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10 Unconventional Souvenirs to Bring Back From Malaysia

Remember a final commemoration we received? Chances are, it’s dark low in your closet or collecting dirt somewhere. So a subsequent time you’re commemoration hunting, forget a fridge magnets, keychains, t-shirts and small trinkets that your friends won’t know what to do with. Here are some radical commemoration ideas to move behind from Malaysia that your friends will love.


1. Textiles – Batik Songket
Batik and songket are normal Malaysian textiles, any with a possess singular designs. Malaysian batik is eminent for a colourful colours and confidant prints. The songket on a other hand, is a brocade of woven silk or string interwoven with possibly china or golden threads. The perplexing designs on a weave make good decorations around a home as tablecloths, sham cases or even as a matter art piece.

Where to buy:
Central Market or Kraftangan Malaysia


2. Durian Chocolate
Whether you’re a fan of durian or not, durian chocolate is a good present to deliver friends to a aristocrat of fruits. Love it or hatred it, it’s certain to move a good greeting out of them!

P/S: Get to know some-more about durian with a beginner’s beam to a aristocrat of fruits

Approximately MYR 20-25 for a box of chocolate

Where to buy:
Supermarkets, Airport Duty Free


3. Instant White Coffee
The coffee enlightenment in Malaysia began in a ancient kopitiam (coffee shop) days. It was a common steer to have a immature and aged enjoying a crater of creatively brewed coffee while reading a journal or chatting with one another. While kopitiams have evolved, Malaysian coffee has remained a favourite among a locals. Thanks to a special roasting technique involving margarine, Malaysian white coffee has a singular essence and aroma that is desired by many. Creamy and abounding in taste, a present packs offer a preference for a ideal crater of coffee during any time. Some of a some-more renouned brands are OLDTOWN, Ah Huat and Aik Cheong.

Approximately MYR 12-15 for a enclosure of 15

Where to buy:
Supermarkets, OLDTOWN coffee shops


4. Curry Paste, Spices Sauces
Share a ambience of Malaysia with those during home. From curry pastes to satay sauces, there are many opposite forms of ready-to-cook salsas for we to move home. Look out for Brahim’s or Baba’s for a many authentic flavours.

Approximately MYR 4-7 for a pack

Where to buy:


5. MyKuali Penang White Curry Instant Noodles
Ranked seventh in The Ramen Rater’s list of spiciest present noodles of all time, a MyKuali Penang White Curry present noodles is as authentic as it gets for present noodles. What sets this present noodles detached is a chilli pulp and non-dairy creamer that gives a soup a abounding and tawny texture. When it was initial launched, these noodles were so fugitive that people were going into a frenzy perplexing to get their hands on them. Some would even buy them in bulk from a bureau in Penang, to share them with friends behind home. Thankfully, they are now simply accessible during many supermarkets.

Approximately MYR 6.90 for a enclosure of 4

Where to buy:


6. Gamat Products
A class of sea cucumber, gamat is abounding in protein and has medicinal recovering values. Processed gamat is accessible in a pristine glass type, also famous as “air gamat” (gamat water) that can be consumed, and a churned type, famous as “minyak gamat” (gamat oil) that is used for outmost application. It is useful in recovering cuts, burns, injuries and even toothaches.

Where to buy:
Gamat products can be found in pharmacies and supermarkets, though a best products can be found in Langkawi, home of a gamat attention in Malaysia.


7. Nutmeg Oil
Nutmeg oil is traditionally used to soothe robust pains, sprains, cramps, headaches and stomachaches. It is done from a remove of a nutmeg seed. Just request a oil on influenced areas, and you’ll find relief. A renouned code of nutmeg oil is Cheong Kim Chuan that has a emporium in Penang where we can find other nutmeg products too.

Where to buy:
Penang is a largest nutmeg writer in Malaysia, though nutmeg oil/balm can also be found in pharmacies nationwide.


8. Boh Tea
You competence have seen a spectacle of teh tarik —Malaysia’s internal tea—at mamaks, though a British also brought their adore for English-styled tea when they colonised Malaysia. Founded in 1929 by J. A. Russell, BOH Plantations is a largest tea writer in Malaysia with tea gardens along a slopes of Cameron Highlands. Besides black tea, they also furnish singular flavoured teas such as passion fruit, orange and ginger, mango, nobleman grey with tangerine and lemon mandarin.

