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Visiting Sarawak As A Japanese Intern | All Time Favorites Local Food

Visiting Sarawak As A Japanese Intern | All Time Favorites Local Food

Throughout my stay as an intern in Sarawak, I have enjoyed various Local dishes.  Here are some of my all time favorites!

Manok Pansoh – Bamboo chicken

This is one of the famous traditional dish, it is well known to all ethnic groups in Sarawak. “Manok” means chicken in the Iban language, while “Pansoh” means something cooked in bamboo.  What is so special about this dish? Well, besides the delighting aroma the bamboo releases from the heat, the bamboo also gives the chicken is soft and tender texture.  This dish is usually eaten with plain rice.



Kolo Mee

Kolo Mee is a well-known dish for its simplicity and relatively cheap pricing. Each dish would cost around 3-5RM depending on the extra topping of prawn and fish. Kolo-Mee consists of BBQ pork, minced pork, fish balls, and a sprinkle of garlic on top. The mixture of chili vinegar sauce and the boiled noodle gives an addictive flavor into the dish. The dish can be considered as an all-time favorite for locals in and can be seen in every corner of Sarawak, especially in Kuching.

チャーシューやそぼろが入っており、この料理は何といっても日本人の口には絶対に合う料理だと思います。 中華の文化的影響を受けた料理でお箸と蓮華を使って食べるのが一般的です。


Sarawak Laksa

A must try for visitors to Sarawak. Sarawak Laksa normally uses beehoon noodles and the a shrimp based soup with more than 30 spices being involved. Sounds spicy? Well don’t worry because the soup is thickened with coconut milk mellowing the spiciness of each bite. It is recommended for breakfast.

For additional spices, if it is too spicy, use the lime to ease up the spice. If not spicy enough then add the spice paste for the tingle on your tongue.

値段はなんと4-5RM (120-150円)!



Midin is a type of jungle ferns that can be found in tropical jungles like Sarawak.  Midin is a familiar vegetable dish served in restaurants here.  It is usually stir-fried with shrimp paste, garlic or anchovies for an astonishing taste.  A great side-dish that can compliment other dishes, most commonly with seafood.




Kek Lapis

Kek Lapis, also known as Kueh Lapis is a light, layered cake available in various flavors.  This traditional cake can be seen in religious or cultural celebrations along with other local food. Outside of celebration days, it is commonly served during coffee breaks and tea times.




Written by: Kenta Kojima



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