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The Chinese New Year celebration would not be complete without the family gatherings, the yee sang toss, the angpows and abundance of food. So, if you are visiting Malaysia during this time, why not get into the fanfare with delicious halal Chinese food and enjoy it with friends and family? Dive into our top picks of halal Chinese restaurants from around the Klang Valley.



Mohd Chan’s primary draw is its home-cooked Cantonese-style cuisine. Prepare to enjoy halal-approved and appetizing fare here. Today, the brand stands strong with 15 outlets to its name. That’s right, just goes to show how popular and accessible is the establishment.

In the days leading up to CNY, it’s best to pick a Mohd Chan outlet that is convenient to you and your dinner companions. Then, handpick the Cantonese dishes to crowd your table with. Go for classic teochew steamed fish, classic butter sotong, kam heong lala, salted egg chicken and four season vegetable. Right in the middle, save a spot for their famous chilli crab.




Sitting down for a dinner at Amber is the closest thing to experiencing authentic halal Chinese cuisine from Northern China. In fact, every plate is a cacophony of fresh spices and bold flavours. What’s more, the food here is masterfully orchestrated using traditional cooking techniques.

A CNY dinner at Amber does come with a big price, though. But, in return, you and your companions will enjoy a delicious dinner in a fancy atmosphere. Warm up your dinner table with a row of appetisers such as Chinese chives pancakes and sesame mochi bun. Then, enjoy their special roasted lamb, braised fish, kung pao chicken and sauteed broccoli with mushroom in between conversations. Before you bid goodbye, let the lotus seed with white fungus soup cool you down.





Fresh-tasting seafood on stainless steel dinnerware are the usual sights at Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant. A top recommendation for Chinese-Muslim food (with a twist of Thai) in Kampung Sungai Penchala, the restaurant’s spacious and clean layout makes it ideal to host a large number of CNY dinners. Take note, though, that reservations are still necessary to accompany your confidence in securing a table.

Once you’re comfortably seated, prepare to enjoy a huge and satisfying halal Chinese meal. Among the recommendations are tom yam soup, deep fried squid, steamed fish with clear Thai sauce, butter prawns, beef in black pepper and Chinese cabbage in oyster sauce. Don’t be surprised if everyone wipes their plates clean — it is just testament of how lovely the dinner was.




There’s no arguing that Golden Valley’s selection of Chinese-Muslim cuisine is delightful and enjoyable. Situated in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, this restaurant chooses to practise vibrance and simplicity in their layout and let its bold flavours to impress you.

The food here is perfect for sharing. Gather your close mates around the table and dig into favourites such as Nyonya-style steamed sea bass, lala in superior broth, marmite chicken, salad prawn, almond chicken, ginger and chicken fried rice and kong po chicken yam basket.




If there is a way to combine relaxed dining and elegant atmosphere, you will definitely find it at China Treasures. Sime Darby Convention Centre’s gift to the halal dining landscape, this restaurant is best known for their mix of traditional and contemporary Chinese cuisine.

China Treasures fans are likely to prompt you to try their dim sum buffet during off-season period, but the restaurant can add a refined touch to your CNY dinners. If you’re going ahead with the chef’s specialties, you’ll be served with beef cube with black pepper and peking duck. You’re free to explore other dishes such as butter prawns, steamed garoupa with soy sauce and egg yolk with shimeji mushroom.



For more Halal Chinese restaurants in Malaysia, visit:




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Riverside country Italian

Truth or myth: Don’t flip a Simply Roasted 7-star Seabass over when one side has been eaten; usually mislay a bone.Truth or myth: Don’t flip a Simply Roasted 7-star Seabass over when one side has been eaten; usually mislay a bone.

Satisfying, New York-style dining – in Shanghai.

NO consternation a expats here demeanour so self-satisfied.� The Lord Restrain leaned behind in his low chair in a “farm chic� loft during Mercato, located on Shanghai’s Bund.

