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Taiphoon Formosa Cuisine Restaurant (????????) during Taman Sutera Utama, Johor Bahru.

Taiphoon Formosa Cuisine restaurant ???????? (N1.51433 E103.66898) is located accurately same place with Taroko Teppanyaki along Jalan Tanjung Sutera 8/2, Taman Sutera Utama, Johor.

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We were there utterly early and it was not that crowded. The grill accessible and neat sourroundings sojourn a same, versed with air-conditioning and giveaway Wifi services.

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The common and accessible owners – Mr Thomas started to introduced their signature dishes to us once we staid a table. At first, he would like us to try out a alien Taiwan teas that are not easy accessible in Johor Bahru, as a name of a tea was ‘Shan-lin-xi’ ?????. Beside this, they also have another 3-4 some-more alien Taiwan tea in a restaurant.

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This was my initial time tasting a Taiwanese tea, surprisingly…it was not in brownish-red colour…but totally plain and no colour during all. The aroma was swelling around a list once it flow into any tiny cup, we like it unequivocally much!

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We let Mr Thomas to introduced their signature dishes on a dinner…and a dishes were :-
1)  Taiwanese pig knuckles ????
2)  Shredded pig with crushed garlic ????
3)  Mapo toufu (stir boiled toufu in prohibited sauce) ????
4)  Garlic thrive bean spread ????
5)  Braised intestine ???
6)  Stir boiled Chinese broccoli ????
7)  Meat round soup ???
8)  Chicken baked with ginger and booze in stew ???
9)  Chives and cabbage dumplings ???????

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The ambience of a Taiwanese pig knuckles was somewhat opposite from a internal braised pig knuckles, it was amiable and not too tainted though with a good aroma. Beside that, a pig knuckles was baked with peanuts and it went good with a image of plain rice. Like it!

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This was a renouned plate in Taiwan. The sliced pig was boiled and served with a crushed garlic salsa and roughly 13 forms of mixture like onion, ginger, soy sauce, stone sugar, anise, Chinese cinnamon, salt and many more…the pig were half gaunt and fat, and succulent, with all this multiple of a mixture above…resulted this juicy plate on a table.
This was one of a best plate of a dinner! Awesome!

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Mapo toufu was good with a small sharp on a gravy on a well-spoken bean curd, a ambience was above average.

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The garlic sprouts bean spread accessible locally too, though boiled with certain opposite internal ingredients. Garlic sprouts were usually good with a crunchy punch with a turn saltiness.

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The braised viscera is widely accessible locally generally during a Koey Teow Kia restaurant, a usually opposite about this plate was a salsa from Taiwanese recipe. It unequivocally brought me behind to Taipei for few second when we ambience on it. Nice!

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Stir boiled Chinese broccoli was normal and it was a internal dish, not Taiwanese signature.

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Meat round soup was prepared with beef round (minced pork) with white radish, a distance of a balls were bigger than what we have locally, a soup was juicy and all of us like it.

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The plate above also famous as 3 crater chicken, a renouned plate within Taiwan. The duck baked with ginger and wine, surfaced adult with basil leafs. Taste was somewhat opposite review with internal clay pot yellow rice booze chicken. Taste above average.

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Homemade dumplings skin and abounding stuffing. Dip into a vinegar and ginger, it was perfect
Based on my personal ambience bud, we like their dumplings unequivocally much! Chives or cabbage, we grabbed both! This is one of a endorsed dumplings we should order!

Beside a dishes above, we did systematic some of a Teppanyaki dishes from a restaurant…chicken, lamb and beef.

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Overall, we like a food over here. I’ll be behind mostly for a crushed garlic sliced pig and a dumplings!

The business hour of Taiphoon Formosa Cuisine restaurant is 11am – 10pm, daily. Do dump by if we occur during Taman Sutera Utama area (if we are reading from your smartphone, we can click on a GPS coordinates and launch Google map navigation to a restaurant.)

*  The above food descriptions were formed on my personal ambience bud.

