and Spicy) and Spaghetti Basil Leaf and Pine Nuts Sauce.

You can reach here at the address:
5, Penang St, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
For any assistance call on: +60 12-498 8491

Water Drop Tea House

Water Drop Tea House is a pure vegetarian restaurant in Penang, serving great taste with superb quality and friendly staff. The dishes offered here are reasonably priced. The interior of the restaurant is very simple and elegant, but once you step in the design and the people are equally welcoming, depicting a great ambiance. Also, you shall observe soft Buddhist hymn playing in the background, which further adds to the calamity of the environment.

The menu here is grouped by weekends and days. Daily the specialties are highlighted as Today’s Special on the board. Must try dishes here includes Millet dumpling and Hawaiian pizza, which are purely vegetarian with no sign of meat in it. However, the restaurant also has a huge variety of rice and noodle dishes. From the food to the interior and décor, this restaurant is a perfect place to have a great time while eating.

You can easily reach this place at the address:
16, Jalan Penang, George Town, 10000 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
For more information you can call on: +60 4-263 6300

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Whether you are a vegetarian or not, the above discussed vegetarian restaurants in Penang, are the best places to eat out. You will definitely have a good time eating something light and refreshing, apart from the usual meaty heavy meals.

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Ratatouille La Gourmet in Austin Heights, Johor Bahru

There are many cafes and restaurants only started to work within a Austin Heights area, that will also another primary plcae for this area. One of a grill we visited was a Ratatouille La Gourmet Austin Heights (N1.56222 E103.77841), another bend for a Ratatouille La Gourmet restaurant from Adda Heights. Operated by a same owners – Mr Brian, though with somewhat opposite judgment review with a Adda Heights outlet.

 print IMG_4237_zps44c40bad.jpg

The grill has a elementary and neat setting, purify and comfort environment. Let a photos next uncover you…

 print IMG_4234_zps409e6374.jpg

 print IMG_4233_zps5dd59b0a.jpg

 print IMG_4239_zps79b4c58c.jpg

 print IMG_4235_zps8f5b4f5d.jpg

Choices of 2 persons, 4 persons or organisation of peoples…even with one of a window seat. 🙂

The grill is suitable for family, friends entertainment and also couples. The soothing song was personification during we watchful for a food…

Each of us had a image of fungus soup and garlic bread nominal from a restaurant, this is also a ‘Ratatouille culture’ given they started from a tiny case in a kopitiam (Hokkien chapter means : food court).

 print IMG_4241_zpsa701e89f.jpg

 print IMG_4242_zps34303234.jpg

Starter :
Grilled and Baked symbol mushroom.

 print IMG_4243_zpsd164beba.jpg

 print IMG_4247_zps57d5743b.jpg

Both were juicy! The strange ambience by a grilled type, and a incense with a cheese baked mushroom, we even can ambience a uninformed tomato from it. We like both!

Here come a categorical courses…
Aglio e olio
Bolognaise (or bolognese)
Chicken thong bleu
BBQ Pork Ribs
Pork Chop

 print IMG_4248_zps60747dd1.jpg

 print IMG_4250_zpsee8c4d50.jpg

 print IMG_4257_zps55226c97.jpg

 print IMG_4261_zpsd5177d4f.jpg

 print IMG_4255_zps9cdabf57.jpg

Aglio e olio
The spaghetti was good prepared with a incense olive oil and garlic.  The spaghetti was not scorch and we all like a springy-ness of it, we like a ambience of a olive oil really much. The plate was only good to my liking.

Served with uninformed minced beef, baked with their homemade tomato sauce. Creamy cheese though won’t stop us to finish it. Another signature from Ratatouille La Gourmet.

Chicken thong bleu
This is a common plate simply accessible in western grill around Johor Bahru area. But a Chef of Ratatouille prepared a duck so proposal and proposal distinct others finished it too dry, each pieces of a duck went good with a cheese!

 print IMG_4258_zpsaa4a762b.jpg

BBQ Pork ribs
Well control of a feverishness where a ribs were proposal and yummy! It served with their possess recipe of BBQ salsa and we got to try it yourself!

Grilled pig chop
This was a astounded for a night! The pig clout served with moist, good finished and delicious! It is formidable to have a good pig clout around Johor Bahru area, though this was really scored a top outlines of that evening! Well cooking and good control of a heat, contingency not skip this for a pig clout lover!

The poetic dessert served after a categorical courses…they were same as their Adda Heights outlet, tasty!

 print IMG_4264_zpsc51834be.jpg

 print IMG_4265_zpsaef65499.jpg

 print IMG_4268_zpsc6723cd8.jpg

 print IMG_4271_zps3759e480.jpg

 print IMG_4270_zps2c2895d6.jpg

Beside a dishes above, they do offer Roast herb coated lamb rack, Pan parched Norwegian salmon, Mixed grilled platter and many more…all dishes are reasonable price.

