Tanjung Mee Goreng @ Tanjung Kling

May 29, 2015 Off By melakatour

Kampung area during Tanjung Kling, frequency to hunt any of Chinese koptiam, though there have one famous with Tanjung Mee Goreng and also a usually Chinese normal coffee emporium where upheld by many of a locals, named Heng Heng Hailam Kopitiam.

Well, here is a ‘famous’ among locals, a Tanjung Mee Goreng, where is no opposite with an typical sharp Mee Goreng, with cucumber, some onions and also a immature lemon.

Actually, there are stealing Prawn inside a Tanjung Mee Goreng, a ambience for Tanjung Mee Goreng maybe is not illusory or to be surprise, though a a internal ambience of Mee Goreng, sometimes, reduction is more.

Heng Heng Hailam Kopitiam (Tanjung Mee Goreng)
Address : No. 2534-C, Tanjung Kling, 76400 Melaka.
Business hour : 7am – 4pm
GPS coordinates : N2.217933, E102.160243

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