DCODE celebration in Danga Bay, Johor Bahru (photo sharing)

August 3, 2015 Off By melakatour

DCODE celebration was hold during Danga Bay Convention Centre (N1.47505 E103.72410) on 31st Jul 2015. It was a good orderly eventuality from a group and sponsors (I’m not unequivocally certain that were a sponsors)
Let me share some photos with we and a function on that night in a party…

Once everybody purebred during a acquire counter, we were ensue to a opening and a 1st event was a brief video introducing a DCODE. Follow by a 2nd session, a area was full of Dunhill promoters who compelling of their cigarettes.
All guest are choice to select RM50 (bottle of DCODE cocktail with total refill) or RM55 with 4 packs of Dunhill cigarettes thorough a bottle of DCODE cocktail with total refill too. But we are concede to enter a celebration but holding any of a 2 options above…

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The DCODE cocktail served with 3 flavors – lemon, peachberry and peppermint. we chose a peppermint…taste not bad.

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Once everybody got their DCODE drinks on a hand, we ensue to 3rd session…which was a celebration hall!

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DJ Nikki was a renouned DJ of a night!

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I adore a LED video wall really much!

The gymnasium was packs with peoples while we stepped in!

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Beside a video wall, a lighting was awesome!

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DJ Nikki who brought adult a atmosphere of a party!

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There were promoters walking around a hall, explaining about a propitious pull to everyone…

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After a cocktail strain played by DJ Nikki, a live rope opening continue!

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Then…the Rock strain began!

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Hanged around a gymnasium for a while and enjoying a DCODE drink…

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DCODE, see we in a future! 

*  Some of a photos above was taken with Samsung Galaxy S3

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