Approximately MYR 5 for 25 teabags

Where to buy:
Supermarkets or Boh Tea camp in Cameron Highlands


9. Half-Boiled Egg Cooker
Half-boiled eggs sojourn a breakfast favourite opposite generations in Malaysia. This useful, nifty tool creates it easy to make a ideal half-boiled eggs – soothing egg whites, with runny yolks. Just put your eggs in, flow prohibited H2O adult to a indicator line, and wait for a H2O to solemnly season into a bottom container. No fiddling with timers and stoves early in a morning!

Price: Approximately MYR 10

Where to buy: Supermarkets


10. Adopt a Turtle
Want to give a present that creates a difference? Adopt a turtle in your friend’s name and assistance save a turtles in Terengganu. By adopting a turtle, we will be assisting WWF in their efforts to strengthen this inhabitant idol to safeguard that they are around for generations to come. You’ll accept a lovable turtle plush toy, an info label and a certificate that we can give to your friend.

Donations start from MYR 38 monthly

Where to buy:
WWF Malaysia – Adopt A Turtle (

All geared adult for shopping? Get some-more bargains during a 1Malaysia Year End Sale from 15th Nov 2014 to 4th Jan 2015.

For some-more information about Malaysia and what to see and do, revisit

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Christmas in Malaysia

I am roving in Malaysia during Christmas, what can we expect?

When someone mentions ‘Christmas’, snow, flashy hunger trees, presents and of course, Santa Claus comes to mind. It’s tighten to unfit to have a white Christmas in Malaysia though this doesn’t meant that a celebrations are reduction festive, for Christmas is distinguished a Malaysian way!


Many demeanour brazen to a Christmas decorations put adult by a selling malls. The set adult is positively flattering with enormous Christmas trees; some are even as high as 6 storeys and are heavily embellished with baubles, candy canes and angels. The malls change their thesis any year and try to surpass any other, usually to a benefit. One year, we had one mall ‘scattered’ with life-sized teddy bears in line with their ‘Beary Christmas’ thesis while another had genuine feign ‘snow’ falling, heading to an aged male exclaiming, ‘Wow, there’s snow, there’s snow!’. We were indeed there a initial time Pavilion KL started this snowwy tradition. Hundreds came to a block in front of a mall, to see a sleet entrance down (it was indeed a soap-like substance, though nobody disposed and everybody had a good time).

As Christmas approaches, don’t be astounded to find a Christmas suggestion in even a non-Christians. Malaysians from all walks of life spend a Christmas holidays visiting their friends with their families. At Christmas countdowns in comparison locations, we can see people enjoying a gratifying hearten and wishing any other happy holidays and Merry Christmas.

You can see people wearing a signature red top of St Nicholas and grooving to a kick of Christmas songs. There is even caroling in some malls and a assembly are from opposite walks of life and sacrament too. At a workplace, colleagues classify a tip Santa eventuality to sell gifts, where each member of a group shares a suggestion of giving, regardless of status, age or race. Christmas is not exclusively for Christians here in Malaysia though it’s distinguished by all in their possess singular approach though disrespecting their possess religion.


Most Malaysians, celebrating or not, group to a selling malls – a standard Malaysian past time. There, they suffer a activities and events orderly by a malls and even do some shopping, holding advantage of a Christmas and Year End Sale. On a night of Christmas eve, when a time strikes twelve, several locations perform firework displays to acquire Christmas with a bang. Malaysians group to these locations progressing during a day to get good spots to perspective a pretentious displays of fireworks. As usual, we can find Malays, Indians, Chinese and even unfamiliar visitors enjoying a uncover together. In Malaysia, we don’t need to be a Christian to suffer Christmas and have a holiday suggestion in you.


In Malaysia, Christmas is usually distinguished on Christmas Eve. The tangible initial day of Christmas is mostly business as common for many Malaysians. The sensuous decorations can't be taken down shortly adequate after Christmas, as afterwards all a mall will repeat a same ‘contest’ for a impending New Years Eve (which is immediately followed by Chinese New Year preparations). The is no second day of Christmas, as this is usually tradition in a few countries in a world. Many restaurants have special Christmas Eve menus. This is your possibility to eat out during a imagination restaurant, as due to foe prices are mostly really low. Usually western oriented restaurants also have a special Christmas menu for a 25th of December.