“I would be, too, if we could come here to eat any day,� he declared, while scanning a large, open dining space. Here, reclaimed timber and comfortable leather tones element unprotected steel, iron and glass, and smashing cuisine.

On a cold Saturday dusk in January, it was positively an mouth-watering venue and was stuffing adult quick by 7pm.

Hardly surprising, then, that though reservations we couldn’t get a Mercato list during luminary cook Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s recently non-stop restaurant. The famed three-Michelin-star cook already had a participation in a building with his glorious dining namesake restaurant, Jean-Georges. So we took a window list offering nearby a bar, and with a not-too-restricted perspective of a world-famous waterway.

“The many glorious starters in decades,â€? admitted a Lord, not withdrawal a singular particle on his plate. we had to agree. The Housemade Ricotta with Cranberry Compote, Olive Oil and Grilled Bread (78 renminbi/RM38.20) was not what we expected; it looked elementary and, good … rustic. But a light and tawny ring of smoothly flavoured ricotta surfaced with a tasty cranberry baked solemnly with sugarine brought a palatable multiple of tastes and textures with any uninterrupted mouthful.

The Wood-oven Roasted Asparagus Fontina and Prosciutto (88 renminbi/RM43) that followed a cranberry fair was no reduction impressive. The simply grilled greens wrapped in soothing slices of prosciutto were crunchy, nonetheless moist. Slathered in olive oil, all it indispensable for a pointy spice was a extract of a lemon, and a crowd was already waiting.

The Lord is a large fan of Italian food and so, with a wood-fire oven adding regard to an already acceptable dining room, we could not assistance though collect a Spicy Pork Sausage, Kale and Pecorino Pizza (118 renminbi/RM57.70). And a country pizza did not disappoint.

This residence speciality was simply surfaced with sausage slices and kale, while a thin-crust pizza was surprisingly chewy and charmingly charred in spots. The mix of parmesan, mozzarella and pecorina cheeses artfully married their flavours, ensuing in a comfortingly artistic taste.

Aided by eyeglasses of Italian white, inexhaustible and cold usually right, a dusk was usually beginning. The wealthy mélange of Shanghai, both internal and expatriate, were in justification as they came for an dusk of bonhomie with partners, friends and families. Noted a Lord Restrain, “Elitist, magnificent fine-dining restaurants should be transposed by places like this.â€? “Like what?â€? we asked. He pondered and proclaimed: “Casual … stylish … unequivocally good food.â€?

By this time, a Simply Roasted 7-star Seabass (38 renminbi/RM18.60 per 100g) had arrived. Before we could even set my booze potion down, a tip half of a roasted fish was gone.

“Should we spin over a fish?� we asked, with some-more than a spirit of sarcasm.

“No!â€? He confided in me: “I was told by many Chinese friends over cooking that we should take a bone out, and not spin a fish over, generally if we are nearby a port. So that a fishermen’s boats will not spin over.â€? He paused and looked during me: “A myth, maybe?â€? Err …

The Spicy Pork Sausage, Kale and Pecorino Pizza is a residence speciality atMercato.The Spicy Pork Sausage, Kale and Pecorino Pizza is a residence speciality at

Roasted with sage, rosemary, tomato and lemon, a drum stewing in a prohibited salsa was basic and light. The transparent sauce, with sour hints of lemon, offering a uninformed savour to element a uninformed fish.

Chef Vongerichten’s signature aptitude for balancing flavours and textures was during work here. The flesh, really simply smashed in a crispy shell, slipped simply off a bone and shortly a fish had slipped simply off a plate, too. “The tomatoes are a small burnt …â€? a Lord announced as he popped another crowd into his mouth,â€?… though really juicy.â€?

Since a menu consists of Coastal Italian Cuisine, we motionless to finish a dish with a reliable Tiramisu (58 renminbi/RM28.40). This valid a correct choice, as a portion was some-more than adequate for two, even dual with such a conspicuous honeyed tooth. After such a good introduction to ambience and texture, unfortunately, a tiramisu didn’t live adult to a expectations. Not usually was it sheer and understated, a bottom was somewhat dry and it was formidable to finish.