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Tourism Malaysia

DCODE celebration in Danga Bay, Johor Bahru (photo sharing)

DCODE celebration was hold during Danga Bay Convention Centre (N1.47505 E103.72410) on 31st Jul 2015. It was a good orderly eventuality from a group and sponsors (I’m not unequivocally certain that were a sponsors)
Let me share some photos with we and a function on that night in a party…

Once everybody purebred during a acquire counter, we were ensue to a opening and a 1st event was a brief video introducing a DCODE. Follow by a 2nd session, a area was full of Dunhill promoters who compelling of their cigarettes.
All guest are choice to select RM50 (bottle of DCODE cocktail with total refill) or RM55 with 4 packs of Dunhill cigarettes thorough a bottle of DCODE cocktail with total refill too. But we are concede to enter a celebration but holding any of a 2 options above…

 print IMG_215556_zpsj7mc8rck.jpg

The DCODE cocktail served with 3 flavors – lemon, peachberry and peppermint. we chose a peppermint…taste not bad.

 print IMG_220351_zpsvnonocct.jpg

Once everybody got their DCODE drinks on a hand, we ensue to 3rd session…which was a celebration hall!

 print IMG_4984_zpsvqkit5nz.jpg

DJ Nikki was a renouned DJ of a night!

 print IMG_5022_zpsw5obkfgm.jpg

I adore a LED video wall really much!

The gymnasium was packs with peoples while we stepped in!

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Beside a video wall, a lighting was awesome!

 print IMG_222633_zpsah5xi2i2.jpg

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DJ Nikki who brought adult a atmosphere of a party!

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There were promoters walking around a hall, explaining about a propitious pull to everyone…

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After a cocktail strain played by DJ Nikki, a live rope opening continue!

 print IMG_5046_zps5cyhgqui.jpg

 print IMG_5039_zpszcazzubl.jpg

Then…the Rock strain began!

 print IMG_5057_zpsbulos0mx.jpg

 print IMG_5047_zpsd2qdynzz.jpg

Hanged around a gymnasium for a while and enjoying a DCODE drink…

 print IMG_5019_zpsesexlqnl.jpg

DCODE, see we in a future! 

*  Some of a photos above was taken with Samsung Galaxy S3

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Tourism Malaysia

Kaede Ikuza Japanese Restaurant during Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.

Normally those boiled duck widely accessible around Johor Bahru area are…Malay warong boiled chicken, Mamak emporium boiled chicken, Chinese boiled chicken, quick food boiled duck and boiled chicken offer with nasi lemak is unequivocally common. But now we came opposite this Japanese boiled chicken that is usually started during Taman Molek, JB…

Kaede Ikuza Japanese Restaurant (N1.52428 E103.78540) is located along Jalan Molek 1/28, subsequent to a Mama Nyonya Food Restaurant.

 print IMG_4880_zpsveivrybn.jpg

The environment is as elementary as a internal ‘kopitiam’ style, kitchen usually subsequent to a dining area. And yes, a prices also follow a ‘kopitiam’ price.

 print IMG_4928_zpshawqppi3.jpg

As distant as we know, this is a ‘first’ Japanese kopitiam accessible in Johor Bahru. Most of a Japanese restaurants are good flashy with air-conditioning in Johor Bahru, though this is unequivocally something new to a JB market.
The alien fruits from Japan also accessible from a restaurant, as we can see from a photos below…

 print IMG_4881_zpsao9x1rxm.jpg

 print IMG_4883_zpsuepkhb6p.jpg

Most of their categorical march is offer with a boiled rice…
We systematic a Karaage duck (Japanese boiled chicken) set, Toriten set (chicken tempura), tomato omelet set, garlic pig set and Ra-so-men.

 print IMG_4904_zps6k9kkvrc.jpg

 print IMG_4903_zpsper8pq9f.jpg

 print IMG_4911_zpsvymzijoi.jpg

 print IMG_4898_zpsn0meo6qb.jpg

 print IMG_4893_zpsuwpkzwoj.jpg

 print IMG_4919_zpsuiow9ke9.jpg

 print IMG_4920_zpszc4z4ren.jpg

Beside a categorical course, we systematic some of their side plate too…
Salads, Spicy cucumber and Combination tempura.

 print IMG_4907_zpsdaiypqzx.jpg

 print IMG_4910_zpsjqytc1v6.jpg

 print IMG_4917_zpsppgpt7r6.jpg

All dishes were tasty!
I like a ‘boneless Karaage chicken’ unequivocally much! Maybe since we already informed with a boiled duck ambience surrounding us, and this was unequivocally new and nice! The spicy cucumber got my courtesy too, a Japanese recipe of a salsa was unique, we all like it!

