The Games We Used to Play

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The Games We Used to Play

By: Fatini Idris

Kids are too trustworthy to their gadgets these days. There’s zero wrong with it – iPads, smartphones, even gaming consoles yield good party and can be useful educational collection when used rightly and with tighten adult supervision. When we see my niece personification with her dad’s iPad, we can’t assistance though reminisce about a times in my childhood when my giveaway time was spent personification outside games with my friends, and we consternation if there will come a time when a era in a destiny might not know about gasing, konda-kondi or teng-teng. Let’s take a travel down memory line and remember a games, and maybe it’ll enthuse we to take your kids out and play them like we used to:

Gasing 1

Known in English as spin-top, gasing is a renouned diversion among Malay youths, generally boys. There are many other versions of gasing in Malaysia alone – let alone a universe – though a elementary one as graphic above is a many popular. The tip is customarily done of timber or iron, and a prolonged fibre is wrapped around a tip median from a bottom where a tip is, towards a center of it. To play, a actor throws a tip on a prosaic belligerent where a vast spin is drawn on and make certain that a tip lands into a circle. Other players will afterwards join in, and a one with a longest spinning gasing wins a game.


Another chronicle of a diversion involves one actor perplexing to strike out another player, by throwing their gasing to pierce their opponent’s tip out of a circle. You can play with only one other person, or as many as 10 others. There’s no set order when it comes to a series of players… it’s all about creation a many of your time.


Konda Kondi 1

This diversion looks simple, though looks can be deceiving! The diversion reportedly has Indian origins, and to play, we need to have a pointy mind and be discerning on your feet. There are indeed several ways to play a game, nonetheless a mandate are similar: players are divided into dual teams (offensive and defensive), it is customarily played on a transparent field, and dual sticks are required; a prolonged one of about 2 – 3 feet in length to crack and a shorter one of about 6 inches. A tiny hole is dug in a belligerent to place a smaller hang to be flicked and flung by a longer stick.

Konda Kondi

One of a common methods to play is to have a actor of a descent organisation to crack and hurl a smaller hang as distant as he can regulating a prolonged stick. The prolonged hang is afterwards placed inside a whole, while a players of a defensive will try to locate a brief hang before it hits a ground, and chuck it behind to a prolonged hang in a hole. If it hits a stick, a descent actor is out, though if a smaller hang lands right opposite a longer stick, a whole descent organisation is out, and a roles between a dual teams will retreat so giving a defensive organisation a possibility as a offensive.

Tarik Upih

Tarik Upih

It’s like sledding, though instead of regulating sleds during winter time, we play it by regulating palm fronds all year round. It requires during slightest dual players – one to lay on a frond, and a other to lift a frond on a other end. You can make a foe out of it by racing with another duo, and whoever crosses a line initial is deliberate a winner. The diversion is customarily played in a farming or suburban area and it’s a monument to see them being played in a city. So on’t skip a possibility to play if we come opposite it!


Chapteh or sepak bulu ayam in Malay is a renouned diversion in many Asian countries, including Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The diversion requires dexterity, and tests your ability to change and keep a chapteh in a atmosphere for as prolonged as we can by kicking it upwards regulating a heel of your foot.

Chapteh 1  Chapteh

Usually played in a tiny group, players are judged away on a series of kicks they make. The players determine on a winning total of kicks before a diversion starts, and a initial chairman in a organisation to strech that tally, or a actor with a top measure in a group, is deliberate a winner.


Ketinting or teng-teng is another normal diversion that can also be found in other tools of a world, such as in a USA, where it is famous as hopscotch. The dual elementary facilities of a diversion are a block boxes drawn on a prosaic aspect (either by regulating marker or sketch adult a soil), and a players’ jumping skill. It is customarily played by dual or some-more players.

Ketinting 1  Ketinting

To play, a initial actor contingency chuck their gundu (a tiny object that is used as a ‘marker’ in a game; in this case, it’s customarily a pebble) on a initial box. If we skip it, your spin will be void, and a subsequent chairman takes their turn. If it lands, we afterwards bound on one leg on any boxes solely where a gundu lands on – definition that, if it lands on a initial box, we contingency skip opposite it. You can land on both feet when you’re during a ‘home’ or a final box, and make your approach around behind to a commencement on one leg, picking adult your gundu when we strech it. The subsequent actor will afterwards take their turn. As a diversion progresses, we contingency aim your gundu during a subsequent number, until it reaches a ‘home’ box.

There are many other normal outside games that we did not discuss here, and some might have already been forgotten. Why not we take a time to learn a small ones these elementary games, and make it into a fun activity for a whole family? It’ll be a good fastening experience, while during a same time preserving a cut of a heritage.


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