Many expats in KL take a few days of holiday during Christmas, to transport to a good end within Malaysia. Though it is utterly fun to spend Christmas during one of a islands of Malaysia, for instance during Langkawi or Penang, a many renouned place in Malaysia to revisit around Christmas is Cameron Highlands. The highlands have a cold(er) climate, and a environment is ideal to replicate that cold Christmas Eve. Many hotels and resorts are entirely requisitioned during Christmas, so make certain we book beforehand. This goes generally for a some-more disdainful and regretful places. Three really renouned places to stay overnight during Christmas are The Smokehouse Hotel ***, The Lakehouse **** and Cameron Highlands Resort *****.

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Traveling with kids in Malaysia

Traveling to Southeast Asia with children is not utterly advertised. However, many holidays in segment are ideally suitable for children. Always check previously to establish if a certain orderly outing is age appropriate. Visitors of Wonderful Malaysia mostly ask a doubt if it is probable – and if it is correct – to transport to Malaysia with tiny children. Looking customarily during all fun attractions in a collateral city of Kuala Lumpur, it is transparent that a answer is ‘Yes’. However, as parents, we do need to take certain things into comment that we do not have to cruise about in non-tropical countries. Malaysia is a illusory nation for children. There is an outrageous movement and so there is always something to do. The kids will not get wearied that simply in this country.

Great things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park


In each city in Malaysia, there are a few large selling malls and since they also offer as a amicable assembly indicate for a locals (also kids), we will mostly find many fun attractions within a malls. Each mall has a cinema and a large bowling alley. For example, a Berjaya Times Square mall has a bowling alley – Ampang Superbowl – with a whopping 48 lanes. However, a selling mall is generally – universe – famous due to a indoor Berjaya Times Square Theme Park, where a drum coaster with loops thunders past a railings of a balconies of a several levels.

Sunway Lagoon


Next to a large Sunway Pyramid Mall – that is utterly a stretch from a Kuala Lumpur city core – lays a outrageous aqua thesis park called Sunway Lagoon, unequivocally renouned among a locals and lots of fun as a day outing divided from a large city.

Genting Highlands Theme Park


One of a biggest (and many hectic) kids’ bliss in Malaysia is about an hour’s expostulate from Kuala Lumpur. Genting Highlands is an party city with many attractions (including countless casinos) and with a outrageous kids’ thesis park. A large advantage of this thesis park is a poise of a highlands; a probable waste are a crowds. We had never seen so many families with kids in one place. The thesis is now sealed for renovations and approaching to open in 2016 as a world’s initial Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park


Within a pleasing Lake Gardens, a biggest park in Kuala Lumpur, we can find a renouned KL Bird Park. Here we can see thousands of birds. Children will have a good time, and they will learn a lot about all a bird class we can see here too. Especially renouned is a World’s Largest Free-flight Walk-in Aviary; where we can see birds drifting around we or even have birds sitting on your shoulder.

KLCC Aquarium


Another renouned captivate for kids is a KLCC Aquarium. Here we can see thousands of fish species, many class can also be found in a seas surrounding Malaysia. This good captivate is located right in a core of Kuala Lumpur, circuitously a outrageous Suria KLCC selling mall.



If we are roving with immature children and are looking for a fun day out in Kuala Lumpur, we should cruise KidZania; an indoor family educational and party core that offers an interactive training and party knowledge for kids in a kid-sized city to broach a first-of-its-kind edutainment fun. The KidZania knowledge is about real-life experiences, empowering, moving and educating kids by role-play. It is located circuitously a good selling mall, so we can mix this with some good selling afterwards.

Adventure trips with kids

Apart from a large cities, we also have many pleasing attractions that are equally pleasing for children and adults.