The opposite of this opening review with Adda Heights opening is…Adda Heights offer beef though no pork, Austin Heights offer pig though no beef.

It was a overwhelming cooking for all of us! Thanks and appreciated for artistic and glorious Chef from Ratatouille La Gourmet Austin Heights.

 print IMG_4236_zps1d6906c5.jpg

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Flame’s Kitchen Western Food Restaurant during Bandar Jaya Putra, Johor Bahru

Flame’s Kitchen Restaurant (N1.57412 E103.77755) is located during Bandar Putra Jaya (previously famous as JP Perdana) of Johor Bahru. The griddle is make use of a prior uncover residence from a developer, it was a double level semi-detach house, and has a far-reaching garden area on a side, a owners of Flame’s Kitchen had renovated and altered it to pleasing and comfort restaurant.

The griddle has a amber private parking area that situated during a backyard of a restaurant.

The special designed signage is good and we like a thoughtfulness from a H2O that demeanour like a genuine blazing flame!

It has a friendly environment, comfort, relax and rather singular since of converted from a residential house, and surrounded with a tiny garden.
There are indoor and outside area, if a continue is not too warm, we cite to sup during a outside with a association of nature…

The bar opposite is good flashy with all a charming lightings…

The griddle also offer ethanol with accumulation of bottle beers…

We visited with a organisation of 8 adults and 4 children. The dishes we had as below…

Before a categorical march serve, we had their renouned appetiser – Crab beef bruschetta.
Chopped uninformed tomatoes with garlic, basil
olive oil churned with crab meats, accompanied with toasted garlic
breads. This normal Italian plate served as a good appetiser before a dinner.

As for a children, they had their mushroom soup and garlic bread

Our categorical march served on list about 15 minutes, it was flattering fast…

Rich, tawny and served with vast prawns and oysters. The abounding cheesy ambience good, though it competence not suitable for those who distinct a tawny setting.

All a categorical march from Flame’s Kitchen restaurant offer together with a one of a choices of 10 side plate :-
*  Garlic bread
*  Garlic rice
*  Baked bean
*  Egg mayo
*  Macaroni cheese
*  French fries
*  Onion rings
*  Mashed potatoes
*  Grilled Asparagus (1pc)
*  Grilled mushroom
Please name your favorite…

We had 2 Cujun Rub Salmon Fillet with opposite side dish…

The both fillets were good marinated, uninformed and good. The garlic rice can be improved if somewhat moist.

2 opposite form of duck clout below, both served in 300g…
Spicy Pastrami Chicken leg clout – paprika marinated 
Wal-lic duck leg chop – roasted walnuts and garlics

The duck clout was tantalizing with a slight of sharp taste, it was luscious and a apportionment (300g) was vast adequate for a vast eater.

As for a above Wal-lic duck chop, cite some-more wet for a improved punch (my personal preference), though a children like it really much! Especially a onion rings.

Follow by a Mum cooking pig belly.
The pig swell was fat, greasy with a Chinese character cooking (it’s settled on a menu), Oh! we like a greasy partial really much! Delicious!

Not everybody will like this plate above since of a greasy fat from a pork, generally those on diet…but, we all adore it only since of a incense fat that melted in a mouth!

The final plate was on a Charcoal griddle event – Cumin grilled vast squid.

This colourless grilled squid is one of a popular plate from a restaurant. The ambience of a colourless grilled that widespread into your mouth while on a initial punch of a squid was great! we attempted a initial square but a lemon and with a lemon on a following…like both either!
It was a juicy grilled squid we will really come behind for more!

Each of a categorical march will served together with a tiny play of fruits salad, we like this concept…where we can suffer it before and after a meal…

Beside that, we like a crispy form tibits that served with one of a dish. Too bad forgot to ask a name of it…

After we finished a meal, there was a special salsa pasta (pipette rigatura) served on a table, a plate hasn’t listed in a menu yet, presented on a residence by a owners of a restaurant. The ambience was marvelous!
We also advantageous to had a owners personal collection of a grilled pig skin as a tibits…that was Good!

The cost was reasonable with a vast apportionment portion and a environment.

We were confident with a fabulous dinner supposing by Flame’s Kitchen restaurant, and really will be behind to try out their other dishes!

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Gourmet Classroom Cafe. Taman Setia Tropika, Johor Bahru.

