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Sign adult with Uber Malaysia and get RM20 value of giveaway rides

Ever deliberate regulating Uber when holding a cab in Kuala Lumpur? Of march grabbing a cab in Malaysia’s collateral is cheap, though it can mostly be utterly a hassle. Sometimes a automobile is old, infrequently a motorist drives bad, infrequently a motorist doesn’t wish to use a meter, infrequently we are offering a ridiculously high bound price.


Uber is a good and mostly cheaper alternative. With a easy-to-use Uber app (available on all renouned mobile phone platforms) we can sequence a cab when we are still chilling in your favorite coffee place.


Together with Uber Malaysia we have a good offer for all readers of Wonderful Malaysia. All new subscribers that pointer adult to a Uber cab use will accept a giveaway RM20 to use on their initial dual rides with Uber.

Download a Uber app here: iTunes / Android / Windows

During configuration/installation, use graduation code: WONDERFULMALAYSIA to immediately get your RM20 to start with.

Happy travels!


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