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Citrawarna 2015

Keeping adult with a thesis of culture, inlet and future, a Citrawarna 2015 festival brings Dataran Merdeka to life with a best of Malaysian tourism and informative elements. It is though destroy that this festival, hosted by a Ministry of Tourism and Culture, draws a locals and tourists closer to applaud Malaysia as a melting pot of culture. Already in a 16th installment, this year’s festival is helmed by a award-winning writer and actress, Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina. With a name that needs no introduction, we can’t assistance though design a brilliantly-put show.

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Starting with a soulful delivery of a inhabitant anthem by a students of Enfinity Academy, it sent shivers down my spine. It was heartfelt—it gave me a clarity of pride. Citrawarna 2015 was also not brief of performances by internal artists, an fashionable conform uncover by Malaysia’s famed designers and a acclaimed homegrown low-pitched instrumentation of MUD The Musical.

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The production is set opposite chronological events in KL— it was so colourful, charming and different and prisoner a hint of Malaysia’s past and present. As anticipated, a uncover delivers melodramatic elements while still integrating an sparkling storytelling aspect, where zero is random.

Beautifully set adult opposite a backdrop of a iconic Dataran Merdeka, it was not tough to navigate a festival grounds. It consists of areas such as a stage, MyFEST Chillax Zone and a jaw-dropping widen of food lorry called #KLFTF (Kuala Lumpur Food Truck Fest) that can go no wrong. Festival goers were marred with many choices of food and drinks though my personal favourite was a coconut shake given a lovely ambience on a calm day. Adjacent to #KLFTF is a charming illuminated adult trishaws that were also a vital throng puller, that brings us to bargain a recorded birthright still has a temperament total no matter how fast-forward we are today.

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A good series of people showed adult and a uncover went on seamlessly. Tourists, families, groups of friends came and gifted a different uncover and flavours of Malaysia. we privately consider that was a whole indicate of Citrawarna and Tourism Malaysia succeeded in bridging a enlightenment opening during a ceremoniously hold event. we demeanour brazen to a arriving Citrawarna in 2016!

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