Gourmet Classroom Cafe (N1.54502 E103.71303) is located along Jalan Setia Tropika 1/25, Taman Setia Ttropika of Johor Bahru.
This cafeteria has a Total New Concept and a First in Johor Bahru! The singular approach is, we select what we wish in a Cafe, and a Friendly Chef – Ms Candy will prepare it for you. Another choice is…she will learn we all a recipe that we be means to prepare it yourself during home.

 print IMG_8945_zpse18b61c0.jpg

Ms Candy said, they yield a alien ‘Good Quality’ of beef, lamb, salmon, scallop and many more. Beefs are alien from Australia and we can have a possibility to ambience a Best Aussie Wagyu and Angus here, even a Aussie Prime Angus! Beside a good peculiarity meat, a mixture they use are also imported. That’s meant we can have a possibility to ambience a Best of it! This is also a First Cafe in Johor Bahru that offer this form of peculiarity western cuisine!

 print IMG_8946_zpsb6002aa1.jpg

Another good indicate we like to emphasize is, all a cuisines that offer on list are prepare without preservative, though seasoning, organic vegetables and ‘Original’. You have to prepare it this approach generally for a Good beef. Another First in Johor Bahru.

 print IMG_8943_zps1829a4ad.jpg
The cafeteria has a elementary environment and it was comfort.
The owners do sell and supply a alien tender (uncook) beef, lamb, salmon scallop to their business and hotels, that’s a reason we can see a freezers and chillers beside a dining area.

 print IMG_8947_zps8beb64a5.jpg
And not usually meat, they have alien milk, ingredients, yogurt and tea (photo below) too…

 print IMG_8951_zps4c1dca3d.jpg
Before we place a order, a Chef (lady boss) patiently explain to us about a cooking approach and accepted that she offer Healthy food to her business on a priority though someday she also follow their business ambience blossom to fit everyone. Great!

We attempted out their Aussie Rib-eyes with a strange ambience for a initial dish…

 print IMG_8963_zps5148490c.jpg

 print IMG_8962_zps50240e8d.jpg

Medium doneness was served for a rib-eyes, and it tasted Excellent! The rib-eyes was baked ideally with pepper, salt and rosemary…without cooking and seasoning. It supposing a strange ambience of a Good Aussie Rib-eyes! My First time carrying a Rib-eye beef with a strange taste! Marvellous!
The cuisine served with US alien (Lamb Weston) french fries though salt also had a strange ambience of “French Fries”, distinct a one we always have it during McDonald. The salads was from all organic uninformed vegetables!

 print IMG_8965_zps94c02267.jpg

The second plate was a Hokkaido Scallop, served with Premium Grade Green Coral and On Vine Tomato.
The distance was most some-more bigger and thinker review with a internal scallop. This 3 pieces of scallops will be adequate for a unchanging eater.

 print IMG_8968_zps52da93d6.jpg

The scallops were grilled on a aspect that gave a good aroma on a initial punch (if I’m not mistaken, it grilled with some butter), and it was luscious inside. Delicious!

The third plate was a good peculiarity Spaghetti Aglio e Olio. Simple and Nice! Served with olive oil and excellent chopped parsley though a dusty red chili flakes, we cite though a chili flakes cos we can smell a olive oil nicely…it was strange again! It’s formidable to have this form of good spaghetti around Johor Bahru area beside Gourmet Classroom.  
Another ride adult plate in a restaurant!

 print IMG_8970_zpsa2e79f75.jpg

After a meal, Ms Candy let us attempted a alien French Macaron as dessert….oh! Very good! Soft and moist! Unliike a internal Macaron that is abit tough and dry…Fantastic!

 print IMG_8973_zps4e571716.jpg

The alien Yoplait Yogurt was a final we had that evening…this is also one of their product that sell directly to customer. If we are a Yoplait Yogurt lover, we can simply get it from a grill right now!

 print IMG_8974_zps89fa1d07.jpg

We had prolonged discuss with Mr Timothy and Ms Candy after a meals. Ms Candy, who worked and gained knowledge on western cuisine in Italy many years ago, we dignified her cooking ability really much!

Please try out a Western Cuisine from Gourmet Classroom Cafe generally those Beef lover, they have all kind of Good quality beef start from Sirloin to Prime Angus. we trust we will surprise with a dishes and feel a opposite review with other Western Cuisine Restaurant around Johor Bahru, different experience!

For me, we will really behind for thier Wagyu and Angus Beef!

*  Note : a cafeteria is traffic CASH Only for a moment.

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Riverside country Italian

Truth or myth: Don’t flip a Simply Roasted 7-star Seabass over when one side has been eaten; usually mislay a bone.Truth or myth: Don’t flip a Simply Roasted 7-star Seabass over when one side has been eaten; usually mislay a bone.

Satisfying, New York-style dining – in Shanghai.

NO consternation a expats here demeanour so self-satisfied.� The Lord Restrain leaned behind in his low chair in a “farm chic� loft during Mercato, located on Shanghai’s Bund.

“I would be, too, if we could come here to eat any day,� he declared, while scanning a large, open dining space. Here, reclaimed timber and comfortable leather tones element unprotected steel, iron and glass, and smashing cuisine.

