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Photo taking point 1 before Selong Belanak beach, Lombok Island

Since the Lombok International Airport is located almost the south of Lombok island, we started our journey to the attractions at the south island before check-in to the resort which is at the north west of the island.

Our first destination was Selong Belanak beach, that will be approximately 22KM travel from the airport. Along the way, with the winding roads, villages, and we passed by this tobacco farm (S8.81711 E116.21746). According to Pak Uji, Lombok island is the biggest tobacco supply to the whole Indonesia market.

 photo IMG_20140712_110446R_zpsbbe9bda9.jpg

Before we reach the beach, suddenly everyone in the car surprised with the stunning view ahead of us! The driver (Pak Zaki) was very kind, and he stopped at one of the photo taking point (S8.85585 E116.17915) (small hill) to let us satisfied with our cameras…

 photo IMG_2933_zps884937ba.jpg

Everyone out from the vehicle without hesitation! It was a very nice spot where surrounded by the beautiful scenery. The place was close to the beach, which about less than 3km from Selong Belanak beach.

 photo IMG_2922_zps7e627379.jpg

The first scene which attracted me was the ‘blue’ colour of the sea, accompany with the total blue sky separated by the horizon. The total scenery painted a beautiful picture just in front of us! Amazing!

 photo IMG_2926_zpsed3f2988.jpg

Don’t miss out the scenery behind the small hill where we stand, by looking at the mountains and blue sky, we felt the dryness of the island. Can you feel it too?

 photo IMG_2929_zpsafddc613.jpg

30 minutes later, everyone satisfied with their photos, our tour continued…
Initially I thought the place was quite deserted until we saw others visitors keep coming in…it should be a hot spot area!

 photo IMG_2941_zps2a299975.jpg

We continued the journey for another 3.2km to the beach….

 photo IMG_2934_zps41690a35.jpg

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