All a dishes offer in this grill are carrying reasonable price, about RM10-20, that means we can suffer a Japanese food by a Japanese cook with a travel food price! No kidding!

The grill was handling by 90% of a Japanese, and a kitchen too. This is another new to Johor Bahru, since many of a Japanese restaurants within JB usually a cook or a owners are ‘Nihonjin’…other are internal or unfamiliar workers…I was impressed. We visited on a initial day operation of a restaurant, and it was full of Japanese. Great!

The photos of a Chefs (or so called a spirits of a kitchen) on duty!

 print IMG_4885_zpsoacl3a5e.jpg

 print IMG_4889_zps3lvcc3xd.jpg

 print IMG_4926_zpslpjhznod.jpg

 print IMG_4921_zpsclwatffw.jpg

And we met a organisation of lovable small boys in a grill too…

 print IMG_4929_zpslm6ieftr.jpg

I will be behind again for a Karaage chicken, and also like to try some-more of a ‘authentic’ Japanese food from this ‘Japanese kopitiam’.

Drop by if we occur in Taman Molek!

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The City Cafe in WF Hotel of Jalan Kebun Teh, Johor Bahru.

The City Cafe (N1.49719 E103.76284) is situated in belligerent building of  WF Hotel along Jalan Geram off Jalan Kebun Teh, Johor Bahru. It’s easy to locate a place given a hotel is only subsequent to a SJK (C) Foon Yew 1 (Primary School Foon Yew 1).

  print IMG_9921_zps0d64546a.jpg

The cafeteria had took over by Mr Marcus Wong (who also a cook) given 18 months ago, and they offer some western dishes and some-more on a internal Chinese foods. The dining area is designed in a “L” figure with a relax and still environemnt, we like a elementary ambience and infrequently we can have some contention over a lunch or cooking with a giveaway Wifi service.

 print IMG_9923_zps294fa61b.jpg

 print IMG_9925_zps0a7d54bd.jpg

It can be corwded during a weekend evening, so if we visiting on weekend…I advise we make a reservation by a write series below…

The dishes offer by a cafeteria are elementary nonetheless Delicious! Let me share with we a dishes we had on that evening…

*  Seafood Tomyam soup
*  Sweet green fish with plain rice
*  Sambal onions prawns with plain rice
*  Butter duck with boiled rice – Signature dish
*  Sambal brinjal

 print IMG_9927_zpsf4f689bd.jpg

 print IMG_9934_zps56b9ef44.jpg

 print IMG_9935_zps570ecf51.jpg

 print IMG_9942_zps7cc69898.jpg

 print IMG_9946_zpsa4cb3a11.jpg

The Seafood Tomyam soup was average, adequate to palliate a Tomyam thirst…
The Sweet Sour Fish – good and tantalizing with a luscious fish and gravy, apportionment was large enough.
The Sambal Onions Prawns with rice – delicious, prawns were really fresh!
The Butter Chicken with Fried Rice was…Excellent! The butter ambience was abounding and not so creamy, a curry leafs went good with a butter and surprisingly a boiled rice also really tasty! You feel like ask for some-more after we finish it!
The Sambal Brinjal – baked easily and not too spicy, a brinjals were recorded a juicy-ness and not too day.

Simple and nonetheless Delicious!

The Cafe looks like a good place for us to try some-more of their foods, we will be behind for More! Please dump by if we occur to be during a circuitously area, we competence warn with a food from The City Cafe, that baked and offer by a owners – Mr Marcus Wong.

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