On a cold Saturday dusk in January, it was positively an mouth-watering venue and was stuffing adult quick by 7pm.

Hardly surprising, then, that though reservations we couldn’t get a Mercato list during luminary cook Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s recently non-stop restaurant. The famed three-Michelin-star cook already had a participation in a building with his glorious dining namesake restaurant, Jean-Georges. So we took a window list offering nearby a bar, and with a not-too-restricted perspective of a world-famous waterway.

“The many glorious starters in decades,â€? admitted a Lord, not withdrawal a singular particle on his plate. we had to agree. The Housemade Ricotta with Cranberry Compote, Olive Oil and Grilled Bread (78 renminbi/RM38.20) was not what we expected; it looked elementary and, good … rustic. But a light and tawny ring of smoothly flavoured ricotta surfaced with a tasty cranberry baked solemnly with sugarine brought a palatable multiple of tastes and textures with any uninterrupted mouthful.

The Wood-oven Roasted Asparagus Fontina and Prosciutto (88 renminbi/RM43) that followed a cranberry fair was no reduction impressive. The simply grilled greens wrapped in soothing slices of prosciutto were crunchy, nonetheless moist. Slathered in olive oil, all it indispensable for a pointy spice was a extract of a lemon, and a crowd was already waiting.

The Lord is a large fan of Italian food and so, with a wood-fire oven adding regard to an already acceptable dining room, we could not assistance though collect a Spicy Pork Sausage, Kale and Pecorino Pizza (118 renminbi/RM57.70). And a country pizza did not disappoint.

This residence speciality was simply surfaced with sausage slices and kale, while a thin-crust pizza was surprisingly chewy and charmingly charred in spots. The mix of parmesan, mozzarella and pecorina cheeses artfully married their flavours, ensuing in a comfortingly artistic taste.

Aided by eyeglasses of Italian white, inexhaustible and cold usually right, a dusk was usually beginning. The wealthy mélange of Shanghai, both internal and expatriate, were in justification as they came for an dusk of bonhomie with partners, friends and families. Noted a Lord Restrain, “Elitist, magnificent fine-dining restaurants should be transposed by places like this.â€? “Like what?â€? we asked. He pondered and proclaimed: “Casual … stylish … unequivocally good food.â€?

By this time, a Simply Roasted 7-star Seabass (38 renminbi/RM18.60 per 100g) had arrived. Before we could even set my booze potion down, a tip half of a roasted fish was gone.

“Should we spin over a fish?� we asked, with some-more than a spirit of sarcasm.

“No!â€? He confided in me: “I was told by many Chinese friends over cooking that we should take a bone out, and not spin a fish over, generally if we are nearby a port. So that a fishermen’s boats will not spin over.â€? He paused and looked during me: “A myth, maybe?â€? Err …

The Spicy Pork Sausage, Kale and Pecorino Pizza is a residence speciality atMercato.The Spicy Pork Sausage, Kale and Pecorino Pizza is a residence speciality at

Roasted with sage, rosemary, tomato and lemon, a drum stewing in a prohibited salsa was basic and light. The transparent sauce, with sour hints of lemon, offering a uninformed savour to element a uninformed fish.

Chef Vongerichten’s signature aptitude for balancing flavours and textures was during work here. The flesh, really simply smashed in a crispy shell, slipped simply off a bone and shortly a fish had slipped simply off a plate, too. “The tomatoes are a small burnt …â€? a Lord announced as he popped another crowd into his mouth,â€?… though really juicy.â€?

Since a menu consists of Coastal Italian Cuisine, we motionless to finish a dish with a reliable Tiramisu (58 renminbi/RM28.40). This valid a correct choice, as a portion was some-more than adequate for two, even dual with such a conspicuous honeyed tooth. After such a good introduction to ambience and texture, unfortunately, a tiramisu didn’t live adult to a expectations. Not usually was it sheer and understated, a bottom was somewhat dry and it was formidable to finish.

Nevertheless, a unsatisfactory dessert did not detract us from a entirely beguiling evening. Great grill ambience, overwhelming views of night mountainous skyscrapers unaware and reflected in a shimmering river. Moreover, we was rather gratified as we had usually taken one punch of a dessert and left a rest to a Lord, who was eating it with most restraint.

“This is really relaxing,� pronounced a Lord, slumping behind in his chair, his mustard sweater resisting agreeably with a chair’s orange immature upholstery. “You won’t feel that approach when a check arrives,� we replied. With dual eyeglasses of wine, fish weighed by a gram and dual glorious coffees, a dusk set us behind roughly RM500.

But Lord Restrain now looked flattering cocksure to me. As if to confirm, he leaned behind in his low chair in Mercato’s loft, and muttered: “Ve-e-ery satisfying.�

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