Putu Piring Tengkera @ Jalan Tengkera

May 29, 2015 Off By melakatour

Putu Piring or also famous as Steamed Rice Cake, where we can simply to found it during night marketplace opposite nation. But, in Tengkera, Melaka there are carrying one case is only offered steamed rice cake and means attract throng entrance to get reserve only on a highway side to buy their steamed rice cake.

Cited from Singapore National Library Board

Putu piring is a form of round, steamed rice cake with a centre of melted palm sugar. A Malay instrumentation of an Indian dish, it is a renouned internal snack.


Here is a Putu Piring Tengkera, it’s renouned among a locals and traveller since of their ‘gula melaka’ where is quite improved and ambience good with a offset of rice flour.

Putu Piring Tengkera
Address : 252, Jalan Tengkera, 75200 Melaka
Business hour : 7.30pm – 10.30pm (Sunday closed)
GPS coordinates : N2.201133, E102.238863

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