There is adequate to do on a Malaysian peninsula. Visiting a pleasing National Park Taman Negara is positively a prominence of your trip; nonetheless we will mark few large animals, there are lots of smaller ones, birds and insects. The longboat outing to a inlet haven on a possess will be favourite by a children. The highlands are also good as a change (it is a lot cooler and we can go for poetic walks). Especially renouned are a Cameron Highlands, where your kids can also revisit one of many tea plantations.


The islands of Langkawi and Penang can also be visited with children, customarily visiting these islands is an glorious culmination of a debate orderly by a transport agency.

At a Oriental Village during Langkawi Island there is an outrageous wire automobile – Panorama Langkawi – that takes we to a tip of a towering to see a pleasing breathtaking perspective of a island. Langkawi has countless other good attractions that your kids will love.


Penang has a pleasing fruit plantation and a pleasing moth garden. There are utterly a few good temples and countless other sights. The night marketplace in a tiny coastal city Batu Feringghi is also good fun for kids.

If we wish to revisit a best dive and snorkel islands during a dry deteriorate – Apr until October, afterwards we should transport to easterly seashore islands like Perhentian, Redang, Kapas or Tioman. You can snorkel, float and even dive together with a children. Besides many pleasing fish species, there is a large possibility we can float with outrageous turtles (especially abounding in a seas around Perhentian Island).


Kuala Gandah is a tiny encampment only a few hours divided from a collateral Kuala Lumpur, where we will find an elephant sanctuary. You can feed and rinse a elephants, that is nonetheless another good knowledge for a kids (please do not float on a behind of elephants as they weren’t built for that). Also circuitously Kuala Lumpur is a tiny encampment of Kuala Selangor. Here we can revisit a firefly park (in a evenings) and declare millions of fireflies (lightning bugs) once it is dark.

In Borneo we can for instance simply learn a jungle (basic level). You will select an easy to strech and permitted inlet park instead of a unequivocally tough core jungle trips. A revisit to one of a normal inland people will also be noted for a kids. In a northeast of Borneo (close to Sandakan) we can also revisit Sepilok, a orangutan reserve.

There are also several other attractions, such as a humongous Gomantong bat cave, Turtle Island where we can observe turtles and a extraordinary Kinabatangan stream (3 to 4 hours’ expostulate from Sandakan); where we can see elephants, orangutans, beak monkeys, crocodiles and many other kinds of animals and birds. A loyal journey for children!


If your kids adore thesis parks, we should cruise a revisit to Johor Bahru in a south of Malaysia circuitously Singapore. Here we have Legoland Malaysia; with over 40 rides, shows and attractions. Highlight is Miniland; where over 30 million bricks of lego where used to reconstruct countless Asian landmarks.


All in all there is so many to do with children on debate by Malaysia. Apart from all these outrageous attractions, there are mostly also tiny activities that will be of additional fun for a kids. The locals are always unequivocally good and honeyed with children. They will mostly be marred and will get distant some-more courtesy than they need.

A pleasing outline of a unapproachable primogenitor with children

Our kids trafficked with us for a integrate of months, they spent a prolonged time in airplanes and buses though still were easy to handle. Most travelers are astounded when they comprehend that we can still go backpacking once we have kids. Our kids speak to everybody and get a lot of courtesy in return. Observing things with a kids gives we another perspective on a country, since they will notice totally opposite things than you. Children’s morality … A new universe opens up. And if they cry from time to time…it doesn’t matter. Give them some courtesy and they are glorious again. For years a kids have behaved so good on a plane. It is a biggest knowledge in their lives. And since do we travel….because as parents, we suffer it. You wish something some-more than Center Parcs, European beaches or similar. And kids like everything…So, we transport since as an adult we like it, we are doing it for yourself. In a process, we try and make it fun for a children too and we classify some activities that they unequivocally like. So, people with kids, keep flying!!!! Everyone has been immature and has cried before. No reason to skip out on these good adventures…

Malaysia is a protected country

Malaysia is an unusually protected country, though order of ride is not to do or commence any crazy things (the ones that we would also equivocate in your possess country). Driving in Malaysia is protected too, highways are mostly in glorious conditions. Roads in internal towns competence force we to expostulate slowly. Self-drives are utterly renouned during a peninsula.