Nevertheless, a unsatisfactory dessert did not detract us from a entirely beguiling evening. Great grill ambience, overwhelming views of night mountainous skyscrapers unaware and reflected in a shimmering river. Moreover, we was rather gratified as we had usually taken one punch of a dessert and left a rest to a Lord, who was eating it with most restraint.

“This is really relaxing,� pronounced a Lord, slumping behind in his chair, his mustard sweater resisting agreeably with a chair’s orange immature upholstery. “You won’t feel that approach when a check arrives,� we replied. With dual eyeglasses of wine, fish weighed by a gram and dual glorious coffees, a dusk set us behind roughly RM500.

But Lord Restrain now looked flattering cocksure to me. As if to confirm, he leaned behind in his low chair in Mercato’s loft, and muttered: “Ve-e-ery satisfying.�

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Chinese New Year in Malaysia

What is there to do during Chinese New Year in Malaysia?

Chinese New Year is maybe a biggest and many critical annual festival for Chinese and a Chinese communities universe wide. The eventuality is distinguished on a initial day of a Chinese Lunar Calendar. Each year is named after one of a 12 animals of a Chinese Zodiac. Prior to celebrations, homes are spotless and flashy by members of a family. Debts are also staid while offerings and prayers are made. Also, copiousness of food is prepared and new garments are purchased. Like any other event, family members from out of city and distant divided will come home for a gathering.

chinese new year in malaysia 8

Also famous by a name of Lunar New Year or a Spring Festival, a eventuality is distinguished by a Chinese communities via a world, regardless of where they are. It is a informative eventuality and can a eremite one too for a Buddhists, Confucians and Taoists who offer prayers. As a festival approaches, friends and kin still sell New Year nod cards with any other notwithstanding a record era. A family reunion cooking will be hold on a eve of a New Year. During this time, bad denunciation and any upsetting or supportive subject is particularly discouraged. It’s always best to be in one’s good function and customarily contend good and portentous things.

chinese new year in malaysia 9

On Chinese New Year day, everybody is abuzz with several activities, including decorating with duilian (a span of scrolls with communication written), giving red packets or angpau or ang pow containing money, visiting friends and families, carrying family dishes and gatherings, personification cards with tiny bets of income and examination dragon or lion dances. While any nation might applaud a New Year in an roughly identical way, a judgment of open residence is routinely used in Malaysia where a homes are open for friends and family to visit, regardless of competition and religion. The country’s leaders classify open houses too on a incomparable scale, mostly hold during a village gymnasium to accommodate a crowds of locals and unfamiliar visitors who come to hail their leaders and tuck into gratifying goodies. Just like any other festival in Malaysia, Chinese New Year is fundamentally a time of a year to get together with family and friends.

chinese new year in malaysia 2

Chap Goh Mei

Chinese New Year is distinguished for fifteen days with a categorical concentration on a initial 3 days. Chap Goh Mei, or a fifteenth day of Chinese New Year, is once again distinguished with many enthusiasm. Homes are again embellished in brightly flashy lights and fable has it that immature and unwed women could chuck tangerines into a sea if they wish to get a good husband. This tradition has undergone a complicated turn where a females still toss Mandarin oranges into a sea though now they have created their write numbers on them. Men in boats will afterwards quarrel over and fish out a oranges! The singles lift out this use good-naturedly and have fun with their friends on that final night of a New Year celebrations. Once Chap Goh Mei has passed, daily life resumes with any anticipating to have a moneyed year ahead.


In Malaysia many people light fireworks during Chinese New Year. At Chinese New Years Eve, we can suffer fireworks until a deepest hours of a night. Also during other days, people will light fireworks. The best possibility to declare this is in a some-more Chinese areas in Kuala Lumpur (like Chinatown, Old Klang Road/Kuchai Lama and many areas in Petaling Jaya) and also in cities like Georgetown (at Penang Island), Ipoh and Malacca. Hokkien Chinese in Malaysia also light a lot a fireworks during a ninth day of Chinese New Year, in jubilee of a birthday of a Jade Emperor.



Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur

When we are staying in Kuala Lumpur during Chinese New Year we should unequivocally revisit a Petaling Street area in Chinatown. Here a Chinese temples are swarming with locals that come there to pray. You can declare lion dances and people lighting fireworks. All selling malls in a city showcase their Chinese New Years theme. They are all flashy and during a initial few days we will be means to declare lion dances within a stores. This is finished to make certain a store is sanctified and that business will be good that year. The initial days of Chinese New Year are a customarily days of a year that we will declare many stores closed, as many of a Chinese business owners are visiting their kin in their home towns or home countries.




Chinese New Year on Penang Island

Especially Penang is a good place to revisit during Chinese New Year. There are many pleasing temples in Georgetown, and all are swarming with Chinese Malaysians that come there to urge (mostly for health and wealth during a new year). One of a many critical temples during Penang Island, Kek Lok Si Temple, is generally engaging to visit. At night millions of colorful lamps renovate a whole area in a pleasing scene. Locals come each night to declare a lights being incited on, it is a smashing sight.




Calendar with dates Chinese New Year

  • Year of a Tiger – Feb 14, 2010
  • Year of a Rabbit – Feb 3, 2011
  • Year of a Dragon – Jan 23, 2012
  • Year of a Snake – Feb 10, 2013
  • Year of a Horse – Jan 31, 2014
  • Year of a Goat – Feb 19, 2015
  • Year of a Monkey – Feb 8, 2016
  • Year of a Rooster – Jan 28, 2017
  • Year of a Dog – Feb 16, 2018
  • Year of a Pig – Feb 5, 2019
  • Year of a Rat – Jan 25, 2020

Traveling in Malaysia during Chinese New Year

We find roving by Malaysia during Chinese New Year unequivocally rewarding. We visited KL, Cameron Highlands, Penang, Kuching and Malacca once within a 15 days of CNY and we desired it. The atmosphere is unequivocally pleasing during these days. We desired all a fireworks and a extraordinary vibe during all a temples.


Tourists that revisit Malaysia during CNY should not pass adult a possibility to knowledge it adult and close. Penang was by distant a best place to be, generally a Chulia Street area was unequivocally nice.



It is generally good if we get invited to have cooking during a internal Chinese Malaysian family. Families customarily entice friends (or even strangers) over for cooking on a 2nd or 3rd day of Chinese New Year as a initial day is always indifferent for tighten family.

Extremely fun to declare and eat is Yee Sang; a special plate that is customarily served during Chinese New Year. Yee Sang contains many opposite vegetables together with other ingredients. Once prepared people will toss a shredded pieces into a atmosphere by customarily regulating their clout sticks. It is unequivocally critical that it is all tossed unequivocally high into a atmosphere as it reflects a volume of good luck, health and wealth they will receive.


Traveling during CNY can be utterly exhausting, generally in a few days before a tangible celebrations. Many people are roving during a same time, mostly streamer behind to their home villages. Some use a open holiday to do some roving their selves. Busses to Penang, Malacca or Ipoh will be packed, a same goes for flights to Penang. Traffic jams are common a days before CNY, though once it is CNY streets and highways are empty. Shops are sealed during these days and people are celebrating during home or visiting temples.




Got any good tips to share with us? Do we know of any good things to do during Chinese New Year in Malaysia? Let us know by withdrawal a respond below!

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10 noted Hari Raya ads on YouTube

Some of a many noted TV ads are a ones constructed for a gratifying season.

For this Hari Raya Puasa, we asked a Muslim colleagues to list a ones that left an memorable symbol in their memories and hearts. Here’s what we got.

See if we remember any of these Hari Raya ads:


Proton’s Road Safety Campaign
Horror and humour make this PSA for Raya a stand-out.


An Act of Kindness on May 13
Using one of a many comfortless points in a nation’s story – a May 13, 1969 occurrence – as a setting, this Petronas Kongsi Raya (Hari Raya Puasa and CNY) ad shines by for simply highlighting a elementary truth: that “the dual worlds were never apart”.


