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Kuta beach of Lombok island

Less than 5km (10 mins journey) from Ashtari Restaurant and Lounge, we visited a circuitously beach – Kuta beach (S8.89492 E116.28319) of south Lombok island (there’s another Kuta beach in Bali that is different).
According to Pak Uji, definition ‘Kuta’ is gateway during a south, therefore there’s another gateway in Bali too.

But we arrived during Kuta beach in bad timing, it was pale and low tide…

 print IMG_3043_zps70e5c723.jpg

 print IMG_3055_zps341fb3df.jpg

Despite a weather, all of us usually simply fire surrounding to confident a cameras…:)

The beach is full of volcano rocks, and a vital opposite from a others beaches we visited was a sands…it’s not indeed ‘sands’, there were arrangement of turn little stones! This was unequivocally special!

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Along a Kuta bay, a area is full of hotels and resorts, there’s also many activities area like cafe, grill and shops. we trust a night activities hear contingency be function too, though I’m nonetheless to knowledge it.

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Beside holding photos of a beach, one of a debate partner – Noelle who was enjoying personification with a children around and holding good photos.

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Noticed there were children and women walking along a beach offered souvenirs and palm weaved cloths…I didn’t ask for a price…

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Before we leave a beach, we found this inlet beauty station alone on a volcano rock…it’s a usually superb stone along a beach…

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There was zero much, we left a beach after 30 mins and continue a debate to a subsequent destination…

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