Protect yourself and your children

You should always be good prepared (for instance during day trips): take adequate water, adequate DEET to strengthen yourself opposite mosquitoes, Dengue does start a lot and it is not pleasing (read: life threatening!). If your family alloy advises malaria treatment, afterwards go forward with it. Only in a few regions in Malaysia there is a risk of Malaria. If we do not like Malaria diagnosis for your children (for instance since they are too immature for it), only equivocate those areas.

It is also critical that we and your children are good supportive in allege per a pleasing regions. Apart from a critical protection, we should also lift object shade wherever we go. Adults customarily get sunburn within a hour, children are mostly a lot some-more sensitive. You can buy object shade in Malaysia too.

Visit Malaysia 2014

2014 will be an critical year for Malaysia, as it has been branded ‘Visit Malaysia 2014‘. During this year there will be many events to applaud Malaysia’s tourism achievements and potential. Many events are also good for kids, so if we are formulation a outing to this smashing country, make certain we do so in 2014.

Have fun in Malaysia.


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The Cameron Highlands – A travel by history

The Cameron Highlands – A transport by history

The Malaysian Cameron Highlands is positively one of a world’s many scenic locations, charity some glorious hiking trails, holding visitors by history, opposite hills and mountains, and adult and above a chaotic universe down below. One of a many ignored trails is a Gunung Mentigi Trail that leads hikers past and by some of a country’s many ancestral monuments.

The Cameron Highlands, located approximately 150km north of Kuala Lumpur, a country’s capital, is an area of fantastic healthy beauty and as such is unequivocally renouned with tourists and veteran hikers alike. The top point, Gunung Irau, stands during 2110 metres above sea level, and along with a tallness comes a assuage meridian with temperatures frequency rising above 25 degrees centigrade, or removing any reduce than 10 degrees centigrade. These cold temperatures can be a lovely choice to a erotic temperatures in a cities.

The Highlands were named after a British Government surveyor named William Cameron who was on a goal to map out Malaysia during a colonial years. Neat rows of tea underbrush began to cocktail adult shortly after a speed goal when a loyal intensity of a highlands were realised.

One of a many famous mysteries involving a Cameron Highlands is that of a disappearance of Jim Thompson, a owner of a Thai silk industry. He went for a transport from his bungalow in a hills in 1967 though was never seen again; nobody knows what happened to him.

cameron highlands


For lovers of all things history, a Gunung Mentigi transport is ideal, with colonial architecture, antiquated land formations, and tea plantations aplenty. There are no specific signposts along this hike, though if we are dauntless adequate to find your possess approach around a sites afterwards it unequivocally will be value it, and will give we something to tell a family and friends about behind home – don’t forget a camera!

Driving north from Kuala Lumpur along a categorical highway is a best approach to start a ancestral journey. The tea plantations will gradually start to give approach to high mountains, untried forests, and monumental waterfalls. Along a approach don’t skip a Boh Tea Estate that was founded by John Archibald Russell in 1929. If we unequivocally wish a “taste” of a story afterwards a Russell family will be some-more than happy to take we all on a guided debate of a plantations, a tea factory, and of march there will be a possibility to representation a several varieties of tea.

One of a highlights of a area around a Boh Tea Estate is a revisit to a internal aboriginal highland people’s village. The Orang Asli have lived in a encampment for thousands of years, and are self-sustained with wooden huts for houses, wardrobe made from internal plants, and food grown and bred within a village. Who knows, we might get a possibility to accommodate a Batin (head of a village), that is a good honour!



If we continue walking adult a hills past Orang Asli Village we will positively come opposite a Gunung Mentigi mountain fort, that was built by a British as one of a categorical forts in Asia.

After a fight a installation was handed to a locals when a British changed on. Abandoned British army Land Rovers, 4×4 tyre tracks, and explosve shells can still be seen sparse all around. Definitely a steer to behold!

Tea picker

Tea picker

Former mountain sight stations can be found via a Cameron Highlands. These were built by a British to make transport easier. The vital former mountain sight hire is a Pahang station. The hire used to yield a couple to Pahang state, hence a name, though is no longer in use. The hire facilities British colonial design and unequivocally is something to see while in a area.

The usually approach to strech a highlands now is by road. From Kuala Lumpur visitors take a North-South Expressway (NSE) towards Ipoh, from where they can strech Tapah within dual hours. After a Tapah tollbooth a 60km circuitous highway leads a approach towards a mythological Highlands.

