Malaysia: The ideal internship destination

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Malaysia is an ideal nation to do an internship. Many general students select to do their internship in Malaysia since of a building and diversified economy. Other reasons are of march a climate, a denunciation and a ability to transport during their days off. English is good oral in Malaysia, that creates it a suitable nation for students from all over a world.

Search for an internship

There are opposite ways to hunt for an internship in Malaysia. The best approach is to get in hold with companies by friends or kin who have finished an internship or worked in Malaysia before. If we do not know anyone who has been in Malaysia for an internship, we can try to get information during a International Office or a Internship Coordinator during your University.
But we can also try to find an internship yourself. Big, general companies mostly have information on their website about a possibilities to do an internship with them. And smaller companies we can strech by email to scrutinise about a possibilities. Make certain that we start your hunt on time, since it can take adult to 6 months to find a company. And once we have found one, it is not easy to check from your home nation if a association is suitable. You might check with a association if they have supervised (international) interns before and either we can get in hold with them to ask about their experiences.




Students who are looking for an internship in a hotel attention can take a demeanour during, a website for European students. Here we can find accessible internship positions during several hotels in Malaysia and other Asian countries. You can request by uploading your proclivity minute and CV, your focus will directly go to a hotel.



Another approach to find an internship in Malaysia, is by an internship agency. Stage in Azië is a Dutch internship group and internationally they are active as Kong International ( This group was founded by Timothy Kong and Sophia outpost Huijgevoort from The Netherlands, who both have operative knowledge in Malaysia. Timothy and Sophia know a nation and a enlightenment and they work with companies that have plain knowledge in supervising general interns. Most of a companies they work with are SMEs and are located in or circuitously Kuala Lumpur. In further to arranging a internship, Timothy and Sophia also assistance we with anticipating accommodation and they move we in hold with other students that are going to do their internship in Malaysia.





Some internship companies offer housing and/or a monthly allowance, though there are also a lot of companies that offer neither. The volume of a monthly stipend is opposite for any company, though mostly between 400 and 1000 Malaysian Ringgit.


It is unequivocally easy to find a furnished room or unit in Kuala Lumpur. Before we go to Malaysia, we can already start looking for housing by websites such as You can get in hit with landlords around SMS/WhatsApp/email to get some-more information about a bedrooms or apartments. But it is endorsed not to pointer any contracts or do payments before we have seen a skill with your possess eyes. Once we have arrived in Malaysia, it is easy to perspective properties and arrange housing within 5 days. In a meantime we can stay in a hotel. The deposition we have to compensate is customarily dual to 3 months’ rent. It is not probable for unfamiliar interns to open a bank comment in Malaysia, therefore pronounce with a landlord to plead a probable ways to compensate a monthly rental, money or online.


The mandate concerning a indispensable visa for Malaysia are opposite for any country. For information about this, we should hit a Malaysian embassy in your nation or ask your internship association in Malaysia.

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