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A Weekend with Satusuku Surf

Located in Cherating, an hour’s expostulate divided from a dispatch and discord of Kuala Lumpur, (avid roller fans: do take note!) we can expostulate adult to Cherating in Kuantan, that is a tiny roller beach. Head on down to Kampung Cherating Lama in Kuantan by train or automobile and we can find yourself in a ideal weekend retreat. During non-monsoon deteriorate it’s filled with locals and expats and when a waves hits large time, it’s when you’ll see loads of surfers roving a sea like they’re used to, an annual roller foe is hold on a beach in Kampung Cherating Lama.


If you’ve always wanted to learn how to float a wave, Satusuku Surf is propagandize owned by Tunku Khairil and also a available roller store with a many accessible and extraordinary staff peaceful to assistance out your any need. During surf-season, Severin from Switzerland manages Satusuku Surf and being an zealous surfer himself and carrying certainly a good preference of chill residence song (we like to call ‘Sevtech’), is another reason to dump by Satusuku Surf, as it’s such a cold sourroundings to be in.


Classes are really affordable, accommodation is no problem as we can find bedrooms as inexpensive as RM100/night including Wi-Fi, possess lavatory and aircon in Desa Rehat, that is a hotel nearby Satusuku Surf. There are also several other hostels and bill hotels to check out around that area that will accommodate inexpensive budgets, that tiny encampment also has a preference store that opens compartment midnight with all a categorical necessities you’d need.


The city where Satusuku Surf is located, is also famous for a miniscule nightlife stage in a bar called Little Bali where tourists and locals accumulate turn during night to extract in a celebration and karaoke singing and drunk-dancing. Also located in that tiny encampment are several restaurants that yield a best internal home-cooked foods, including a grill and bar named ‘Don’t Tell Mama’ that yield a good preference of western dishes too.


If we have a apocalyptic need to stay in a some-more upper-class vibe, Club Med Hotel is found on a other side of a surf-point mangle of a beach nonetheless I’d rather suggest a area where Satusuku Surf is. Everyone in a encampment is proficient with any other so it’s flattering protected and easy to get around with even yet a locals can't master a English language, be positive to know you’re not in any danger.


Food and libation is comparatively inexpensive around this area and value their rate, seafood is uninformed and there is a tiny Chinese grill located on a beach in Cherating portion a best flavors of seafood and other internal dishes. Be certain to try a crab, prawns, duck curries and tom yam soups!

During a balmy season, you’ll be means to suffer a beach, a waves, a accessible vibes and overflow of surfers entrance from Indonesia and other areas of South East Asia. If we have a need to check out Pahang city, it’s usually a 30-minute expostulate from Kampung Cherating Lama, there’s a large mall (the usually mall) there with a cinema kept utterly present and loads of boutique stores to torment your fancy.


There are also other activities to take partial in, such as beach volleyball, kayaking where a surfers are, and usually enjoying utterly a good beach, it being usually an hour’s expostulate from Kuala Lumpur. You can suffer Cherating as a family holiday, a accessible organisation road-trip or even solo, I’d really suggest Cherating to revisit during a weekend if we wish to take a brief and inexpensive shelter from a city life and strife!


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