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Mother nature’s H2O thesis park

A ‘cave’ combined by an ancient avalanche of rocks on a tide is one of Malaysia’s many singular ‘water thesis parks’.

Want to walk, yield and boyant by it?

“Wanna go to Gua Batu Maloi this weekend?” asked Ahli a.k.a. Lee Kok Chung, a hiking friend we have famous given 1999.

The answer to that doubt was a resounding “Yes!”

The bucolic acquire arch to Gua Batu Maloi, Negeri Sembilan

Gua Batu Maloi is not a required cavern yet some-more like a outrageous raise of hulk slab boulders that tumbled down from a plateau over a stream. The outcome is a kind of H2O thesis park inside a cave!

Ahli, an gifted inlet beam and birder who runs Endemic Guides, was bringing a organisation into a cavern that weekend. This was my sixth outing with him to a cavern in Negeri Sembilan’s Gunung Tampin Forest Reserve.

After removing to Tampin city around a North-South Highway, we headed towards Kuala Pilah by a pleasing forested highway past a tail finish of a Titiwangsa towering operation before nearing during Pekan Air Mawang. We afterwards incited left and gathering by kampung roads lonesome with “landmines” (cow droppings!) before finally nearing during Gua Batu Maloi.

Everyone was in high spirits as we started a 15-minute travel by a jungle towards a cavern entrance.

A idle tide flowed alongside a track – a same one that flows by a cave. To get to a cave, we had to cranky a straight face of a outrageous stone by stepping on some thick roots, while holding on to a wire so we wouldn’t tumble off.

Beautiful ferns and moss grew on a enormous boulders during a cavern entrance. Huge roots from a trees above grew downwards and clung majestically to a rocks. The rays of a morning object streaming between a trees done a place demeanour magical.

Before we entered a cave, Ahli gave a brief lecture on a cave, and on a reserve aspects.

“Are any of we fearful of dim and parsimonious spaces? Are any of we claustrophobic?” he asked. Anyone who suffers from claustrophobia might panic, and hence it was critical for Ahli to check before we entered a cave.

He also suggested everybody to always stay in front of a “sweeper” guide, Aki, 20, who was from a circuitously kampung and had been exploring a cavern given he was four. The organisation this time was comparatively small, and this meant shorter queues in a cave.

Batu Maloi is not a required cavern yet some-more like a outrageous raise of hulk slab boulders that have tumbled on a stream.

We shortly left one by one into a cracks between a outrageous boulders and plunged into a cold H2O from a tide in a cave. The smell of guano permeated a air. We continued, wading and crawling by holes so tiny that it seemed unfit that anyone could indeed go by them.

Some tools of a cavern had usually inches of space between a aspect of a H2O and a tip of a cave! We had to distortion on a backs and pull ourselves by those tiny gaps, with a noses only hardly above a water, to get to a other side. It was indeed thrilling!

Some members of a organisation even had to be assisted out of these tunnels by carrying their legs pulled by a others. Hilarious. Halfway by a cave, Ahli asked a organisation if they elite to continue regulating an easy or some-more severe route. We chose a latter, of course.

We shortly came to a partial of a cavern that was unequivocally narrow, where we had to yield on a hands and knees. Soon, we encountered a outrageous submerged rock. There was no approach across, solely to yield on a bellies!

It was rather wily carrying to stratagem my body, and we found myself perched on a stone like a walrus! we had to figure out how to get off a stone and pierce brazen yet plunging conduct initial into a H2O where a stone ended. With a small space to spin my physique around only before shifting off a rock, we managed to land safely in a water.

While watchful for a others, we switched off my headlight and was plunged into sum darkness. It was strangely relaxing, sitting on a stone in a dim cave, listening to a gurgling tide as a H2O flowed quickly next my feet.

We afterwards came opposite another slight yet sandy partial of a cavern where we had to literally puncture a approach by like hulk nesting turtles! Who needs a sauna when we can get sandy physique “scrubs”, “aromatherapy” (thanks to a “wonderful” bat guano scent) and even healthy “Jacuzzis” in Gua Batu Maloi?

We were in a partial of Batu Maloi called Gua Kelawar (Bat Cave – home to many swirling bats rather than Batman’s lair!). This area was dry, with “sandy” areas all around, that we shortly found out were indeed hardened bat poo! We were unequivocally happy to thrust into a H2O when we saw a tide again.

The author during one of a many small “jacuzzis” inside a cave.

We even got to do some canyoneering as we climbed and crawled by a many waterfalls inside a cave. There were many hydro-massage opportunities, too, as froth shaped from a cascades, formulating smashing small “Jacuzzis”, even yet it was rather cold.

It was like a H2O thesis park, yet this healthy chronicle was most some-more fun and exciting.

After a few hours of climbing, crawling and stretching over many waterfalls and tunnels, we emerged into a outward world. What a workout! We had used each partial of a physique to get by a cave.

On a approach back, we came on a enormous stone a distance of a double-storey house. This was a tangible Batu Maloi, after that a cavern was named.

