Stunning Rawa Island

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If it’s your possess cut of bliss with powder-sugar silt and strikingly bluish waters that you’re after afterwards Pulau Rawa competence usually be a place for you. Offering distant some-more than usually your stereotypical pleasing island paradise, Rawa also brings along with it a forlorn acquire of a internal island staff and an atmosphere of fun and family that is tough to opposition on other Malaysian islands.


Located usually off a East seashore of Johor, Pulau Rawa is one of a smaller islands in a Sultan Iskandar Marine Park archipelago and can be simply reached from Mersing pier. It couldn’t be easier. The staff during any of a dual hotels – Alang’s Rawa Rawa Island Resort – on a island (yes, usually two, it’s that small!) will collect we adult from a jetty in review speedboats, prepared to drive we off to undeviating relaxation. The vessel can be a tiny choppy during certain times of a year, heading to a good head-to-toe shower and a bouncing float opposite a waves. This, however, usually adds to a fun and clarity of adventure. For all those non-seafaring types, fear not, they also have enclosed speed boats that will ride we to a island in blissful, bone-dry tranquility.


Before advancing during a pier, you’re greeted with a perspective of a gorgeous Rawa beach and mouth-watering cold blue of a transparent clear waters. Rawa truly is a tiny gem and we can conclude this as we approach. Being some-more peculiarity than quantity, a island spans reduction than 1km opposite during a widest point. With no roads, no beach sellers, no nightclubs you’re left to suffer a inlet of a island as it was intended. Pristine sandy beach borders a west side of a island while severe jungle vegetation, sticking firmly to a high hillsides, protrudes from a relaxed sands, covers a hilltops and eventually drops into a sea on a eastern shore.


Stepping onto a jetty, you’ll be welcomed by a hotel group and your holiday starts immediately. Amble on to a beach, feel your toes warp into a sun-baked silt and watch as a highlight of a city melts away. Rawa is an ideal place to loll on a beach, locate adult on that reading and doze by a midday heat, though should there be any active forms among we there are also activities on offer to keep we entertained. Snorkelling, kayaking and beach volleyball are all on a cards and there’s always a brief travel to a tip of a island charity fantastic 360 grade views of a surrounding islands.


At night Rawa throws adult nonetheless another pleasing surprise. Tranquil by day, during night Alang’s Rawa can spin into a companionable and sharp-witted spot. As a review is medium in size, there mostly develops a clarity of fraternisation among a guest that can lift on to a diminutive hours. Always in good spirits, and with a collection of like-minded people, we can while divided a hours with a ‘Rawa Special’ cocktail while assembly people from all over a world.


It’s no tip that Malaysia has an contentment of pleasing islands, all of that offer their possess singular turn on a island paradise. But when it comes to raw, healthy beauty Pulau Rawa is tough to beat. Still blissfully unspoilt tenderly developed, a owners have ensured that zero is taken divided from a island’s healthy offerings and, in doing so, have supposing a tiny opening by that we and we are means to suffer a possess ambience of bliss and learn some of a some-more dark corners of this pleasing country.

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