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Fat Cow Burger during Sun City of Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru.

Burger famous as a quick food in many of a country, embody in Malaysia. It is widely accessible during a travel side case of many of a quick food grill locally. Actually, it’s zero to scream about and even 3 years aged child also know a ambience of burger…

Recently, there’s a quick food grill that sell usually burger as their categorical march started in Johor Bahru, and it locate my courtesy immediately. One of a day, association with few friends, we motionless to have a try on their ‘burger’.

Fat Cow Burger (N1.47653 E103.76856) is situated during a finish of a belligerent building of Sun City (as famous as Plaza Mentari) in Taman Pelangi. The grill is easy to locate since it only diagonally conflicting a CIMB Bank of Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi.

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The sourroundings was cooling and ‘green’. we like a synthetic weed that they flashy on a wall…

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It’s utterly and atmospheric too, distinct those renouned quick food grill where always swarming during lunch time.

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The atmospheric sourroundings of Fat Cow Burger…(free Wi-Fi available)

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Their menu was clearly ‘written’ on a wall…total of 15 opposite forms of burger available. Mainly on duck and beef.

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Our dishes served on list flattering fast, and all of us ‘surprised’ by a sizes and a portions of a burgers!

– Spicy crispy duck and cheese, offer with homemade thousand island sauce.

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– Grilled duck patty with crispy sliced duck and cheese.

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– Crispy boiled chicken, cheese, mayo and lettuce.

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Fat moo moo
– Juicy beef patty, cheese, BBQ pulled beef, onion string.

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Fat Cow Palace
– Double beef patties, crispy chicken, low boiled onion, Parmesan cheese.

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All a burgers served with a unequivocally special colourless bun, that demeanour like normal on a outward and colourless inside…

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The ambience was excellent! we attempted all forms of burgers on a list and we like their possess recipe salsa and generally a feathery bun! All a duck and beef patties were unequivocally juicy, not too dry. By looking during a photos above, we trust we can feel a juiciness of each patty…
Among all, we adore a Fat Cow Palace burger, fit my ambience blossom unequivocally much!

And not forgetful to suffer a burger by your hands, that’s a best approach to savoring a tantalizing nonetheless affordable burgers.The apportionment was high and big, we were all overloaded, it really prove everybody even for those large eater.

According to a owner, they done their possess patty, toasted bun and many other sauces. Totally a new knowledge for us by enjoying a ideal burger in town!

As for a customary serve, we can also choice to supplement on like beef patty, brew timberland mushroom, cheese, caramelised onion and others.

Beside their categorical march burgers, they do have 7 forms of side dish. So we attempted their duck wings.

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The salsa of a duck wings had a singular taste, it was special! Another thumbs up!

Appreciated a creativeness by a cook who altered a ‘public sense of a burger’ and we will be going behind for some-more to try out other burger accessible in a restaurant!

*  All burgers accessible in reasonable price.

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