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Getting Free Wi-Fi in Malaysia

If your outing to Malaysia isn’t ostensible to be a unique excursion of self-discovery, afterwards we substantially wish to gloat a bit on amicable media with those picturesque landscapes and bluish waters – or skype with home. Most complicated nations currently have straightforwardly permitted giveaway Wi-Fi hotspots via vital civil areas, and Malaysia delivers on that experience.

Here are a few tips on where and how to best entrance giveaway Wi-Fi in Malaysia.



The state governments of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor have done it imperative for food outlets in their particular municipalities to yield a giveaway Wi-Fi tie to customers. This use extends to eateries such as McDonalds, KFC and many restaurants via a nation. Buying a splash will concede we to entrance their Internet.

Coffee shops


As in many other countries, coffee shops customarily offer giveaway Wi-Fi and we will see people with their laptops operative or procrastinating while sipping on their drinks. Mega sequence coffee shops such as Starbucks, The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf, PappaRich, and Old Town White Coffee are all compulsory to offer Wi-Fi by their primogenitor group.

Smartphone Apps


There are a series of apps aiding we not usually to lane a nearest Wi-Fi, though also supply we with their passwords. An instance is Kirill Kudin’s giveaway iPhone app, that uses your phone’s GPS and network triangulation capabilities to establish circuitously Wi-Fi networks. The reduction of this giveaway focus is that it usually allows we to hunt for giveaway hotspots within a 1km radius.

Stay safe

Make certain not to submit supportive information when regulating a open Wi-Fi. Hacking into a network and tracking a trade is comparatively easy. If we need to make payments, afterwards demeanour to see if we can use services such as paysafecard – that can be bought for money and concede a user to submit a formula online – than to be handing out your credit label details.

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