Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort during Tioman Island

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Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort (N2.72072 E104.15162) is located during a southern tip of Tioman Island. The review had only determined a year ago, and a surrounding is so inlet and not polluted. The white sandy beach accompany with a transparent clear water, a fabulous Twin Peaks as a backdrop of a resort…everything embellished a pleasing design in front of us, it’s roughly heaven! That’s a reason of their resort’s aphorism – “Between sky and earth.”

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The Tunamaya’s staffs had a gentle acquire for us during a jetty…song, song and accessible smiles. Suddenly we listened : “Welcome to anticipation island!” pronounced by a Resort Manager – Mr Paul Cheah. The word remind me of Mr Roarke from a American TV array of 1977 – The Fantasy Island, that was one of my favorite series. Kind of roving to a past…haha!

By walking towards a run from a jetty, we was vacant by a miraculous perspective of a resort…seems like ‘guarded’ by a Legendary Twin Peaks behind it.

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And greeted by a visitors who snorkeling beside a jetty…

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The check-in routine was smooth! Seems like a staffs during a front table already know a names by walking directly to any of us for signatures, can it be coincidence? I’m impressed.

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Everyone was presented a coconut as a acquire splash to cold us down on a prohibited and wet continue during a lobby.
After a brief rest, we were served by a smorgasboard breakfast during a restaurant…

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Variety of foods, enclosed Asian, Malaysian, Western and many more…

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An ‘ice breaking’ event for all of us during a breakfast session…it was totally relax.

When we about to travel to a room, and satisfied that all a keys already in a room and a air-conditioning was on. The staffs were so considerate, appreciated since they cold down a room on a prohibited continue before we step in.

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The area was good maintain, with sensuous of green…

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5 mins walked, we reached a villa.
There are 2 form of views for all a villa, sea perspective and inlet view. Every villa has 2 bedrooms and a interconnected, few forms of room accessible – 2 persons, 3 persons and family room. All blueprint and deco roughly no opposite solely a beds.

Me and my crony were staying in a same villa with particular room, my friend’s room was a 3 persons room versed with one black and one singular bed, my room was versed with one aristocrat bed. Both bedrooms were interconnected.

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Every room has a 2 entrances, one from front and a other during a side. As we will notice from a photos above.

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The sea view’s room has a fantastic view!

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According to Mr Paul (Resort Manager), a celebration H2O in a room is a healthy H2O from a rapids of a island. This is one of a best celebration H2O we had among all a review we visited before.
As we noticed, a room was versed with all a peculiarity product like electrical switch, toiletries and many more…

After we staid a bags and luggages, it was giveaway and easy session…we walked around a resort.

The inlet view’s Villas have a elementary and greenery perspective from their windows, and a sea view’s Villas have a good wooden walking connected to any other.

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You can select to have your swimming event in a sea or a edgeless pool in a resort…

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The review is entirely lonesome by notice cameras to safeguard a reserve of each guest in a resort.
While strolling around a resort, we reached a Sarung Spa. The Spa core is located in a healthy environment, immature and with a hold of nature.

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2 mins travel from a trail above, a Spa core appeared…

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The good sight ladies providing their Balinese Traditional massage for all guests.
The core has few bedrooms for sauna therapy, print below…

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Every room is versed with a jacuzzi pool and bathroom, we can suffer it after a massage therapy and spend your possess honeyed time in a room.

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We had a massage event on 4pm that day we check-in…it was gentle and relax!

The room services are twice a day, that means each morning we took your showering and out for activities, once we behind in a afternoon or evening, all is being arranged. Impressed!

We were hanged out around a Ombak Bar for a afternoon session, only to grabbed a potion of Budweiser drink to cold ourselves down…

 print IMG_4110_zps536e73f0.jpg

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We were greeted by many of a staffs around a review remember enclosed a names, impressed!

After few eyeglasses of Budweiser, it was time for a dinner. The post will be entrance adult next…

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Some story of Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort :-
The review determined about a year ago, we perspective by their video where all assembled from zero. One of a partner – Mr Gan was from Penang, explained to us about a story behind a name of a resort. He pronounced before they name a resort, another partner has a review during Perhentian Island – The Tuna Bay Resort. That’s because a word ‘Tuna’ is mentioned here, and ‘maya’ is a inhabitant denunciation of ‘mythical’, it means a mysteries, fabulous of a Legendary Twin Peaks only situated accurately as a backdrop of a resort. At last, we know a name of a review is zero to do with a Tuna fish…

Please check out their graduation from time to time during their Facebook page.

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