EON’s familiar tune
The peculiarity of this shave is rather poor, though no matter, since this Raya ad is remembered not for a visuals though some-more for a evergreen tune. Give it a listen.


Burung Murai
Hari Raya Puasa is a time to remember desired ones who have passed; a time for family; a time to ask for redemption and forget past transgressions; and a time to uncover dutiful piety. This ad highlights them all.


Lonely Dad
An ad that tugs during your heartstrings to remind we of your “duties” as a son/daughter.


Priceless Advice
Like many of a late filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad’s ads (a few of that you’ll find on this list), this one resonates prolonged after you’ve watched it: A impulse in a benefaction can remind we of a past, of lessons taught, schooled and perpetually remembered.


Work can wait
A possibility assembly with a amatory father reminds a immature male of what’s unequivocally important.


“Why is it so tough to ask for redemption from a people we adore most?”


Your family is my family for life
In multiethnic Malaysia, interracial matrimony is not uncommon. This Maxis ad deftly uses that small fact to amplify a message.


What goes around comes around
The lesson: How we provide your relatives currently is how we will be treated by your children tomorrow.

Didn’t find your favourite Raya ad in a list above? Well, share them with us here by embedding your video below.



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Chinese New Year Celebrations in Malaysia

Chinese New Year Decorative Lanterns

Chinese New Year Decorative Lanterns

Chinese New Year festival starts on the first day of the lunar calendar year which is also the first day of the new moon and the festival ends on the 15th day, the last day of the full moon which is also known as Chap Goh Mei.

Usually the celebrations are observed on the first few days and as mentioned on the last day while in Malaysia the first two days are considered public holidays.

Usually the preparations for the festivals will start a month in advance where the people will start buying decorations for the house, new clothes as well as foodstuff. Every inch of the house is cleaned and then it will be adorned with colourful decorations especially in red.

The reunion dinner is the most important occasion of the celebrations which is held on the eve of CNY, this is where the family members who are living close by or from far away will return home for the dinner. In adherence to ‘shou sui’ the family members will stay up all night after the reunion dinner, this is a practice that is said to bring one’s parent longevity. In order to pass the time it is not uncommon for the members of the household to gamble.

The Chinese New Year is ushered in at the stroke of midnight with firecrackers and fireworks, however these items are prohibited in Malaysia but some still manage to get their hands on them. Not only do relatives come to pay visit but in Malaysia it is a common practice for people of other races and religions to be invited as well. However to visit a house during CNY it is essential that you bring mandarin oranges which symbolises wealth or it will be considered disrespectful.

Chinese New Year Ang Pow and Mandarin Orange

Ang Pow and Mandarin orange are important part of Chinese New Year celebrations in Malaysia

Another common practice on this particular day is for the married couples to give the children as well as the adults who are not married money that is inserted into red packets or commonly referred to as ‘ang pow’. The giving of the ang pow signifies that the recipient will enjoy a wealthy and fruitful life.

As with other forms of celebrations, CNY is also a time where some of the taboos and beliefs must be adhered to with some being spiritual in nature. A popular example of such beliefs is on the first day of the New Year where no one is allowed to sweep the floor; the reason for such practice is because the act of sweeping is considered to be unlucky as all the fortune would be swept away.

While sweeping the floor may bring you misfortune, it is believed that the lion will not only bring you good fortune but at the same time ward off evil. That is why the lion dance is such a widely popular tradition and it one of the most spectacular sights during this period. In fact it is so popular that you will not only see it during CNY but also during grand occasions such as the opening of businesses.

And of course there is the final day of CNY known as Chap Goh Mei or also regarded as the Chinese Valentine’s Day where you can see maidens throwing mandarin oranges into the rivers to attract potential suitors.

I would like to wish Happy Chinese Year to my Chinese readers and may the new year of the Tiger will bring more wealth, health and prosperity to us all.


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