10 noted Hari Raya ads on YouTube

August 30, 2012 0 By melakatour

Some of a many noted TV ads are a ones constructed for a gratifying season.

For this Hari Raya Puasa, we asked a Muslim colleagues to list a ones that left an memorable symbol in their memories and hearts. Here’s what we got.

See if we remember any of these Hari Raya ads:


Proton’s Road Safety Campaign
Horror and humour make this PSA for Raya a stand-out.


An Act of Kindness on May 13
Using one of a many comfortless points in a nation’s story – a May 13, 1969 occurrence – as a setting, this Petronas Kongsi Raya (Hari Raya Puasa and CNY) ad shines by for simply highlighting a elementary truth: that “the dual worlds were never apart”.


EON’s familiar tune
The peculiarity of this shave is rather poor, though no matter, since this Raya ad is remembered not for a visuals though some-more for a evergreen tune. Give it a listen.


Burung Murai
Hari Raya Puasa is a time to remember desired ones who have passed; a time for family; a time to ask for redemption and forget past transgressions; and a time to uncover dutiful piety. This ad highlights them all.


Lonely Dad
An ad that tugs during your heartstrings to remind we of your “duties” as a son/daughter.


Priceless Advice
Like many of a late filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad’s ads (a few of that you’ll find on this list), this one resonates prolonged after you’ve watched it: A impulse in a benefaction can remind we of a past, of lessons taught, schooled and perpetually remembered.


Work can wait
A possibility assembly with a amatory father reminds a immature male of what’s unequivocally important.


“Why is it so tough to ask for redemption from a people we adore most?”


Your family is my family for life
In multiethnic Malaysia, interracial matrimony is not uncommon. This Maxis ad deftly uses that small fact to amplify a message.


What goes around comes around
The lesson: How we provide your relatives currently is how we will be treated by your children tomorrow.

Didn’t find your favourite Raya ad in a list above? Well, share them with us here by embedding your video below.



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