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Belum Rainforest Resort, Royal Belum State Park


On a northern corner of a Peninsula Malaysia lies a pretentious inlet park Belum. The Royal Belum State Park is a probably different touristic captivate within Malaysia, though it has all a mixture to grow into a really renouned inlet haven in time, sketch many tourists any year. For now we will have a place roughly to yourself, and we can take pleasing day tours exploring a jungle; by highway or boat.

Accommodation in Belum

At a moment, there are not many places to stay permitted nearby a inlet reserve. The Belum Rainforest Resort has a many visitors, and it is a many oppulance review in a area. Belum Rainforest Resort lies along a categorical highway (going roughly from Penang/Ipoh in a west to Kota Bharu in a east), on a island Banding inside a Temenggor lake system.

About a resort

The review is located on a hill, with an startling perspective of a lake and a jungle in a distance. The review consists of a few levels. Below a mountain is a lobby, with an adjoining grill and loll bar. From a restaurant, a trail goes adult a hill, and a superb swimming pool is a initial stop. A tiny aloft adult a mountain are a cottages, villas, and apartments. At a top, there is a vast grill (where also breakfast is served) and another formidable with apart rooms. Here we will find a observation height with a monumental perspective of a surroundings. The review is a loyal inlet resort; not many to do around a review itself as a jungle activities are key. Usually, everybody shelter to their bedrooms after dinner.


The customary bedrooms are beautiful, though simply furnished. For a stay in a jungle, however, we could contend a bedrooms are really luxurious. There is an A/C, a tiny refrigerator, a protected and a few sockets. Most bedrooms have Wi-Fi, though in a ones that distortion offer divided a vigilance is not really strong. Most bedrooms are spacious, and a showering is large.

Gorgeous swimming pool

The swimming pool is lush and of a forever type; with an corner directly unaware a pretentious lake. There are several object beds along a pool, and a tiny space to change. After a day full of jungle adventure, it is good to relax in a pool.


As a review lies in a center of a jungle, it is required to take some measures. The whole area is butterfly infested. It will eagerness terribly though that’s all it will do, we suggest we use butterfly repellent any day (at night they are many active). Within a bedrooms we will not have any bother of mosquitoes.


The grill is usually open for breakfast and cooking (from 7pm onwards) and has a tiny menu, with several tasty dishes. We had review some unsatisfactory reviews about a food, though we desired it. The choice is rather limited, so if we are staying there for a longer period, it could get a bit boring. Beside internal dishes, they also offer some western dishes. The desserts are really good. Prices are affordable, generally if we cruise being a prolonged approach from civilization. Do not design hawker food prices. The second grill (near a lobby) has a elementary lunch menu charity some western dishes and some snacks.

Easily accessible

The review is simply accessible, as it is clearly manifest along a categorical highway nr4 (Lebuhraya Timur-Barat). Signs prove a review and during a exit there is a parking lot where we can park your let car. Pay attention: herds of elephants mostly transport along a categorical highway nr 4. They cranky a highway regularly. There are warning signs along a road, take caution.

Our final verdict

Belum Rainforest Resort is a beautiful review in a center of a jungle. From a resort, we can take several illusory tours, such as a day debate to a Royal Belum State Park (apply timely for a assent to enter a inlet reserve). The atmosphere in a review is pleasant, and a staff is really friendly. Because a review is not located in a traveller area, it is mostly not really crowded. Rooms are pleasant, and breakfast and cooking are of a good quality. You can frequently find a good understanding on Many transport organizations offer a stay during a Belum Rainforest Resort as partial of a revisit to a Royal Belum State Park and a Temenggor lake area.








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