Charcoal Roti Canai @ Tangga Batu

May 29, 2015 Off By melakatour

Roti Canai is one of a many favourite breakfast for Malaysian, though now many of a people’s is replacing regulating a stove with gas for quick prepare instead of regulating Charcoal. But, Melaka are still have regulating colourless to make a roti canai instead of regulating gas stove.

The colourless roti canai is located during Tangga Batu, nearby to a Petronas Penapisan, a plcae of a case is not tough to found, where we will see some throng is eating for a Charcoal Roti Canai!

Nowadays, there are reduction people’s regulating a Charcoal… …

The additional season of a Charcoal is an advantage for this case roti canai other than their crispy roti canai, certain we can modernise behind your aged memories where your Grandmum cooking with Charcoal!

The gravy for a roti canai is opposite and small unique, they reinstate a Dahl where we routinely took during Mamak case with kinda like ‘satay sauce’ with small peanuts, a small lovely ambience when a initial eat of this gravy together with Charcoal Roti Canai.

Other than Charcoal Roti Canai, Asam Pedas here also a good try if we are fans of Melaka Asam Pedas.

Roti Canai Tangga Batu (Charcoal Roti Canai)
Business Hours : 7.00pm – 12.00am (Closed on Friday)
GPS Coordinates : N2.253527, E102.149983

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