According to internal legend, Maloi is a name of a defender suggestion of that area, that Aki told me he had seen a few times before in a guise of an aged man. Being a silat (Malay martial arts) practitioner, Aki is some-more supportive and attuned to a “other realm”.

We trekked behind to a cars and altered into dry clothes, before going to Tampin for drinks, toast and half-boiled eggs during a packaged aged coffee shop. Food never tasted better.

Ah, what a good approach to spend a Sunday afternoon. – Anne Cheong

Map: Gua Batu Maloi, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

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Cuisine in Melaka


A photo of Pulau Melaka in the future if all the proposed development are carried out there. There is the proposed cable car, Eye of Malacca, hotel, bungalows, Arab City Mall(under construction phase). Currently, there is the mosque on the Straits of Malacca which is very popular with tourists and sea lion show. Hope more visitors will come and the shophouses can be tenanted.

Something to look forward to at Pulau Melaka.

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Cuisine in Melaka


Kuching-Melaka direct flight early next year
by Simon Ingka Crown, [email protected] Posted on November 26, 2011, Saturday

KUCHING: A direct flight connecting Kuching and Melaka may commence as early as next month or early next year.

Melaka Chief Minister Dato Sri Mohd Ali Rustam when announcing this yesterday said he was keen to see the flight become a reality, possibly three times a week.

“I am looking forward to see the Sarawak and Melaka state governments collaborate on the direct flight to Melaka in the best interest of both states,” he told a press conference.

Mohd Ali is in the state with the Melaka Foundation (YM) delegation and its board of directors to witness a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Sarawak Land Custody and Development Authority (LCDA/Pelita Holdings Sdn Bhd) and YM yesterday.

LCDA was represented by Senior Minister and Land Development Minister Tan Sri James Masing and two Assistant Ministers, Datuk Gramong Juna and Datuk Abdul Wahab Aziz.

Also present was Senior Minister Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh who is also mnister of local government and community development, and second finance minister.

Mohd Ali said the route could boost tourism in both states.

“Melaka so far receives a total of 10.4 million tourists in 2010 with 20 per cent of them from overseas: Taiwan, Japan,China, Hong Kong, German, Switzerland and New Zealand.”

He said as of September this year, a total of 8.4 million tourists had visited the historical city, and the number is expected to reach 11 million by yearend. He said the proposed Kuching-Melaka flight could be shortened to one hour, compared to the one-and-a-half hour Kuching-Kuala Lumpur route.

“The flight is shorter than that to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Hence this could be an alternative route.”

At the moment, Melaka is chartering Firefly and Melaka Air flights to Pekan Baru and Medan City on the island of Sumatera in Indonesia. The flight connection had lured many tourists from the neighbouring country to the city.

“Sumatera is a big island and at least 10 per cent of the population are from high income families who choose Melaka as a holiday destination every year,” he said.

Mohd Ali said the Melaka state government was planning to construct a larger theme park to lure tourists.

“We are launching a wildlife park this afternoon (yesterday) and Hang Tuah Village theme park which portrays the era of the Melaka Sultanate.”

The state government would build the largest silat arena next to Hang Tuah theme park. Mohd Ali said the Melaka government would continue to cooperate with the Sarawak government to promote their tourism to the world, especially eco-tourism.

“Sarawak has a lot to offer the world – fantastic natural scenery and many others including the famous Rainforest World Music Festival. Mohd Ali said this was the first time the two governments were working together. I hope this will not be the last but open the way to many more joint ventures between the two states.”

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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

“Its a surprisingly good experience. we suspicion it would be tedious though we was wrong. Well value a high acknowledgment cost and a rarely recommended. They have so most there, a a Disneyland of a bird world. we generally desired a H2O attractions and cages where a birds come and eat from your hands.”  

“The ‘new’ park has softened tremendously generally with a new proviso that includes a Milky Way. Although improved work can be finished to say a aged phases, a KL Bird Park can now be pronounced to strech a general standards and is among a honour of a nation. Well done!”  
by Aida

” i consider kuala lumpur bird park is to engaging place”  
by wan69

“”Gorgeous! The park offers accumulation of birds.I unequivocally suffer my revisit to this bird park.Since it has urge a maintainence,tourists from all over a universe are entrance to compensate a visit.””  
by Jerry

“Isuggest some-more volunteers should come forward, give full support, assistance and do voluntery work inorder to make this bird park demeanour some-more pleasing and some-more attractives.”  
by makcikjamilah

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Welcome Athletes…

Welcome Athletes…

November 21, 2010
Event, Malaysia, Melaka

To Melaka this week. And what’s important they are very special athletes. Welcome to Paralimpiad Melaka 2010. This is a National sport event that held every 2 years for Malaysian Paralympic athletes. This year Melaka will be host for the games. It’s should not be a great sport event here as Melaka just also manage to host Malaysian Games (SUKMA) June this year.

Browse the official Paralimpiad 2010 website for latest updates about the medal here. The Paralimpiad Melaka 2010 is from 21 – 26 November.

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