Ashtari Restaurant and Lounge during South Lombok Island, Indonesia

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After a ‘suntan session’ from a 2 beaches – Selong Belanak and Mawun beach, we were starving for food…traveling about 7km of circuitous highway from a beach, we finally reached Ashtari Restaurant and Lounge (S8.88255 E116.26417).

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While we walked into a grill area, beheld one little signage nailed on a tree…took a closer look, it settled “Yoga Platform”. Oh my goodness! Great! The Yoga activities within a nature! But we didn’t conduct to take a shot on a height since it was not prepared yet…

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The grill is situated on a tiny hill, everybody of us enjoying a transport from a opening adult to a restaurant…

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The initial overwhelming perspective captivated all of us was a patio that unaware a Kuta city and a beach. It was a fantastic view!

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Let me uncover we around a restaurant…
By walking into a categorical dining area, a place is full of bean bags…new judgment of a restaurant.

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Beside a bean bags area in a core of a restaurant, there are others opposite pattern of dining tables and chairs surrounded…

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 print IMG_3006_zpsc68448c9.jpg

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With a sitting areas above, we trust a patio is a renouned area. And yes! We chose a patio too!

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The patio area has a ideal monumental perspective of a pleasing surrounding.

The accessible owners is Mr Priss, who innate in Paris.

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Mr Priss was an engineer and a engineer who had few hobbies in cooking and music. He was a executive of a grill and bar in Paris, and also owners of a restaurants in France. Before he came to Indonesia, he did a pattern and pattern for a Arabian Palace in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Mr Priss and his mother unexpected consider of change their life character and motionless to started a grill in Bali called La Plage in Legian area, a grill continued to operated for 5 years. Beside a grill in Bali, he also managed to designed and assembled 5 villas in Bali island of Indonesia. Now, Mr Priss became one of a partners of Ashtari Restaurant and he been using it now for a year.

Before a food offer on table, everybody was bustling holding print around a restaurant…some only enraptured by a monumental view of Ashrati Restaurant…her name is Karen.

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At first, we had some starter…

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Then followed by a categorical courses…
Most of us motionless to try out their internal dishes, so we had a seafood Nasi Goreng Kampung and other debate friends systematic a internal seafood mee goreng, some tasted a beef burger…

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Beside a categorical courses above, it’s strongly endorsed we systematic a additional internal sambal (chili) for those who can take sharp chili, it was prohibited and marvelous! We all like it unequivocally much!

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The dishes were unequivocally astounded us with a internal and strange taste! Provided with a opposite recipe that we had it in a country, and a apportionment was large adequate to confident a hunger, delicious!

Dessert came after a meals, we attempted a pancakes with Nutella and banana…oh man! Nice and not overly sweet.

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The grill is also a ideal cold out place for a ice cold drink while examination a sunset…

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After we finished a smashing meals, everybody was relax on a bean bags and enjoyed their drinks…

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Because of a schedule, we can't laying on a bean bags for too long…too bad…
We started a tour to a subsequent destination…

* Strongly endorsed restaurant, contingency revisit during slightest once if we are transport to Lombok island.

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