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The SkyBar of Traders Hotel during Puteri Harbour

The SkyBar (N1.41768 E103.65640) is located during a Rooftop pool rug of Traders Hotel during Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya – Johor. We were invited to a SkyBar for their opening private celebration on Saturday dusk 12th Oct 2013. SkyBar is a heading of Traders Hotel, have we been to a SkyBar during Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur?

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The SkyBar is totally opposite from day time and night time…it’s a pleasing forever swimming pool unaware a Puteri Harbour and Straits of Johor during a day time, when a nights fall…the pool area is beautifully aflame adult with a good association by your side, a feeling is simply magical!

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It was about 7pm, a invited guest were walking into a SkyBar area one-by-one…foods and drinks were prepared most progressing to offer all a guests…

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The tiny list in a pool was a uninformed seafood like oysters and others…this was a special arrangement, nice!

About 120 guest from members of Singapore Sport Car Club, Exotic Car Club, AT Rider Superbikers from Johor Bahru and corporate guest attended a opening party.

The guest reserve adult for dishes really shortly only after 7pm, theory everybody can’t wait to ambience a tasty cuisine prepared by a Executive Chef – Alan Wong and Food and Beverage Manager – Avraam Koutsides, Traders Hotel.

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Everyone was queuing adult for their favorite food that located during limit of a SkyBar. There were copiousness of varieties on that dusk with a far-reaching food operation from internal to international, from tender to cooked…

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There was a prolonged reserve for a above foods…especially a grilled beef! Yummy!

The seafood opposite was specifically presented in a children pool…yes, we listened me right! It was inside a pool.

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The dessert and finger food dilemma was located only subsequent to a children pool. we can’t stop myself to took a tiny brick of dim chocolate, and it was nice!

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The dining area was reserved in each corner, filled adult a SkyBar…

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I like this special fallen dilemma (below) really much! It’s located subsequent to a forever pool, surrounded with gradual potion and a blue-lighted relax chair! Overlooking a Puteri Harbour and Straits of Johor…Awesome!

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Once everybody filled adult their stomach, a celebration began! The drink was offer but interlude postponement from Carlsberg’s 4 flattering promoters. Followed by a song played by a DJ Herbs and Deeraj.

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We had a potion of a ice cold drink beside a pool and started a print sharpened session…
During a song played, there was a unit of synchronized swimmers behaving in a pool followed by 4 flattering charming mermaids! That was a surprise! Everyone was bustling triggering their shiver of a cameras crazily! Haha! It was a really good stage with a mermaids float opposite and a underwater lighting…

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The 2 charming lions were behaving their dance in a bar and presented a oranges to a Executive Chef – Mr Alan Wong and F B Manager – Mr Avraam Koustsides.

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And a print event continued…

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You can have a glorious perspective of Puteri Harbour and locate a fantastic nightfall (if a continue is good) from a SkyBar of Traders Hotel.

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This is also a good place for night photography lovers, we can suffer a pleasant cooking association with good booze or cocktail while holding a shots of a pleasing surrounding night view…

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