The Cameron Highlands are good value a visit, though because should we only settle for an typical run of a indent transport when we can take a transport by history? Discover for yourself what a hills are stealing away.

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Malaysia’s mountain country: The Cameron Highlands

Malaysia’s mountain country: The Cameron Highlands

The train from Tapah to Tanah Rata winds solemnly and steeply by jungle-clad and mist-wreathed hills. I’m on my approach to Malaysia’s biggest mountain station, a Cameron Highlands.

Every one hundred metres or so is a palm frond shelter, built with varying degrees of sophistication, where a male or a child waits, anticipating to sell fruit or oversized beans hung adult in rows.

Small children watch a train go past with interest, sitting outward villages done adult of timber and frond-thatch or corrugated iron shacks perched adult a hillside.

With a name like that we won’t be astounded to hear a British had a palm in substantiating this mountain retreat. British surveyor William Cameron mapped a segment for a colonial supervision behind in 1885.

Cameron highlands

As a train gains a heights and approaches a Cameron Highlands executive centre of Tanah Rata a immeasurable tea plantations come into view.

Terrace on patio of camellia sinensis underbrush undulating adult a high hillsides; squatly low-growing from a constant plucking. There are also marketplace gardens, strawberry farms, rose gardens and roadsides thick with wildflowers.

Nestled in a alpine segment during an betterment of 1,200 metres, temperatures frequency arise above 25 degrees Celsius during a day and can dump to 12 degrees during night. It is a bizarre and acquire change from a bubbling plains below.

The fun came to a harsh hindrance with a Second World War and a Japanese function though in a post fight years a Cameron Highlands began a delayed mutation into a traveller shelter we know today.

The peace of a Camerons has not been busted by overdevelopment. Traditional encampment life goes on uninterrupted, with forerunner shrines and regressive Muslim and Hindu values alongside a guesthouses and restaurants.

Malaysia’s stately multi-cultural brew is fast apparent in Tanah Rata, with Malay, Chinese and Indian people and food everywhere. On a categorical highway during Sri Brinchang we enjoyed (every day we was in a Camerons) a best vegetarian Thali I’ve ever had, served on vast banana leaves. Then there’s a tea…

Walking adult a circuitous highway to a Boh Tea Plantation during Sg Palas, we come opposite a handful of workers entertainment adult piles of immature leaves into huge sacks.

cameron highlands

The Boh Company produces a not considerate 4 million kilograms of tea each year – around 70 per cent of Malaysia’s sum tea prolongation – and Fairlie here in a Camerons is one of their prettiest plantations.

Surrounded by a immature terraces, a small ‘village’ of long, blue-painted buildings residence a workers, tea estimate machinery, storage and of march a poetic tea house.

Leaves are plucked each 3 weeks in a morning; afterwards rushed to a bureau to bear stages of withering, rolling, fermentation, drying, classification and finally tasting.

The guides during Sg Palas proudly report their teas as carrying a impression of excellent wines; shabby by a altitude, cold temperatures and acidic dirt of a Cameron Highlands.

cameron highlands

The segment has a series of renouned walking trails and we set off on one from nearby my guesthouse on a hinterland of Tanah Rata.

There are huge Birds Nest ferns in a trees, that are draped with epiphytes and a outlandish Pitcher plant or Monkey Cup.  we can hear bizarre birds and monkeys screaming.

Leaping opposite streams with a assist of vast liana vines – Tarzan character – it is a universe divided from a stately tea plantations and former colonial mansions.

On my final day we took a cab to a regard indicate on Mount Batu Brinchang. The views from a 2,301-metre (6,663-foot) rise are stunning.  Lushly immature plateau hidden in obscurity thrust into valleys where a curving lines of a tea plantations are only visible.

If we have visited a Jim Thompson residence in Bangkok we will find a final act in a life story of this rich American silk merchant here. Thompson mysteriously left from his holiday bungalow in 1967.

Despite large open and private searches, he was never found. Whether he got mislaid in a trackless forests, was abducted, or staged his possess disappearance might never be known. we can consider of many reasons to not wish to leave a Camerons.

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