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French Hotel, Ipoh


Ipoh has turn an huge traveller captivate in a final few years. The city especially attracts internal tourists since of a tasty food and many attractions. More and some-more unfamiliar tourists compensate a revisit to this pretentious city. Ipoh is really a high intensity traveller end in a making. There are several hotels, from 5-star hotels to elementary lodges for backpackers. One of a improved hotels in Ipoh is a French Hotel.

About a hotel

People mostly rate a French Hotel as a best hotel in Ipoh. It is an affordable 3-star hotel, with some facilities we would routinely usually find in oppulance 5-star hotels. The hotel is especially located, and a bedrooms are beautifully furnished and also really spacious. The hotel lies along Jalan Dato Onn Jafaar; one of a renouned downtown streets in a city. Within walking stretch is a chronological centre, several restaurants, a Thieves marketplace (Sunday morning), a night market, and a renouned selling mall Ipoh Parade.

Checking in is fit and pleasant. The staff during accepting have good tips and even a map with all attractions (the best hawkers included). After checking in, we can take a conveyor to your room. On a initial building is a good lunchroom Jose Deli Eatery and subsequent to a hotel is a 7/11 supermarket.


All 48 bedrooms are magnificent. Not mostly do we see a hotel with such beautifully flashy bedrooms for these prices. They are vast and are entirely equipped. A double room has a vast king-size mattress, or dual black stretch mattresses that are really comfortable. There is a desk/TV stand. The showering is atmospheric and easily decorated. The room has a TV, A/C, Wi-Fi, a safe, a minibar and a wardrobe.


Ipoh is famous for a tasty food. There is no breakfast enclosed in a stay during a French Hotel. However, we can supplement it when we arrive for RM10. The breakfast is served during Jose Deli Eatery (opens early in a morning). Alternatively, we can go to one of a many renouned low sum restaurants. Some of a best there are to be found in Ipoh, such as Restoran Foh San and Ming Court, are a small 5 minutes’ travel away.

Local attractions

In a evident vicinity of a hotel are several attractions. No some-more than 5 mins divided is an alley where several internal artists done pleasing murals. Coming from a French Hotel, we will find it only after a Jalan Datuk Onn Jafaar and Jalan Sultan Iskander intersection.

No some-more than a 15 minutes’ travel divided lies Ipoh’s chronological centre. Located here is a pretentious steer station, several lovable coffee bars and several pleasing murals by a artist Ernest Zacharevic (check a locations of his design here).

A few mins divided lies Gerbang Malam Ipoh; Ipoh’s night market. Here we can buy souvenirs, and try a several internal snacks.

Every Sunday morning a Thieves Market is hold subsequent to and directly behind a hotel. Locals come here to sell their goods, from food to snacks to secondhand junk. It is an beguiling market, though beware of pickpockets!

Free Parking

The hotel is easy to find, interjection to a many one-way roads. Guests of a hotel can park their automobile for giveaway in a rhythmical parking lot tighten to a hotel. At night and in a weekend we can also park your automobile right in front of a hotel. If we arrive during a week, we will have to buy a parking sheet during one of a many tobacconists. Like on a island of Penang, we buy a sheet for a certain amount, afterwards we have to blemish off some boxes to uncover a right time and day. By fixation a sheet in sight, we have proven we have paid for your parking.

Our final verdict

The French Hotel in Ipoh is a magnificent, executive hotel in this arriving touristic hotspot. It looks utterly elementary on a outside, though a bedrooms are atmospheric and easily decorated. The price/quality ratio is high. On walking stretch there are several highlights; a chronological centre is one of them. Delicious food in Ipoh plays a vast part, and we can get it during several places nearby a hotel. At a time of a stay there, on TripAdvisor a hotel was judged one of a best hotels in Ipoh.








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